***** TWO WEEKS AGO **********
Betty left my house that Wednesday morning after dropping her car for me with some cash too. My eyes were soaked with tears as we departed at the junction of my street. She told me “onihaxy, it’s likely we might not see each other again till I’m back from abroad”, it was as if the world was collapsing, it was as if a special part of my body was being removed, it was as if I was sentenced to jail. We couldn’t hold back our tears as we hugged each other for several minutes before she stopped a cab and headed to her house while I took a bike to my place of work because I was already late.
I got to the bank feeling so weak and emotionally depressed. I was just moody from the moment I entered the bank and throughout the connect session, my mind was far away from all the discussions that were made to the extent that when I was called by my team-leader to give a suggestion concerning a particular work flow, I couldn’t respond until a colleague sitting beside me tapped me.
My team leader soon enquired about the reason for my absent-mindedness and I just cooked up a lie for him. We finished the connect sessions and I returned back to my desk and my emotional problem continued.
Funmi soon showed up and I never noticed her presence until she greeted me as usual but my response was very dull. She walked past me and went to her office while I continued with my job and target for the day with several thoughts flowing through my mind.
“How do I cope with betty’s absence?”
“Will I ever get to see her again?”
“Hope my rich rival won’t take her from me?”
“She truly loved me and she has done a lot for me”
” I wish I was also born into a rich family, her father wouldn’t have despised me”
” I wish I had enough money or have a fat salary, I would have sponsored her education myself”
” I just pray I won’t end up losing her”
” I think I have hurt her by cheating on her”
“I think this is the right time I stop everything between bimpe and I”
” I think this is the right time I concentrate fully on betty”
“Betty gave me a job, car and cash”
“What else do I want in another woman?”
” I think its best I take decision on bimpe before its too late”.
I continued thinking and reminiscing about my life, about betty, and about bimpe and I was doing my work at the same time until few minutes past twelve when I got a message notification on my outlook mail, I opened it and it was from funmi. It read “onihaxy, see me immediately in my office”.
I was shocked and nervous. In the history of the branch where I work, anytime funmi send such mail, it indicates nothing but “trouble”. I dropped what I was doing and I stood up from my desk and proceeded to her office with the look of fear on my face. From the look on the face of my co-staffs on same floor, they were surprised to see me wearing that kind of look walking to funmi’s office which was very unusual and I knew they would gossip about it.

I got to funmi’s door, I knocked and entered.
FUNMI: onihaxy, have your seat.
ME: ** drew out the chair and sat down** thanks funmi.
FUNMI: so tell me onihaxy, what is wrong with you?,
ME: scared nothing is wrong with me, I’m fine.
FUNMI: pulled closer to her desk, placed her elbows on the desk and looking straight into my eyes onihaxy, it seems you don’t know that I observe you a lot, I can tell when you are happy , hungry, tired, sick and sad. From your response when I greet you in the morning, I knew something was wrong, I have also been spying t you through the glass since morning and I noticed that your mind was far away. So tell me, what really happened?.
ME: lied ok, it’s my landlord, he has been disturbing me for my rent and I begged him to give me till month ending that I will pay him when I receive my salary but he wouldn’t listen. I have part of the rent with me but its remaining 30,000 to complete the full rent. He told me this morning that he will throw out my loads if I didn’t pay him this week.
FUNMI: is that all?
ME: yes
FUNMI: are you sure?
ME: yes
FUNMI: you should have told me all these instead of you worrying yourself about it. And besides, why didn’t you tell me on Friday when you visited me?
ME: my mind wasn’t there and also, I don’t want to bother you.
FUNMI: hmmmmmmmm.
ME: yes
FUNMI: that’s by the way, there are 8 vacant position in the bank for permanent contract staff and the management has decided that the 8 people will be selected among the temporary project staffs, so I want to encourage you to work harder and be more diligent. You might be lucky to be among the 8 people, just work harder, the management is watching you.
ME: ok ma,
FUNMI: *** looked me with a frown***
ME: sorry, ok funmi.
FUNMI: better
ME: thank you very much
FUNMI: brought out a plan A4 paper and biro and gave it to me*** write your account number there.
ME: curious of why she wanted my account number I wrote it on the paper and returned it to her.
FUNMI: I will transfer 30,000 to you when I’m less busy, go and use that to sort out your rent and concentrate on your work.
ME: *** happy and surprised*** thanks so much, I really appreciate it.
FUNMI: you are welcome. Just do yourself a favour by going through all the work you did today and do a spot check incase you made any error or mistakes so as to correct it on time. If your work is quality assured and mistakes was found, it might cost you your job as you know that error isn’t tolerated in this bank.
ME: ok. Thanks so much.
FUNMI: you can go now
ME: alright boss
FUNMI: **smiled

I stood up with joy and happiness filled in my heart, opened her door and went with a smile. My co-staffs were all staring at me again wondering why I went inside moody and came out smiling.
I settled down to do a view look up on my works for the day and 15minutes later, I received an alert on my phone indicating a wired transfer of 30k into my account


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