ADOPTED … (18+) … Part 46


Bright white light…..
Was this the end?
Has my wish been granted —to go to that place of illumination… of no pains, tears or heartbreak?
Was this that place?
Everywhere was just white.
I blinked to allow my eyes adjust to the vision, and little by little things started getting into focus. A tall white cabinet in a corner.
Big machines that beeped silently but continuously, irritating the hell outta me.
I just wanted peace and quiet.
I closed and opened my eyes again, to find that I was in a hospital.
That same antiseptic smell flooded my nose as soon as my senses sprang to life.
Tears found their way outta my eyes and trailed down my cheeks when I remembered what happened earlier.
After the screamoff with Emilio, I’d fallen down.
I’ve been feeling nauseous lately… I just overlooked it.
The door opened placing my attention on the female doctor that walked in all smiles.
What’s there to smile about? I just got my heart broken and she’s grinning like she hasn’t got a care in the world!
“Hi. I see you’re awake. I’m doctor Duenna DeAnn.”
“Doctor Duenna I wanna get outta here,” I said.
“Mmm, don’t you wanna hear the good news? I’m sure your husband and family will be thrilled.”
“What good news?”
“You’re six weeks pregnant and —”
I hurriedly reached out and covered her mouth with my hands.
She nodded with confused eyes at my behavior.
“You’re sure?”
She nodded again.
“My…family. They’re….. around here?”
She nodded again.
“Doctor Duenna I need your help. I kinda want to be on the low right now….so, do me a favor and don’t tell them I’m pregnant. Yet.”
“Why?” she mumbled.
“Well I wanna surprise them,” I replied with a wide grin.
Her eyes softened and I released her mouth.
She seemed to be in her early thirties.
“Alright. I’ll go tell them that you’re awake —”
“No, again. I uhm…have to get out secretly. You know, through the back door… sneak over to the supermarket, get an anniversary cake and noodles…. cook dinner and surprise them when they get home. Please?”
She frowned. “I don’t —”
“Pls doctor Duen.”
At my puppy eyes, she gave in.
“Oh, alright. Here.”
She helped me out of the hospital scrubs. I was barefoot and wearing the sky blue dress of the ball.
“My accessories…”
I collected them and slipped it into my undergarments. I knew I would need the money the diamond necklace could afford me for what I planned.
I slipped my feet into hospital footwear and smiled at the doctor.
She led me silently through a door in the wall of the ward.
“I’m only doing this for you because I…. wait. Are you running away?”
“Pfft, not at all.”
“Okay. I’ll give you five minutes —”
“Make it 10.”
“Before I tell your family you’ve gone home.”
“Ehm, tell them I escaped.”
Before she could say anything or drag me back in, I knocked her out with a vase from the table and ran out.
In the corridor I pretended to be a normal girl passing through.
I spotted the Salvatore’s a distance off.
Seeing them— him— brought back the hurt.
I turned my head and walked quickly.
She’ll be alright, ” Prudence assured me for the hundredth time.
“I know, I’m just…. I feel so guilty.”

“But why did you do that bro, and worse, hide it from her?” Augusto asked.
I sighed.
“Not now Aug.”
Cosima placed a comforting palm on my shoulder, Felipe hugged Sophia to him.
We were sitting in the waiting lounge near the ward Anne was admitted in.
She just fell.
I don’t know what happened, but I was scared.
Dios, please keep her safe. I won’t bear it if anything happens to her.
That moment we heard a bang and a loud crash.
We all jumped to our feet, as well as other staff who were walking by, and rushed into the direction of the sound; Anne’s ward.
They opened the door and we all did a double take back at the sight of the doctor laying sprawled on the floor with an unbroken ceramic jug by her.
“,Oh my God what happened here?”
“Doctor Duenna? Doctor Duenna can you hear me?”
The nurses were trying to revive her.
The others we looking around aghast.
“What the hell happened here?” I demanded from no one in particular.
Then I noticed the empty bed.
“Where’s Anne? Where’s my fiancée!?”
“Oh God, Anne… where’s she?” Prudence asked. She was wheezing and holding her chest.
Oh, no. Her weak heart.
Sophia and I helped her to the bed while I asked her not to stress.
A nurse sedated her.
The doctor woke up.
“Where’s Anne, what happened?”
“She — she left. Ran away! First she said I shouldn’t tell you, and then she said she was going to go home and surprise you… and then I realized that she was in actual fact trying to run away… and she hit me with the vase and —”
“This is crazy!” Cosima blurted out.
“What did she say you shouldn’t tell me?” I asked impatiently.
“I wouldn’t have told you, but it appears this is something serious… maybe you can understand why she did that. She’s pregnant.”
“What?” everyone chorused.
I stood frozen for a second.
Anne’s pregnant.
And she’s run away.
I wasted no time.
I rushed home at lightning speed, not checking if the others were following.
Let me be on time.
Just essentials… nothing more.
I’ve finished packing.
I hung my backpack and dropped the note I left for Emilio on my bed.
This is goodbye.
The weather was cold, and the night was dark.
But the estate was lighted like it was daytime.
No time to waste.
Speedily I descended the stairs and turned to the back door bcos guards were at the front.
I slipped out quietly.
Guards too.
I picked up a stick and threw it into the garden and hedges far away to distract them.
They moved towards that area of disturbance, and I dashed out through the back gate that led to the vineyards, walking between the vines until I got out of the fields.
There, I boarded a taxi and hopped in.
“Airport quick,” I said to the driver.
While he sped away, I turned to take one last look at the house that I came to love as mine….as home.
The house I’ll now remember as full of lies.
At the airport I booked a late night flight to New York that was going to be ready in an hours time.
I used the chance to have dinner at the diner.
I’d taken some money outta my drawer and one of Emilio’s credit card.
Stealing, but it wasn’t compared to all the lies.
I roamed aimlessly around the airport, and even locked myself up in the bathroom so no one would recognize me bcos knowing Emilio, he was gonna come for me.
I couldn’t go back.
I’ll formulate a plan once I got back to New York.
My hand moved to my stomach.
A life was forming inside of me.

