AHOADA RIVER … (18+) … Episode 3




Episode 3

I blinked thrice thinking it was my imagination having a feed day on me, the bus drove past the bridge and moved towards Bayelsa.
At a point it broke away from the connection to the park along the road, and came to a stop.

It stopped raining immediately the car was parked and the sun shone like it never had rained.
I got my things together while bikes were rushing over to carry passengers.

“Where you dey go? come make I carry you” one of the bikeman asked, I studied him because his eyes were red and he looked young, a bit older than me.
“inside town” I replied him but when he mentioned one hundred naira which I know the town wasn’t far from were we are.

He maybe thinking that I haven’t been to this place before and I don’t know much, I walked away “aah! ahh! why you dey go na? you no even price me, come my carry you for fifty naira” he pleaded with me holding my hand, another bikeman was at standby waiting for me to climb.

I rode with him letting go the bad impression, I pointed to were I wanted to go and he took me there.

“Guy, you know this place na you no talk?” he said smiling, sometimes acting like a fool and a dummy makes someone smart.

Some group of men walked pass us cladded on red cap, white agbada with walking sticks they were moving fast with feathers plucked in their red caps. I became more curious because of their quick gait.

“No vex, who be these people?” I pointed at the men that just walked pass us hurriedly, the bikeman turned and looked at them then returned his gaze to me.

“Juju men, them go escort spirit of the river” he explained casually with hatred buried within, I would have asked more but the gate opened and my little nephew appeared from it shouting “Uncle Victor” with two little boys behind him.

The only son of my older sister, the first daughter of the family. We usually call her Aunty when we were young as mark of respect, but we now call her sister but the confusion still there.
I took my things inside the house looking around the fenced house with two- one bedrooms built on both sides and my sister’s family house stood at the centre facing the gate.

When I entered the sitting-room and saw my Sister’s late husband photo hung on the wall, a policeman who was killed on duty.
What I saw earlier came to my mind if spirit and ghost really do exist, I went inside and arranged my things.

“what of your mother?” I picked up the broom in the room and started sweeping.

“She never return, when my mommy say you dey come I no believe am, thank God oh! I don tire to stay only me” he was very happy ever since he saw me, he was busy explaining to his friends and some tenants who gave him listening ears to them who I am.

My older sister returned and welcomed me warmly, I wanted to call my girlfriend and I was low on airtime.
Salvation took me to were I could buy recharge card, on our way I saw kids playing in an uncompleted building.

I remembered when I was younger and we engaged ourselves with war start whenever we watched an action thriller, Jennifer was a girl who lived in our neighbourhood then. She liked me a lot and will be stingy to anyone but me, she always find a reason to be close to me.

One of those days we were into this war start, I had already shot Daniel my friend with my mouth and moved on to search for those who weren’t on my side.
I had to pick Jennifer when my twin brother protested that he won’t pick her because she was a girl and the game isn’t for female folks.

I had walked behind the house picking out sounds, I heard an odd sounds when I went behind the window of the uncompleted building restroom.
I climbed through the window and went to check who and who were having se-x.

I peeped in the adjoined room and saw a black ass and short hanging loosely on someone’s legs, I looked at the shape of head and knew it was Caleb.
He was moving his waist with his hands holding the girl’s waist who has bent and gave him her bare a-ss, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I left there when I recognized the voice to belong to Jennifer who I thought loved me so much, since then I stopped playing the game and avoided Jennifer without telling her what I saw that day.



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