BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 2


Davis Cortez
“Oh yeah baby that’s it ” she whispered in a moan.
I moved my tongue up and down her V as a bit her clitoris playfully.
She shuttered as I did that.
I Inserted a finger alongside my tongue.

I groan as I felt my hardness. Turned her over and slide my c*ck into her wet honey pot.
Damn she’s a sex freak !! We have been fvcking for hours now and she’s not yet satisfied.
I stood up and walked towards the bathroom but her voice stopped me halfway.

“Baby about a sex in the shower” she said with a voice filled with lust.
“B*tch am sick of your p***y get the f outta my hotel room now !!” I growled at her .

She quickly picked her things and ran out of the room.
I rolled my eyes and stepped into the jacuzzi tub for a quick bath.
Soon I was done as I came out with a towel wrapped around my waist.
I applied lotion to my body and put on some clean fresh clothing before walking outta the hotel room.
I’m Davis Ian Cortez . Young billionaire. Son of alecjandro Cortez

Talk about looks I gat you on that one.
A Greek god actually.
A notorious and most influential man.
Me and dad don’t always get along but somethings never changed.
My attention was needed at the company and its very important.

I walked quietly to my car , got in and drove straight to Cortez empire.
Arrived at the company shortly as my personal assistant was all over me.
Sometimes I find her annoying and pushy too.

” Sir you have a board meeting to attend in five and a visit to the orphanage too ” she said trying to keep up with me.

” Okay anything else?”.
” Yes Perez Corp has agreed to our alliance you’ll be having a meeting with them in two hours time” she added.

This is indeed good news am finally getting a deal with perez Corp top richest entrepreneurial.
“Okay good make sure the presentation is good okay?” I entered the elevator and took me upstairs to the conference room.

Later that day.
My jaw thinned with faustration as we waited patiently for her.
I glanced at my Rolex watch then back to the board members who kept murmuring things to themselves.
What the hell is keeping her ?
I stood up and walked to the glass view of the building . I glanced at the whole city from the conference room which was on the top floor.
I hate being kept waiting.
35minutes late and she’s yet to show up .

” Hello everyone Am so sorry for the hold up” a lady in her mid thirties said .
For a start I thought she was actually the one we’re waiting for all this while.

” for goodness sake you kept us waiting like puppets ” Mr Edward said angrily.
She turned and her gaze landed on me.
“You must be Mr Cortez ” she advanced towards me .

I nodded and we shook hands.
” Am sorry but my boss won’t be able to make it today due to some personal reasons .she sincerely apologise for the inconveniences . That’s why I came as a representative ” she said politely.

” Okay good let’s get down to why we’re here ” I said and went back to my seat.
Sasha my assistant stood to present her work.

I have to get this deal before my rival gets his hand on it .
Skynet is my rival and if he gets this deal before me is game over.


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