AUNTY CLARA…..(18+)…..Part 9


I was woken from my pleasant sleep later
that night with sounds from Clara’s room, as
two bodies tussled at each other; making the
bed give out a muffled squeaky sound, Clara
was obviously having sexx with this guy.
Their m0an!ng sounded like a duet, while the
man sang bass, she followed in terrible, i
could just imagine what was going on inside
the room, they both must have been stark
Unclad eating each other up, I imagined how
Clara would look like Unclad, am sure
perfection would trail her Unclothedness, her
pusssy must have been glittering with
wetnesss and her Nippples erect from
arousal, maybe they were in the missionary
posture or better still she in the cowgirl
position, riding mystery guy’s in her moist
hole, with her large b—m bouncing in a
frenzy, I was repulsed by the possibility of
Clara using her beautiful lips to give him a
bloww jobb, those lips should be on my own
d!cki I thought.
These people were definately noisy lovers
because their pleasure coated voices became
even more intense, the guy was now m0an!ng
louder than Clara, I could hear ‘‘oughhhhh,
Bleep me mistress, oughhhh, that’s it’’ and Clara at intervals gave out a shouts ‘’Ahhh yyyes’’ her voice was beginning to sound coarse as if she went to a tarry night and screamed at the top of her lungs all through,
they were engaging in kinky sexx,

she was the mistress clad in a black leather
costume which exposed her b—m and
waste downward with leggings that looked
like nets opening at her pusssy area giving
room for it to be slammed well and good, I
was sure she had a whip too, my assumption
was brought to fruition almost immediately
when I heard a lash ‘Wwwhap Kpai!’ I guess this landed on his Bottom because he
screamed ‘’ooo Mistress you’re so mean, spank me mistress, baby spank me’’ I could have sworn I heard Clara slap this guy, and bellowed ‘‘Who is your baby, who!’’ and he replied in a stifled voice ‘‘Am sorry Mistress,
your my mistress, not my baby’’ this was
some very serious stuff, I’ve heard about
things like this but I never knew it was
practised by Nigerian lovers. The rest of the
night was filled with Clara’s loud m0an!ng,
because she had ordered her sexx slave to
bang her to comatose and I think he did just
that, I really don’t know how the whole
savage sexx ended, because at a certain
point I realised I was torturing myself
listening to two people making love and
screaming at the zenith of their sexual
depravity while I was fully dressed lying down
on my bed with no other person than myself.
I tell you that kind of situation can provoke
self-servicing and I wasn’t ready to engage in
such dastardly act, so I quietly headed to the
parlour chair, la!d down, stuck my ear phone
to my ear and off I went.


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