BAD BOY ROMANCE … (18+) … Part 8



(When you ready)

Payton’s POV

“Deal,buy fire her first ” I heard him insisting on I being fired

“Okay . Miss Payton, I’m sorry but you fired ” The woman pronounced and my face dropped sadly

This is too bad for me. How in the world will I get the money I need. That implies that I need to start sourcing for another job

I carried my little handbag and walked out embarrassingly out of the room

I waked sullenly but aimlessly out of the compound

“Hey! Payton.” I heard and turned still feeling grossly sad

It’s Brody’s mom

“Hey dear ,I know you must be sad but I think it’s a blessing . He agreed that you come to work as a maid in his house ,how about that ?” She asked

“Oh really!” I asked happily

“And the pay per month triples the amount we promise to be paying you here ” she said exposing her full set of teeth

“Thanks ma” I appreciated waiting for the next thing to do

She handed me a card ,I collected it and read what was inside ,it’s an house address

I shot her a gentle look of curiosity

“Well,that’s Brody’s house ,report there tomorrow by 6PM ” She said

“And..” She interjected before I could speak

“You will be living there and going to your place once a month ,is that alright by you?” She asked

“Yes” I replied without thinking

I appreciated her and left .

But for real,I will be living with this spoilt arrogant brat. But I was happy anyways that I got a new job. Maybe after I had gotten the money needed ,I will stop working and be able to take revenge on him

Miguel’s POV

I smirked as I stood before wheel of my car. I’m so happy that she got sacked. I like people giving me respect but the girl is just so arrogant.

Humn! Can’t believe she will be coming to stay with me. I’ll sure make life hell of a living to her. I will teach her how to respect rich boys likes me

Following Day.


I had just departed from Cooper’s place . We had fun and played a lot of video games

I sunk to my chair thinking of what to eat when I suddenly heard a knock to my door.

“Come in” I shouted like a gentle men and she entered

Oh! Never knew she will be resuming so soon

I stood proudly and went to meet her with an evil grin on my lips

I looked at her angrily still smirking wickedly without saying a word. I was trying to oppress and intimidate her with my looks

“Good evening ” She greeted looking inside my eye

I still didn’t reply but stood still,trying to threaten her with my stand and look

She can’t even add Sir when greeting me! Such a rude girl. nevertheless,I want to see fear on her face

“Well,when you ready to speak ,come and meet me ” She said and walked away from my presence


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