AVERAGE BOY … (18+) … Part 16



😆Beck Oliver’s POV😆

I took a shower and collapsed on my bed. Sleep was knocking at the door and I couldn’t do anything else but open the door for it
The next morning, I woke up and prepared for church after breakfast. I noticed my mom was dull and she wasn’t replying my conversations informally.

I thought she was depressed again but she didn’t show any signs of it. Maybe she’s thinking about something and doesn’t want to tell me.

I wore a blue long sleeve shirt and wore dark blue pants. I took my phone and called Tori

📲hello and good morning to you

She yawned
📲good morning baby
📲still in bed?
📲yeah, your call woke me up
📲sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep but aren’t you going to church today?

📲church? Well, I hardly go to church
📲why? Church is good for you. Try to start going to church

📲okay, I’ll try

📲I’ll call you after church okay?
📲I love you

The other end began silent. I smirked and waited for her to reply

📲I love you too
📲I thought you wouldn’t reply
📲I was just thrilled. This is the first time you’re saying those words to me

📲I understand but get ready to hear them often from now on

She chuckled


I hung up and carried my Bible then walked out of my room

👘Tori Vega👘
I climbed out of bed and adjusted my nightie in front of the mirror. I bent over and looked at my swollen eyes.
I didn’t apply any of my overnight natural beauty remedies last night

I strolled into the bathroom and took a shower then wore a loose shirt that was a bit big for me and also reached my middle thighs

My hair was tied up in a pony tail and I walked down with my phone in my hand.
Dad was already having breakfast but Trina wasn’t at the table yet

Me: morning daddy
He looked up

Dad: sleepy head
I chuckled and sat opposite him

Dad: how was your night rest?
Me: pretty

I rang a little bell on the table and waited a little before a maid came in

Maid: good morning ma’am
Me: I want what he’s eating

She nodded and walked back

Dad: boss lady
I frowned
Me: no I’m not. Everyone here knows who the real boss lady is

Just then, Trina’s voice was heard. She was yelling loudly and scolding someone.

Me: here she comes

Dad and I laughed then she walked to the table

Trina: good morning dad
Dad: Trina, how are you doing?
Trina: I’m good

Me: morning
Trina: where were you last night?
Me: with Jade and Cat

She looked away and I took the tray from the maid who just arrived the room

Me: thank you
Trina: I’m so hungry and I don’t have time. Give me this and you, make something else for her

She pulled the tray from my front and uncovered the food. I bit my lower lip and looked at dad, he was just eating normally

Me: just give me anything you know I’m not allergic to
The maid nodded and walked away

Trina: Tori is Beck coming to school tomorrow?
Me: why do you ask?

Trina: I asked you a question miss, don’t reply with a question

I rolled my eyes and looked away
Trina: now answer my question

Me: I don’t know. Now why did you ask?
Trina: because I want to come to your school and see him

Dad: why?
We both looked at our dad
Trina: I miss him

Me: do you even know him?
She scoffed

Trina: of course I know him. He’s my friend

Me: he’s your friend but I don’t think you’re his friend

Trina: what do you know? You know nothing. And I think you’re just jealous because I have interest in your schoolmate

Me: I think the reverse is the case here Trina
Trina: what do you mean by that?

Me: you’ll know… You’ll know soon

Dad: are you girls done?

Me: yes
Dad: this is a Sunday morning. Keep it sacred with absolute decorum

Trina glared at me and I smiled at her. She scoffed and faced her food
The maid brought my own food and I ate it with joy. It’s Tori-1 Trina-0

👟Beck Oliver’s POV👟
I leaned on my car with my hands in my pocket. I was wearing a brown shirt which clung unto my body and then a suit on it. The suit wasn’t too formal though. My pants were white and shoes were brown which matched my inner wear

I waited for Tori for few minutes before I saw her coming out with a white dress. It was a mermaid dress and her hair was beautifully styled. I smiled happily

I stood straight and waited for her to come close before kissing her

Me: hey babe
Tori: you look so handsome
Me: and you my baby, looks so cute and cuddly

I kissed her cheek and she chuckled

Me: shall we?
She nodded and I opened the door for her. She got in then I drove off to a restaurant that I already booked and was already reserved. I booked a special room for our little romance

We sat down and ordered. And while we were waiting for our food, I decided to engage her in a conversation

