A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 7



“Another Saturday has come, some good girls are standing on an Alter with some people’s Sons saying ‘I do’ and we are here eating ‘Bole and fish head’”
It was a rainy Saturday and she was with Amaka in her fish farm. “and bitches are either the ‘Aso-Ebi’s’ or the maids-of-Honor” she cut a fleshy part of the fish head and threw it in her mouth.
“people get married when they have seen whom to get married to Lizzy, there are many good girls who are still single, example; you, and there are many Bitches that are happily married…”
“You are one of the few persons that thinks I am still a good girl” she took the last piece of the roasted plantain, “Anyway…thank you for the compliment”
“So…aren’t you going to tell me about it?” Amaka gave her friend a knowing look
“About what? I don’t understand”
“The ‘Prince Charming’ that visited you two Thursdays ago, see I say I no go ask you, na you suppose gist me sef”
“Who are you talking about?”
“…Comon comot for here, see your mouth, no use me play o, as you see me I no get another work today, na that story I come make I hear the full romantic gist”
Elizabeth threw her head backward and laughed “Chai! Tatafo republic, Amaka you too like tory…”
“Gist me joor…” they were both giggling like secondary school girls
“Okay…nothing happened” Elizabeth shocked her friend
“What do you mean nothing happened? You told me he came here…in the night! What will two adults be doing alone…in the night” Amaka pressed on
“talking!” Elizabeth added “Nothing! I am serious…”
“did he come to buy fish?”
“No he didn’t…”
“Then he came to see you”
“And what happened after seeing you?”
Elizabeth saw how desperate her friend was and it made her laugh “Okay…first I was surprised to see him, and thanks to you, I was looking like a village fish seller…”
“But that’s who you are…”
“A fish seller yes, but not a village fish seller” they laughed
“Secondly, the guy is a freaking military man!”
“What! are you serious?”
“Said he is with the Navy”
“Did he kiss you? I can imagine a kiss from a handsome Naval Officer, sweeeeettt…” Amaka said dreamingly
“Amaka he didn’t touch me not to talk of a kiss, he just came to see me, that’s all…I don’t even know his name?”
“What is wrong with you girl, this guy is handsome, comfortable and he wants you…”
“He told you that? Because as far as I am concerned, he has not said anything to me” Elizabeth drank some water
“But the guy is shooting some shots at you” Amaka said
“And I am not seeing it, Anyway…” She wasn’t sure whether to reveal more “He sent a box of cupcakes the next day” she glanced at her friend and looked away, her stomach fluttered as she imagined him writing those words to her ‘you are still beautiful even when you are angry’
“aha! What do you call that? Is that not his humble way of shooting his shot?”
“Don’t be silly, He said it was a peace offering for coming unannounced” she avoided looking at Amaka, scared that Amaka might see through her and what was going on in her mind.
When she looked up, Amaka was carefully examining her and smiling, she smiled back, bit her lips and looked away ‘ stop doing that…what you are doing with your lips…’ she heard his rich voice in her head,
“Lizzy” Amaka called out her name slowly
“You are blushing! You are already developing something for this guy”
“that’s not true…”
“Then why are your eye lids fluttering and your cheeks are turning pink” Amaka laughed more
“Laugh all you want; I am going out to check on my fingerlings” she was smiling as she walked towards the pond
“We are not dialoging with anybody; it is either we get full control of our oil or we destroy everything!”
It was becoming obvious to Ebube that dialoging with the stake-holders would amount to a futile effort. The meeting with community chiefs and the youths, which started four hours earlier that Saturday, was yet to reach a conclusive end, and he was fast losing his patience.
“We have been here for so long and we have not arrived at anything, get your boys off our creek, then we can listen to you and your government” Chief Opubo retorted
“And watch your children destroy our Pipe-lines? What are you talking about?” Abdul said, he couldn’t hold his anger anymore
“The oil is our heritage, it belongs to us!, we can equally destroy it when we want…”
“So you are indirectly saying that you sanctioned the activities of these boys?” Ebube asked calmly, looking from one face to the other
He had thought that going into the community to talk with the chiefs to call their youths to order would have been a start to curbing the ugly situation, but he was wrong, there were many people who had stakes in the unrest than he imagined.
