BAD BOY ROMANCE … (18+) … Part 6



(It’s Broody)

Payton’s POV

I opened my eye and found out that I was laying on an empty field , I didn’t see anyone around. My clothes are soaked and irritating

I stood up and I need no one to tell me that I had puked on my body. It’s obvious I was drugged and that led me to misbehaving

I cried as I sunk my knees to the floor. I’ve being too foolish to believe them , I shouldn’t have trusted them for any reason

I went inside the school bathroom to clean up myself but I was still stinking , my uniform are wet. I need to go home and clean myself

I walked around the schools and realized that everywhere was quiet , it took a while before I believed that the school is closed and that everyone had gone home

That implies that I had laid there all day. Broody and his friend are really wicked bunch of boys. I can’t imagine the number of people that would have seen me in that pathetic state

I guess I need to teach them some lessons and let them know that girls have their own powers , I may be poor but smart too

I walked home clumsily , cleaned myself and changed into another wear

I brought out my phone and began to surf the internet in a bit to search for a part time job, the punishment I want to serve those boys will require me to have some cash with me

I finally found one, It’s a receptionist work at a very big club , I was happy because the club isn’t far home which will reduce my expense on transport which I’m glad that it’s not a stripper job

I don’t like dressing half naked in a bit to satisfy the lust of some rich men

I applied for the job right there and then. After few minutes , I checked my Email and I was asked to come for an interview that same night

That was so fast? I wasn’t expecting it to be so quick but still good for me

I dressed my best and went to the club for the interview

I entered the room I was directed too and I saw a man and a woman who would be in their forties sitting in a executive chair and facing me

They commenced the interview , during the interview ,while I was answering their questions with dignity ,someone barged in unannounced

“I got it for you , have it ” I heard the familiar voice say to the boy who barged in and approached her

“You could have stayed outside till I’m done , you saw for yourself that I’m in an official meeting ” The woman said

“Who cares, you should thank me first that I got what you inquired of me to get, fvck the interview ” The arrogant boy said and turned from the woman

He didn’t bother to look at me but I saw his face ,it’s Broody

My heart pounds against my rib cage in fear. Whom could this woman be to him? I’m happy he didn’t find me at least , he would have sent me out and stop me from getting the job

But even after I got the job,won’t he frustrate me so much since he kinda have free access to this place?


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