AGENT BRYNX … (18+) … Part 5



Bullet in the head

Everyone at the reception was now aware of the fuss Marie was causing. They were stepping back and others looking away. Some didn’t care about what was happening. It seemed like they new Marie to be an attention seeker and didn’t mind her. I slowly stepped back and saw an open space and walked with my face looking the other way. This was no scene of mine.

I felt footsteps slowly catching up with me. “Ah sir you are still here?” The young gentleman from earlier popped up. “I thought you had gone, the starlet is waiting for you sir.”

“Not now,” I grinded my teeth. What devil was using this boy? I treaded on but he was on my back like a fly on stool. “Go away,” I told him nervously.

“But sir you didn’t even have yourself a good time,” he said. “Is anything wrong with the Bordello?” he asked worriedly.

“Not at all, i had a drink, i feel sick. I’ll come back tomorrow now go and attend to other clients, ” I walked on.

“Hey!” a male voice shouted. It was not the young gentleman’s. Unlike the small sharp voice of the young gentleman, this one was burly. Without even looking at the person, you could tell that the man was huge. “Stop right now Mr.” he said.

I continued walking ignoring the voice. I no longer felt the boy’s presence on my back as I reached the exit. I reached for the door handle when a hand got hold of my shoulder. “Oh sh*t,” I cussed. I turned around and found the girl I had talked to standing side by side with the man who seemed to be in charge of the group. Floyd was nowhere to be seen. The guy who stopped me was the one who had been sent to call the girl.

“New here?” The man seemingly in charge of the group asked scrutinizing me.

“Yes,” I answered nervously. “I am just leaving.”

“So soon?”

“I have to go back home to my wife,” I checked the time and it was 7:08pm.

They all bursted into laughter.

“I like honest men,” he said pointing at me. “Let me buy you a drink, I am sure the wife can wait another fifteen minutes,” he looked at his friends smiling. “And how would she feel if she were to know where you were? At the Bordello? Just think of her reaction.”

“Is that a threat?” I asked defiantly.

“No man it’s not. Thinking about it, it seemed like a blackmail,” he laughed. “All men have secrets and we got each other’s backs. So don’t worry, have a drink with us. How can you leave without having a piece of what the Bordello has to offer? Won’t that be rude Marie?” He looked at Marie.

“No but thanks,” I answered.

The man’s face remained straight as if studying me. “Okay, next time then, you have yourself a good evening,” he said dismissing me. “You should come back at the Bordello,” he told me.

“I sure will,” i said breathing in heavily. Marie stared at me. I could see her eyes tearing up but that wasn’t my concern. From the way these men looked, they were dangerous and the only thing on my mind was going back home in one piece. I turned around and faced the door. I opened it and found James on the phone. In excitement, I shouted, “Agent JamesX!”

He shockingly looked at me while the door was widely opened. I could see fear in his eyes. I wondered what could make a man like him fidget like that. He slowly put away his phone and asked in a whisper, “What the heck are you doing here?”

I felt the fear in his eyes. “What is it? You look scared,” I said. Suddenly, hell turned cold. I could feel heartbeats. For the first time since I had got there, the Bordello smelled like an actual Brothel. If i heard correctly, a girl was moaning above us. The adrenaline rush was kicking in quickly. I then saw Olivia heading towards us. She too stopped in her tracks. What the hell was happening?

“Agent James?” a voice asked behind me. I recognised it. It was of the man I had spoken earlier to. “Interesting, isn’t it James?” he asked. “You know this man?”

James looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. “I don’t know him,” he denied.

“Didn’t he just call you by your name?” he asked.

I didn’t look back but whatever was happening, I had put James in trouble. I could see it all over his face. Olivia on the hand was shocked to see me. Although she could not hear what was being said, she knew things were messy.

“Agent?” the man asked. “Care to explain that James?”

“It’s a work thing,” James answered. “You know where i work Noob, BOB & BOB Plumbers for hire. I’m an Agent of course and this man here probably hired me sometime back,” he smiled.

“I also heard an X,” he said while i felt him nearing us. “What’s up with that? Is it a work thing too?”

“That’s my nickname,” James responded.

“Are you sure Agent JamesX?” he laughed. “And you claim not to not know this man yet he knows your name which me your friend don’t even know about. The irony,” Noob said. “How about you all come in nicely so that we talk about this like grown up men?” He asked.

I looked at James. He didn’t respond but looked at Noob behind me. I didn’t know what was happening or what i was supposed to do. “Run,” James said silently.

