AUNTY CLARA…..(18+)…..Part 28


I watched as Clara shockingly took off her bra, exposing her large b—m, her b0s0ms were without blemish, full with Diary, her Tips stood erect staring directly at me and I desired to sU-Ck it in due time. Clara asked me “is this what you were afraid of?”, and after gathering the momentum to speak I replied “No” she dipped her hand beneath the water and brought forth her pant, she dropped it on the bathroom floor and again she asked “are you afraid now?” and I said “No” she asked me “Enitsua do you always say No to everything’’ I said “NO” and then she came to my side and knelt down in between my legs while I was still in a sitting position, she wrapped her hand around my neck and she asked one last question “Enitsua would you like to have sexx with me” and I said “yes” Clara smiled. We looked at each other at close proximity with steam surrounding us, at that moment it seemed Clara was the only person that mattered in the whole world. Clara brought her face towards mine in a slow motion and she kissed me, we locked our lips together and s—-d at each other, exchanging tongues and mixing our spittle; she took of my boxers and flung it out on the floor of the bathroom, and at the push of a button all the water in the Jacuzzi drained out. Clara hastily saddled on my d!cki and rode me like I was her favourite horse; she bounced on me, swaying her girth in a rhythmic fashion like a dancer, her breastt bounced uncontrollably as she m0aned,

I intensified her o—-m by putting my mouth on her left nippple and sU-Cking it like sugary nuts, she came fiercely, and I could feel the warmth of her fluid on my d!cki, on sensing this I released into her. We took the show to her bed even with our wet bodies. She layed on the bed and I knelt before her, with her legs astride she playe with her cl!toriss, Clara’s ppubis was clean shaven and her vvulva stayed swollen as she used her other hand to handle her sensitive Tips which were conspicuously hard, we soon assumed the 69 position, while she engulfed my d!cki with her salivary mouth, i nippled on her VG which was glued to my face like a mask, i s—-d and kissed and gently chewed on her puuusy lips, the more i pleasured her the harder she swallowed my d!cki, deep throatin it as much as she could, this was a perfect example of “A feeling being mutual” my tongue finally settled on her Cliit Hood, I licked the stringent flesh so deligently causing her to release her love juice right into my mouth and she screamed like a choir mistress, in a bid to revenge, she increased her pace on my pen, drowning it with her saliva, wearing my cap with her tongue letting out a slurping sound, as she extended to my contracted Jingle bells, i let all hell loose and as if she knew she deaftly engulfed my tool and i emptied my baggage into her mouth.


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