BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 36



Talia Perez
” You eyes says it all Lia but still am gonna give you a chance to prove me wrong. I’ll give you twenty four hours to decide and if truly you never loved me am gonna go away for good you won’t ever see me again. ” He said Calmly.
My eyes betrayed me as the tears came rolling down.
” Ian you…
” No Lia have heard more than enough bye. ” He smiled weakly and walked towards his car.
He drove away in speed I was scared he might hurt himself.
I stood there crying . Why am I caught in between father and son on one hand I want to avenge my family’s death on the other hand is my love life.
I couldn’t go anywhere as I ran back into the house in tears only to meet drey standing by the door side.
OMG did he hear our conversation?
” Drey baby?” I quickly wipe off my tears.
“Can I ask you a question?”
” Ye… Yeah sure ask me anything. ” I smiled weakly but I know he wasn’t buying that.
“Do you love him?” He broke the bomb shell.
” What are you talking about drey? “I pretended to be confused.
” I said do you love him ? Don’t lie to me sis do you love him. ” He said in between clenched teeth.
” Drey listen I don’t know what you’re talking about.. I don’t love anyone. ” I defended.
” You can lie to the whole world but not your brother. I know you too well Lia you have never shed tears for anyone . Why do you feel affected by his words? ” He asked .
I knew instantly that he had listen to our conversation.
I really don’t wanna have this discussion with drey.
It’s my personal life I should know how to handle it.
“Drey why are you ears dropping on my conversation with someone. I hate it when you do that. ” I said angrily.
” That doesn’t answer question. ” He groan softly.
” What question?”
” I said do you love him ? ” He yelled on top of his voice which he has not done before.
“Yes I love him and that’s my greatest curse!!! ” I yelled out tears.
His mood soften immediately as he step away from me.
“Why him Lia why him ?” He asked sadly as his eyes were teary.
” I don’t know how it happened but I fell for him without knowing. But trust me I never knew he was a Cortez. ” I explained..
” why sis why did you do this. ” He said sadly and ran upstairs to his room.
” Drey…. ” I called after him but he didn’t answer.
How do I fix this mess.
There’s Ian who had given me twenty four hours to decide and here is drey who’s mad at me.
Oh Lord help me.


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