“Huhh?” I asked.

“I said run!” he shouted pushing me away from the door. Olivia shouted my name. I sprinted my way to her without looking back.

“Where is your car?” she shouted. I couldn’t answer but run to it. I got on it and started the engine. She was on my passenger’s seat. “Drive now!” she yelled at me.

I drove out of the premises and saw James at the door struggling with it while he watched us leave. “How about James?” I asked.

“Just drive, he will take care of himself,” Olivia said assuredly.

I drove the car into town. Olivia didn’t say a word to me but stared blankly at the road. I didn’t know where I was going to drive to. I couldn’t drive home in that state. I would just scare off my wife and in her state, it wasn’t a good idea.

“Let’s go to the Agency,” she finally spoke.

“Where exactly?” I asked. “Headquarters?”

She coldly looked at me and answered, “BOB & BOB ofcourse”

“It’s closed. I drove through earlier it was closed and deserted,” I said and she didn’t add anything. I drove the car there and found it open. The lights were still on and I could see some activity inside. “Whose still around?” I asked.

Olivia got out of the car and walked to the door. “Park the car behind the building, ” she told me. I drove the car to the back and put the keys in my pocket. I wanted to enter through the back door but it was locked. I went to the front and found Olivia outside. “What’s going on Olivia?” I asked.

“Let’s get inside,” she told me.

I hesitantly walked to where she was standing. She looked around before letting me in. I entered and found Mrs. Daka and everything was back in its place. Only my desk was deserted.

“Bryn,” MadamX said without looking at me. She walked to Olivia and whispered something in her ear. “Bryn can I talk you?”

Damn right, I needed answers. How the hell was this place still operating when I was told it was disbanded? The time I left, everything was not in its place and here I was, with everything back the way it was. I noticed she could see that my face demanded answers.

“So what were you doing at the brothel?” she asked and not the question I was expecting. She studied me and didn’t move an inch. “Bryn,” she called me. “Are you cheating on Leah?”

“Hell No,” I answered defensively.

“Then why?” she looked at me. “Is it the pregnancy? Is she refusing to have sex with you?”

“No,” i answered disgusted.

“It’s almost 8pm and you are not home. What did i tell you about leaving a pregnant woman all alone?”

“You are projecting,” I told her.

Her face was blank. She was asking me questions to Barre me from asking her. She was smart but not as curious as i was. “Why is the agency still operating?” I asked ignoring her questions. I needed to know. Couldn’t they have gotten rid of me without having to make a plan that they were disbanding the Agency? Whatever got to me, I deserved it. I didn’t blame anyone but me. “Mrs. Daka, why?”

She bowed her head. I felt betrayed because she was the last person I expected to hide something very important from me. She knew how I was feeling.

“It’s a long story son,” she said.

“Don’t do that to me,” I said. “I don’t know what have just escaped from and I got here to find this. No one even knows if James is okay. ”

“James!” Olivia shouted.

“Yes I’m talking about James,” I said without looking at her.

“James is here,” Olivia said opening the door.

Mrs. Daka sprinted to the door. James was beaten. His face was sore and whatever means he had used to escape, only him knew. Olivia held him in her arms forcing back tears. Mrs. Daka got a first aid box and tended to him. I watched as she took care of him.

“How did you escape?” I asked. “Who are those people?”

“Not now Bryn!” Olivia yelled.

It seemed the only thing I was getting from Olivia that night were yells. I was beat and frustrated with everything, no one could tell me what was going on. I knew Leah was waiting for me back home and I had a lot of things to explain to her which I didn’t even know how I was going to. I agitatedly walked to the door.

“Bryn stop!” James said faintly.

“Bryn,” Olivia stopped me. “James is calling you,” she said this time politely.

“I heard him,” I said walking back.

“I didn’t escape,” James paused.

We all looked at him.

“They brought me here,” he said looking at Olivia. “I’m sorry.”

I stood up and looked outside and saw a beam light cast by headlights blurring everyone’s sight. In a flash second, I heard a gunshot which froze me to death. I found myself on the floor covering my ears. I checked myself for a gun wound and luckily didn’t have any. “Everyone fine?” I shouted. I heard James and Olivia’s voices but not Mrs. Dakas. I turned around and found her on the floor bleeding out from her head. It was a headshot aimed directly at her. Her eyes were wide open with a bullet in her head. She died instantly. I didn’t know what to feel. I was overwhelmed with emotions. How the heck had I found myself in such a mess? What was I going to tell Leah? If at all I would survive the night.


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