ACTION IN CALABAR…..(18+)…..Part 11


Maybe this is out of place to do as Etido my
friend is telling me, but I am craving to visit
my student crush. it is long overdue, we are
now too intertwined, I saw it inappropriate to
invite her to my place which is a staff
quarters, but she asked for it as a reward of
acing one of her very core courses.
I obliged with feigned reluctance, it is an
opportunity I have been waiting for. Out to
the GRA in a cab, dressed casually in a blue
short and white top, got to the very beautiful
house, a duplex, very serene and displays
obviously what wealth is!
The door was swung open for me by the
gorgeous looking woman, in a well coutured
gown, low cut hair dyed in gold; she smiled
at me and ushered me in. I greeted and
walked in, I was still amazed when I saw
Uduak coming down from the staircase;
“meet my aunt – Emem Ottong!” – standing
in front of me is one of the biggest names in
the industry, the Emem Ottong with over 30
awards that I know of. I am actually standing
in front of the kind of person I need for my
big break in the industry, and adrenaline
burst through me!
she is the warmest person I have ever met
aside from my mom, she sat with us
throughout the lesson and study time, in the
course to impress her; I took the lesson very
seriously, paid extra attention to everything, It
is almost like a project interview, pure display
of erudition.
I got her attention of course as she began to
ask questions, it was a very good moment,
everyone was happy! I got the treat of my life
afterward, ate a native soup with Eba, a good
wine afterward and also a oral waiver from
Emem; she said she will love to see me on
her screens.
I was happy than happiness; that through the
lady that tormented my journey to Calabar is
where I will get a feat I have craving for five
years is the true definition of IRONY! – We (I
and Uduak) had alone time outside the house
while I waited for my cab; it was a moment I
was to seize but I did nothing.
The cab man gave me a whole 40mins to
kiss the goddess in my reach before his
arrival but I kept my cool for reasons I do not
know, the smile of Uduak proved that the kiss
is suppose to happen but my nerves failed
me! I know what you are thinking and you are
right to call me stupid.

The biggest thing is about to happen, a call
came through from my aunt while I was in
my crush’s class, she called me to check my
mail soon and reply accordingly as soon as I
she said also that I should inform Fred who I
am with in one of the school’s restaurant. we
opened our mails respectively and it was a
request from her company for a movie
the happiness on Fred’s face was priceless,
he literally froze in amazement and I could
see his eye bags filled with water but he
managed to control the eyes situation! I was
glad to share and be part of the moment with
him, it seems to be something he longed for.
He took me out of the restaurant to another
in the most sophisticated part of Calabar and
gave me a very wonderful treat! I felt very
much like a queen, if he manage to ask me to
pull my p@anties or ask that I should marry
him; both request will get the best “YES” in
the world.
we were out till lste in the night, and he made
me understand that the treat is his way of
saying “thank you” – This made my heart
light for love, I began to get desperate to be
Forked by this very charming man; not even
the coolest London guy ever gave me this
treat, all is happening in one night and in my
home town, I think I am loving Calabar!


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