BAD BOY ROMANCE … (18+) … Part 22



(I’m done!!)
Brody’s POV

‘Well go away you stupid b*tch!!! You think I need you too?!! Well sorry to burst your bubble but i don’t!! Pack your bags cause i don’t want you here anymore!! You’re the most ugly person I’ve ever met and you literally disgust me!! Just leave!!’..I yelled back at Payton who was crying profusely.She ran upstairs and i heard her door slam shut..

Disgusting piece of trash who does she think she is,talking back at me when she’s not supposed to..

I am Brody Anderson the most popular person boy in school and the Homecoming king to be..

‘Pack your bags political money!! I want you and your stupid self out of my house!!!’..i screamed and stomped off…

Jeez I need a soda…

I opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of BLUEDOG soda and just then i heard mom’s car drive in…

Ughhh why now??…

Why is she here now??…

‘Hey mom’..I murmured as she walked in with her keys..

‘Hey baby where’s….’..her voice trailed off as she saw Payton dragging her bags downstairs..

‘Wh..what’s going on here??’..She asked walking over to where Payton was.Payton didn’t give her an and just kept crying..

This crying dufus is going to get me in trouble now..

‘Well uhmm Payton’s mom is sick so she has to go take care of her in the hospital’..i chipped in lying and throwing a dirty look at her…

‘Ohh really??Well that’s too bad I’m sorry about your mother Payton and i hope she gets well soon’..Mom said hugging her…

‘We..well I..I’m..i can’t take this anymore goodbye!!’..Payton cried out and ran away with her bags..

Cooper’s POV

‘Bull’s eye’..I smiled as my second dart hit the small black space of the board.Nancy,my girlfriend squealed in delight and kissed my neck.I poured another shot of whiskey which my mom was gonna kill me for if she found out that I’m drinking into a glass..

‘Hey isn’t that Political money??’..Nancy said and turned around only to see Payton dragging her bags with a remorseful look which shows that she’s been crying..

‘Yeah what’s she even doing here??’..i asked myself and grabbed my phone to call Brody…

‘I’ll be back’..i said to Nancy and walked over to the bathroom to call Brody..

📲:What??’..He asked sharply as soon as he answered the phone…

📱:Chill man i just wanted to tell you that I saw that Payton girl dragging her bag and from the looks of it she seemed pretty devastated’..i explained..

📲:Just leave that b*tch alone Cooper,i guess she said she’s tired and all sorts of bull shit,i don’t care about her cause she’s no longer my maid’..he replied…

📱:Oh really?? What did she do this time??’..I asked and he hung up immediately…


What’s going on??…

Payton’s POV

I’m done…

I’m done…

I’m so done being the nice girl..

I’m so done being the poor girl everyone picks on..

I’m done being the insulted and pranked one..

Don’t they get it that i also have feelings too??.Does Brody Anderson not get it that I’m also human and he doesn’t have the right to treat me that way??..

‘Jeez Payton what are you doing here??’..Mom asked as i dragged my back up on the porch..

‘Nothing mom well I…I..I’m done mom!!! I’m done!! I’ve had enough from that family!!’..i cried and went into her arms…

‘Ohh sweet heart everything’s going to be okay’..She cooed patting my shoulders like she normally does whenever I cry.I just stayed in her arms and let out all the tears I’ve been welling and when it began soaking her dress i pulled away…

‘I’m sorry mom I..I’ll make sure i get a good job and I’ll take care of you and school and everything’..i promised drying my tears…

‘Ohhh Payton you always worry too much everything’s going to be okay?? And besides I’ve got a good job that pays well too’..She replied and i nodded..

Now it’s time for a change…

I’m done being the nice Payton..


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