When I got to Supermart, I met Aisha there.. She was looking ravishing as usual.. Hi I managed to say to her when I entered the super market. Hello she replied with a smile as she was busy packing some groceries for a customer. When she raised her head up, she smiled at me and I smiled back, you came to get something she asked? Oh yes, am here to get something.
And she looked at me and said, you can check around to see if you can get what you want. With a smile I said to her, I think what am looking for is standing right in front of me, and she was like; you mean me? And I manage to say yeah, you! You look take away? Gimme a break she wave me off but I was persistent. I kept visiting supermart almost on a daily basis and I continued wooing Aisha till one friday evening that she agreed.
Mehn, I was extremely happy, we started dating codedly without anybody suspecting us, not even her mother. Sometimes we will wink at each other, other times we communicate with body language while we are in the compound. I always pester her to sneak into my apartment but she always refuse.
If I ask to take her out too, she will refuse.. That was how we were for almost one and half year. Since Northerners do not like the idea of Adult Male and Female being friends, we kept our pace in the compound, sometime when I visit her at supermart and she was alone, I will quickly peck her, she will smile and will be like “Let Hajia catch you doing bad thing with her daughter, that is when you will know how tough of a woman she is.
I will quickly interrupt her by saying is Hajia the one that will marry you? Come closer let me feel my baby very well jare.. I will start chasing her around the supermarket. We do this around 7:pm only when the three sales girls have closed for the day.
One evening, I was in my room, around 9:pm… There was no light so I did not lock my door. I left the door open for fresh air. While I laid down on my bed with a semi hard d!ck thinking about Aisha, I noticed someone sneaked into my room.
Since the room was a bit dark, I did not see the persons face, WHO ARE YOU I wanted to shout but a soft hand covered my mouth with a shhhhhhhhhh sound. Immediately I knew it was Aisha.. What are you doing here? What of if Hajia or any of the neighbour sees you entering my room?
My mum is not yet back from her sisters place, I just called her few minutes ago and she said she was stuck in traffic, I actually wanted to go and take my bath so I decided to breeze in, since we have been dating for a year plus now and I have not visited you or gone out with you, I decided to do it tonight.

Immediately I tip toed to my door and I bolted it from the inside, I also closed my windows, Damn! The heat I said to myself..
I held her hand, I moved her closer to me and then I started kissing her, she did not hesitate. I kissed her for some few mins and then I carried her like a new bride in my arms as she covered her face with her two hands. I carried her to my bedroom and then I laid her softly on my bed.
I switched on my rechargeable Fan and my rechargeable Lantern. Within few mins, then room was cold. By this time I was already kissing and licking Aisha neck down to her chest.. I lossed her wrapper and her semi big b00bs pooped out, she used her hand to cover her face again and I whispered to her ear “Are you shy”? She nodded in affirmative.
I started sucking one of her b00bs while I was fondling the other one.. I latter started licking in between her b00bs.. Aisha can be mistaken for an Indian girl because she is not only very fair but also gorgeous.
Not wanting to waste too much time, I started pushing her wrapper downward, she was pulling it back up, baby you know I’ve been patience and faithful to you all this while, please let me feel your complete self nah.. She smiled as she gently removed her hand from her wrapper, and I gradually started pushing it down, when i got to her navel, I started licking her navel..
Finally I pulled off all the wrapper and I was welcomed with a pink meaty pu**sy. Her pu**sy is as beautiful as she is, her pink clit sat hard at the upper tip of her pu**sy. When she find out that I was staring at her pu**sy she closed her legs and she closed her face with her hands.


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