BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 15



Talia Perez
I got a call from my assistant my attention is needed at home.
I ended the call and went back to the table where Davis sat .
“Am sorry but I have to go it’s very important.” I said apologetically.
He looked disappointed tho .
“It’s okay, let me drop you off at your house.” He said Calmly.
” No no it’s cool am just gonna call my driver to come pick me up” I declined but he insisted .
I gave up and accepted to ride with him.
All through the ride home he kept stealing glances at me.
I chuckled softly and looked away shyly.
“Yeah stop right there am good.” I said immediately he got to my mansion premises.
” Wolla!! ” He smiled.
“Thanks for today I promise am gonna make it up to you” i pleaded.
” It’s okay am just glad I could spend little time with someone like you. ” He said Calmly.
Swears I was blushing hard.
” Bye” I waved and stepped outta the car.
Immediately he drove away , Alex came out.
“Welcome back ma’am” she greeted looking over at the direction at which he took.
” Yeah thanks , you sounded serious over the phone.” I went straight to the point as I walked towards the entrance door .
I walked in while she trail behind me.
“Sir Andrey found a worm hole ma’am” she said making me stop.
“Drey? ” I asked to be sure.
A worm hole gave you assess to advance technology.
He can launch , planes, choppers and missiles with just few clicks.
Let’s just say he now has assess to everything ,and that’s gonna be very risky.
“Yes ma’am” she said Calmly.
“Where’s he right now?”
“Upstairs in his room.” She responded.
” Okay good.” I rushed upstairs to his room.
I didn’t bother knocking , I clicked the door open only to meet him on his PC .
“Have the descency to knock sis” he said not looking at me.
“What are you up to pigeon legs” i raised my eyebrow.
” Have been working on this for years now and have finally got a hold it .have got the black hole” he said dryly.
” Wow drey that’s huge at the same time risky.” I reasoned and Sat down beside him.
” Came down sis am not gonna do anything illegal with it, I’m gonna use it against alecjandro Cortez” he smirked.
” So what do we got?” I asked.
” One of his insurance account has to go down as punishment” he mumbled as he did few clicks boom it’s done.
” Dang its done, this is gonna get him really worried and scared. He’s gonna become suspecious of his family and friends too” .
” Woow this is brilliant” I said suprised.
“We don’t have to transfer the money to anyone , it’s gonna be in the account but he’s not gonna have access to it. Cool right?” He grinned.
” Yeap totally. I have the coolest brother in the whole worldwide” I cooed and pulled him into a hug.
Now the real fun begins.


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