“Do not put words in our mouths Officer, nobody is supporting these boys, but you must admit that you can do little to stop this. The fight is not yours, it is between these boys and the federal government, get your boys out of the creeks and our water ways, stop terrorizing our women and children! We want to go to farm and fishing in peace without seeing your men with guns parading the water-ways!, we can only…ehm…these boys can only talk with the federal Government if the military leaves our community!” Chief Opubo said after a long silence
Echos of “yes!!!” filled the community hall
He was exhausted, hungry and angry by the time he got back to the cabin, there was no network in his phone yet “Damn it!” he swore under his breath and sat down to pull his boot off his feet.
“Sir…can I come in sir?” one of the Junior officers stood by the door
“Come in Aminu” he straightened himself and fixed his gaze on the officer
“Sir, I think there is something going on beyond what we are fighting” the young Officer said, looking on the floor
“What are you talking about…and look at me when talking to me officer!” Ebube ordered
“Sure sir!”
“So what do you mean?”
“I am suspecting that one of us is giving the boys information about our strategies…”
Ebube got more interested, “What are you talking about officer, do you realize you are talking about Sabotage here?”
“Yes sir…isn’t it obvious? How come we would get information on where they are in a moment, and they are no longer by the time we raid the hideout?”
“These boys know these creeks like the back of their palms, you don’t. they are raised here; you are not” Ebube tried to dismiss the suspicion
“I know that sir, but think of it, they may know this area, but they will not always be accurate all the time, we have been here for some weeks now and cannot say we have captured a single suspect” He looked at his superior and continued “Not to mention their arms, these guys use fully automated guns and flamethrowers, someone is supplying them these arms…” Officer Abdul couldn’t continue
“Are you suspecting anybody?” Ebube asked
Aminu was mute for some time before he answered “Not yet sir”
“I will think about what you just told me Aminu, if you suspect anyone, feel free to let me know”
“Okay sir…thank you sir”
He dismissed the Officer, sat on the wooden chair and reminisced on what the junior officer told him, he would investigate further on the matter.
He picked his phone and was relief to see two bars, network was weak but he could make some calls, he thought of calling her and decided against it, what would he say to her to justify the call?
He called his mother and Mark,
“Oh boy make then no kill you there o, I still wan hang out with you” Mark had said to his amusement.
The urge to call Elizabeth came strong, this time he did. The phone rang but she didn’t pick, he tried two more times with same result.
That night he slept little, but when he finally did, he dreamt of a curvy lady with beautiful eyes.
She lay awake in the dark stuffy room, listening to the snoring Man beside her and the buzzing of the mosquitoes, she slapped herself periodically in a bid to kill one or two of the mosquitoes, but with no success.
The sleeping Man turned towards her and crossed his hands around her naked body, she cringed, he wasn’t her type of men, not that she had any choice though, she needed to survive. The Money Ebube gave her was fast dwindling, she had called him but his phone has been unavailable for the past two weeks. Papa Ochuko became her alternative.
She took up a job in his palm-wine and pepper soup joint, “You sabi cook?” the fat man that had grown bags on his stomach said
“Yes sir, I sabi, I don work for restaurant before” She answered
“Eheehn…I go test you first na, make I know whether you sabi as you talk”
She agreed, desperate to get herself fixed and start making money while waiting for when she would make demands on her ex-husband
When the test ended, Papa Ochuko took her to a small room at the back of the bar, without much words, she already knew what he wanted,
she removed her cloths and stood before him naked. “Good gal” he said, but he had another thing in mind. He turned her around, bent her over and slid his Penis inside her.
She felt nothing as he humped. She was relieved when he pulled out after he had crocked like a frog, held her tight and ejaculated. He threw a dirty piece of cloth on her and took his cloth “you go dey work both day and night o” he had added to her job description
Clara looked at the Old man, it was the second time he had fu**ked her since that day. She removed his hands from her body and picked his trouser where he abandoned it. She looked back to make sure the Man was still sleeping before she searched all the pockets, she left him with four thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five naira and took the rest, the Man drank too much last night, he may not remember how much he had in his pocket.
When she settled to sleep, she moved far from him, wishing she was in Bed with someone else, ‘Ebube’ her mind went to him, he was looking good the last time she visited him, so built and toned. What would it be like to have him yearn for her again? To have him bath her body with his sweat as he rides her?
She craved for him, and would do anything to get him back


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