BAD BOY ROMANCE … (18+) … Part 20



Brody’s POV

‘You f**king slapped me?!!’..i yelled at the top of my voice..

‘Yeah I slapped you and if you talk to my friend Payton like that ever again I’m gonna grind your little d**k into minced meat for sausage rolls!!’..Serani yelled back.The whole class ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahed’ while i just stood there with my hands on my cheek…

‘Aren’t you gonna fight back Brody?! You can’t let this b*tch talk to you like that?!’..Cooper blurted out loudly.I shot him a dirty look and then before i could say anything the whole class began chanting ‘Fight,fight fight!!’.I rolled my fists into a ball and clenched my teeth tightly ready for a fight and that’s when Principal Terian walked in…

‘What in carnation is going on here?!!’..He screamed and the whole class scrambled to their seats like ants running away from danger..

‘Serani and Brody wanted to get into a fight because of Payton sir’..Ted,the class rep said and I threw him a dirty look…

‘Ohh really??’..Principal Terian said..

‘Serani,Payton and Brody to my office now!!!’..He added…

‘B..but i didn’t do anything sir!’..Payton said in defense..

‘I don’t care,the three of you to my office now!!!’..

Payton’s POV

‘I didn’t expect you to be involved in this Payton’..Principal Terian said after a minute of silence in his office…

‘Principal Terian i—

‘I don’t care about what you have to say Payton,I didn’t expect this from you,Brody and Serani I did but you??’..He interjected..

‘Seriously I had nothing to—

‘Detention for the three of you’..he cut in again..

‘Detention?!!’..Brody,Serani and I all exclaimed in unison and he nodded…

‘Yes,Detention for the three of you,five hours after school you’re going to be with Mr Rudolf leave my office’..He ordered pointing at the door…


I can’t have detention Mrs Anderson is coming home today and I’ve got to clean the whole place up before she comes…

‘This is all your fault political money’..Brody blurted out loudly as he walked past me..

‘Well it’s not my fault okay?? You didn’t want me as your tutor so I had to do something about it and luckily Serani came into the picture’..i replied with a feeling of confidence.I guess this is what happens when you know someone has your back and I think that person is Serani cause she’s the first person that’s ever stood up for me…

Brody cursed under his breath and walked inside the class and I smiled feeling happy for the way i handled him…

‘Thanks for standing up for me Serani,i really needed the confidence boost’..I muttered as we both walked to the cafeteria since the bell for recess rung already…

‘No biggie although i got detention but still worth it’..she replied with a grin on her face..

‘Thanks’…I muttered again..

‘You’re welcome and by the way you shouldn’t let that guy bully you like that,as a matter of fact you shouldn’t let anyone bully you like that,this is highschool it’s either you’re the bully or you’d be bullied’..She said…

‘Hmmm’..i murmured and sat down on the cafeteria table.I guess she’s right,I shouldn’t let anyone bully me in any manner especially Brody.I watched in awe as some girls fought to seat with him on his table and even drag each others hair to get a glimpse of him.He just sat there smiling with his peers and enjoying the attention given to him…

He’s a player can’t they see that?!!.He’s a jerk,a player and a terribly handsome flirt with dreamy eyes and sexy….Oh what am I thinking?!!…

‘Hey look Toilet Shredder!!!’..Cooper yelled from behind me and when I turned he threw a bowl of punch on me.The sugar enveloped my eyes and i bursted into hot tears trying to wipe it off..

‘Hey why would you do that?!!’..Serani screamed already clenching their fists…

‘Serani don’t do anything I..I’ve got a spare shirt in my locker’..i begged holding her back.She didn’t heed to my pleas and the next thing i knew she slammed Cooper on the nearest table and then the fight…

Brody’s POV

‘You all are a disappointment!!’…Mr Rudolf yelled as he dropped seven papers on my desk..

‘What the hell is this?!! It’s detention not an exam?!’..I exclaimed glancing at the math questions…

‘Well you’re in my detention class so get solving or you’d get another set of papers and two extra days of detention!!!’..He yelled back and everyone chuckled.Cooper,Serani,Payton and few other students began writing.I stared down at my paper and it was like my brain went blank seeing the equations….

‘You have ten minutes to finish those questions’..Mr Rudolf said giving me a lewd and I groaned..

I hate detention..


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