BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 3



Talia Perez
I didn’t go to LA just yet because am yet to convince drey to come with me.
Had to send my assistant over there to handle the situation.
Luckily he accepted and we are in LA.
I want the Cortez empire to get the deal and also at the same time am gonna invest in skynet.
The two companies is gonna be in competition to win me over.
” So How did it go ?” I asked my assistant.
“It went well ma’am they accepted the offer . So what’s next ma’am” she responded.
” Get the CEO of skynet on the phone tell them have accepted their offer and will be with them tomorrow morning ” I said Calmly.
” Okay I’ll do that right away” she said and wanted going away but I stopped her.
“One more thing. What does he look like?” I blurted out.
” Smiles I must say Ma’am he’s really cute tho ” she chuckled softly.
” Okay thanks for the info . You may go now” I dismissed her.
Cortez Cortez ,let’s see what you gat.
I stood up from the chair and left my study room .
Drey should be in his room.
I better go check on him . He might probably be soaking right now.
” Drey baby are you in ?” I knocked on his door softly.
” Yeah be there in a sec ” he answered .
He opened up shortly but he was seriously sweating .
Hmm something is definitely fishy.
“What do you want mom ” he raised his eyebrows.
“Nothing just wanted to check on you . Wait ! What yah doing?” I furrowed my brows .
” Nothing that concerns you ma’am bye !! ” He wanted shutting the door but I stopped it with my hands.
” Baby ain’t you done yet ?” I heard a famine voice from inside is room.
We barely spent a night in LA and my cute brother caught a fish.
“Baby ? Ohh I see ”
“Come on sis am not a kid anymore and you know all this girls love my face and there’s nothing I can do about that” he emphasized.
” Whatever turtle man am off to the mart be back shortly ” I smirked playfully before walking towards the elevator and took me downstairs.
My new maids bow immediately they saw me.
I waved them off and entered my Porsche my driver drove off to the mart .
Heard there’s a big mart around.
I stopped halfway through at a ice cream corner and got myself two ice cream cone.
I really love ice creams, especially vanilla extract and chocolate flavor.
Was playing music from my car music player and enjoying my ice cream.
My driver was busy stealing glances at me.
Life is too short to argue or wallow in your past mistakes . Instead enjoy life to fullest .
Live like you would die tomorrow.
He parked my car at the parking lot and stepped out walked into the store.
I took out two trollers I might be buying extras .
I went around the toiletries section and got all I needed.
Moving on to book section . Lots of book series , magazines fashion trends and lots more.
But I was only interested in picking fiction stories.
I looked around going through the books one after the other till one particular book caught my attention.
Sadly it was just a single book .
I moved closer and wanted taking it but someone also had his or her hand on the book too.


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