My baby.
I was going to protect it at all costs.
He wasn’t going to grow up under the kind of parenting Emilio grew up under.
The overhead speakers announced my flight.
With a deep sigh, I picked my backpack and left the bathroom.
I saw men in black suits patrolling the airport and showing pictures.
Oh no.
I tugged on my beanie to cover my face.
I’d changed into a pair of trousers and baggy tee-shirt, and tucked my hair into a beanie.
I hurried up the flight stairs.
Emilio stood at the counter demanding something from the attendant.
He turned his head to me, I turned away and entered in quickly and found my seat according to my ticket.
I heaved a sigh of relief when the air hostess began saying out instructions and the vibrations of the engine springing to life went over me.
Finally I was away from it all.
It’s too late.
She’s gone.
I stood at the base watching the plane takeoff.
But I wasn’t giving up.
I looked at her letter in my hand.
¶I’m done, Emilio. I’m going away. Don’t look for me please. Because no matter what….. I guess we weren’t meant to be. You might’ve lied, but it was just a pointer to the real thing; I’m not for you. You’re not for me.
Goodbye, Emilio.★
I squeezed the paper in my grip.
No matter what it takes, I’m going to find you, Anne. You and my baby. I’m going to set things right. I’m going to bring you back.
I signalled to my men to retreat.
I returned home to my cold and empty bed.
Women’s Prison
“Salvatore, you have a visitor,” the policewoman said as she opened my cell door and cuffed my hand and led me to the visiting room.
There was the girl.
“My dear Nyta. What news do you bring?”
“She got the letter. And she ran away.”
I chuckled, and ended up laughing.
“Well done!”
“Thank you. But aunt Portia, can I ask? Why do you hate Emilio Salvatore so much?”
Sniggering, I replied; “The Salvatore’s are bad. That’s all you should know.”
“Visiting times over,” the policewoman announced and grabbed my arm, not before I slipped some money into her hand.
“Take care of yourself.”
“Yes aunt.”
Back in my cell, I pondered happily.
It isn’t even difficult to destroy the Salvatore family.
And now, I have the ultimate tool: Nyta Guisema, aka Emilia Salvatore.
The poor girl doesn’t know anything.
She’s brainwashed.
After my attempt to kill Emilio and I ended up taking Emilia when they were little, I found out that she didn’t die.
But she forgot everything. Even her name.
I told her that I was her aunt, and her family was killed in an accident from which she survived.
I decided not two kill her again, knowing that she’ll come in handy one day.
Ahhh….even behind bars, I’m enjoying seeing them suffer.
Leonetti, dear honey, are you seeing this from your fiery seat in hell?
We both have black hearts.
I laid on the worn out couch and turned on the TV.
But I wasn’t watching.
I was thinking.
Why do I have the feeling that what I’m doing is wrong?
That I’m not Nyta Guisema?
That…. I’m someone else entirely?
And who was I?


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  2. Interesting! Kudos to the writer. But it isn’t complete, it’s supposed to end in a happy way. Please complete it.

  3. Who is anne,
    share more light on where she went & she take care of her numerous worries, background, family, pregnancy, love affair. Emilo twin emila need 2knw WHO SHE IS.

  4. The story is very interesting but it is not complete,please the writter should throw more light on anne,emillia pls

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