Me: so tell me why you love to sing
Tori: it’s part of me. It’s a way to express my feelings

Me: and what type of songs do you sing

She took her lips into her mouth then released them
Tori: love songs, friendship, family, my thoughts, etc

Me: so when are you going to sing a love song for me

She chuckled and brought her hands to the table, I smiled and covered her hands with mine then smoothed them with my thumb

Tori: anytime soon
Me: oh that reminds me, you know Andre, my friend

Tori: yeah
Me: he’s a great song writer and a great singer too

Tori: I know about that. But I haven’t really heard him singing but I heard he is a pro. I never really noticed him because we never crossed paths

Me: really? Why don’t you try working with him sometime? You’ll love him

Tori: more than you?
Me: of course not

She laughed and I kissed her hand. The waitress brought the food and served it. We began to eat and the look on Tori’s face, told me she was impressed

Tori: Beck, how did you afford all these?
Me: your love made me do it. I emptied my piggy bank for you

She laughed sweetly and I felt like kissing her

We ate and talked about different things, ranging from my childhood to hers. We talked about our differences and similarities

When we finished, I paid the check and walked her to the balcony for fresh air. My hands were on her waist and I kept smoothing her dress with my palm

Tori: I love the air out here
Me: it’s cool.

She breathed in and held unto the iron bar.

We were silent for a few minutes
Me: I love you

I pressed her waist and massaged her back up and she stretched and faced me. I pulled her close and kissed her lips
She placed her hands around my neck and kissed me back.
I slipped my tongue in and she gave out a little moan.
Our tongues intertwined and faces were close like opposite sides of a magnet

I disengaged and kissed her forehead.

Me: how’s school going to be tomorrow?
Tori: fun. I’m going to train tomorrow in music class
Me: can I tag along?
Tori: yeah. You could bring Andre

I smiled
Me: okay baby

🐈Cat Valentine’s POV🐈

I raced towards our special class. I’m sure Tori and Jade will be there.
Sichowitz just gave me details of the upcoming prom and I have to talk to Tori about it.

I opened the door and saw Jade with her earphones on. I sighed and sat down opposite her

I waved at her and she removed his earphones
Jade: get lost

Me: oh come on Jade, if I get lost you’ll be the first person to look for me
She frowned and I laughed

Me: just joking. Guess what?
Jade : I don’t have time to think so just tell me

Me: prom is in two weeks

Jade: great. I’ve been waiting for it
Me: it’s going to be so awesome

Jade: is Tori aware?
Me: I don’t think so. Where is she, I want to tell her

Jade: with Beck
I began to comb my hair with my fingers

Me: they really love each other.
Jade: I don’t understand what they even feel.

Me: how would you understand? You weren’t created to love

She smirked and stood up
Jade: love is not even in my vocabulary. I only hear it from you guys and I don’t intend borrowing it

She took her bag and headed out
Me : where are you going?

Jade: home
Me: why? School’s not over yet

Jade: I know but I don’t feel like being in school today

She opened the door and walked through it. I sighed

Me: why is Jade acting so strange today?

🎧Jade West’s POV🎧

I wore my headset and made my way out of the hallway. As I walked through the music class, I saw Tori inside. I stopped and wanted to go in but as I opened the door a little, I saw Beck coming out of the inner room. He gave Tori a microphone and went to turn on the speakers

My eyebrows furrowed and I closed the door gently. I walked into the lobby and saw Beck’s friend, the black boy opening his locker. I stopped and watched him, he brought out some things and walked towards me. I leaned on the wall and crossed my arms

When he saw me, he paused.

Me: are you heading for the musical room?

Andre: uhh, y–yes .

I stood straight
Me: good. Call Tori for me

He nodded and walked past me quickly. This is actually the first time I’m speaking with him and he looks surprised. Or should I say, terrified

I waited for two minutes until I heard Tori calling my name. I looked back and saw her walking alone to me

Me: what exactly are you doing?
Tori: voice training
Me: and you didn’t tell me?
Tori: well Beck said he was gonna help me

I smirked
Me: prom night is in two weeks
Tori: really? Which means we have to start practicing

Me: yeah. Well bye. Shush….
Tori laughed and left

While she was about opening the door, Beck came out

Tori: hey
Beck: check this out baby
He pulled her inside and I smirked again

Love is something I still don’t understand

What exactly is this love?


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