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****** FEW DAYS BACK ********
It was that same week I took the decision and bold step to stay away from Adebimpe and avoid her completely. I started planning to start my driving lessons and I began to imagine new life with my new car.
“Now, I will be driving into the bank premises”
“That rich girl called Amanda won’t oppress me with her pencil Camry again”
“I’m sure people will start envying me in that office”
“Infact, there must be a new gossip”
I was still imagining the new life when I got a chat from segun.
SEGE: hello
ME: sege, how far jaree
SEGE: I’m good. You didn’t give me feedback since last weekend.
ME: no vex jaree. You know I was having a visitor.
SEGE: I know, did our plan work out?
ME: yes. It did work out. Thanks jaree
SEGE: you are welcome. Onihaxy, the earlier you stay away from that witch called bimpe, the better it will be for you. That woman will bring you nothing but doom.
ME: Thanks boss. That reminds me. I get gist for you sef.
SEGE: hope its not about bimpe?
ME: haba, na so you hate her reach?
SEGE: na so ooooo. So what’s the gist about?
ME: its about betty and funmi
SEGE: what happened to them?, they met each other and fought each other?

ME: loooooool. Rara ooo
SEGE: betty found out about funmi?
ME: no joor.
SEGE: then tell me what happened jor.
ME: two days ago when betty was leaving my place, she gave me her car.
SEGE: waooooooooh. nice one, congratulations guy you don get car be that.
ME: she didn’t give me completely ooo. She said I should hold it and be using it till she returns.
SEGE: well, the betty I’m seeing will definitely buy or be given another car on her arrival to nigeria. A whole billionaire daughter?.
ME: hmmmmmmmmm.
SEGE: so have you started driving?
ME: no oooo. you know I’m not that perfect yet, I only used to drive baba folake’s old nissan car within the compound back then in Akure, so I still need to learn professional driving and I’m starting this weekend. And also, I want to get a driver license.
SEGE: that’s cool.
ME: after betty left my place yesterday morning, I went to work moody and feeling so sad because I was missing betty so bad. Funmilayo saw me and she noticed, she then invited me to her office for questioning.
SEGE: hmmmmmm. What did you now tell her?
ME: I lied and told her I was owing a rent and the landlord threatened to throw me out if I didn’t pay my balance of 30k before the weekend. To my surprise, she requested for my account number and later credited my account like 15 minutes later, seriously, I was amazed.
SEGE: she don dey love you be that. Good boy.
ME: I guess so, but I don’t know what to do next. Should I approach her myself ?, or wait for her to approach me?.
SEGE: do want to marry her?, or keep her as sugar mummy?.
ME: marry kee?, where my betty dey?, rara oooo. Just for the purpose of office goodies. She even told me yesterday that the management is planning to convert few of us to permanent contract staff.
SEGE: hmmmmmmmm. For her to say this, then you must be her candidate/slot. Just keep the romantic waves going.
ME: so should I approach her? Or wait for her to approach me?.
SEGE: for now, none of the above. Keep getting closer to her, keep doing things that will make her love you more, buy take away lunch for her often, send her texts often, visit her once a while, make her see and feel you as someone loving and good. Then let nature decides on who approaches who later.
ME: that’s my guy.
SEGE: don’t drink and drive, always use your seatbelt. It saves life.
ME: looooool, see person wey no get okada wey come dey advise me wey get car.
SEGE: you dey craze ni. I no just get interest in car at the moment. I need to finish the house project on my site first.
ME: hmmmmmmm, you be boss oooo.
SEGE: let’s chat later jor, my babe don arrive.
ME: babe kee? At this time? 9:40pm?. Is it kike?
SEGE: no oooo. This one is latifat. Na my new catch sha.
ME: segun sege!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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