A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 41



“I have searched for you everywhere” he saw her outside by the car and took time to feed his eyes with her beauty “I didn’t know you are here” he walked towards her on his pajamas.
She bit her lips and looked at her fingers, “I didn’t want to border you and your babies”
“Our babies” he lifted her face with his fingers and gazed down at her “You are even more beautiful than the last time, what have you been doing?” his voice was husky and filled with suggestions
She couldn’t look at his eyes, so she smiled and looked away “nothing…missing you” she answered.
He still had the power to make her blush and make those cute faces, he was enjoying the night “You are still shy around me” he turned her face towards him
She shook her head “No”
“Then look at me” he ordered
She laughed but didn’t
“Elizabeth look at me please…I want to look at those eyes” he pleaded
She didn’t know why she still felt like a secondary school girl on her first date, she slowly lifted her eyes on him
“My goodness woman, you are so beautiful” he held her eyes with his “a day didn’t pass without me thinking about you, I was so scared I was going to die without spending any time with you as my wife, but when I didn’t die, a new fear took over” he held her by the waist and gently pushed her towards him “The fear that I may lose you” He searched her face
“I was scared too, when Aminu came home without you, we concluded that you were dead…I almost died too, I didn’t know what to live for…”
“Oh my babe, I am so sorry…two times was I almost dead and God brought me back”
“You didn’t call, you left me in the dark, mourning you…you don’t know how I felt when I saw you on TV and you were alive and well…” she complained
He embraced her “My love it wasn’t intentional, I couldn’t get my hands on any phone, when I finally did, your number was switched off! I tried for the whole time I spent in New York, I thought maybe…maybe something has happened to you…”
“I am so sorry”
“But you knew I called my mother” he said
She didn’t answer immediately “Hmm”
“I told them to call you, I wanted to hear your voice my love”
“I… was angry and jealous”
He looked at her with confusion “Jealous of who?”
“I don’t know…I thought you must have busied yourself with some white women…”
He laughed so hard and pulled her to himself, her breast pushed on his bare chest “Is that how low you think of me? You think I would allow another woman wipe the memory of our nigh together?” he bent his head to her face “You are an addiction to me, a drug…I couldn’t wash you off my system and no woman was worthy enough to take your place” he brushed his lips on hers
“I thought you are tired from your journey; you may need to sleep”
“Tell me you don’t want me tonight as much as I want you Elizabeth” he moved them backward until her back was on the car “I have wanted to do this immediately I set my eyes on you at airport, you were looking everything sexy” he kissed her, this time his mouth lingered
“Bube…” her voice was filled with longing
“Hmm…I like that” he bit her lips and she laughed
He ran his right hand on her flimsy night wear until it came down to her waist, his right hand still held the back of her head “Total package” he muttered
She lifted her face and kissed him, while she rested her palm on his chest; she gave his nipple a little pinch
“Ouch! Naughty woman” he whispered and crushed her lips with his; their desires where with urgency, he pushed his tongue deep inside her mouth and she took it without delay, both gave and received, they sucked, licked, nibbled and gave each other pleasurable touches.
He moved his hands to her fat as and gave it a squeeze “Oh my goodness! Lizzy what have you done to me?”
She touched his erection with her knee and he gasped “Bube…” she moaned
“You are driving me crazy woman, do you want me to take you right here?” He whispered as he lifted her from the ground and settle her on the car bonnet
She coiled her legs round him “You once said you play dirty” she ran her tongue on his ears, bit his ear lobe; and caressed his chest
“Don’t dare me woman” his breath was rapid “I am trying to be a gentle man” he lifted her gown and brushed his fingers on her vagina lips, she shivered and he chuckled “Hmm”
He kissed her again, traced her vagina with his finger and watched her moan in pleasure. He slipped a finger inside her Pu
sy and she gasped with ecstasy “Open your eyes Elizabeth” he ordered. She did, he pulled his finger out, with his eyes on hers, he slipped the wet finger on his tongue and made her watch “you taste golden” he said seductively
“Bube…Oh my!” she moaned
He slipped his finger again in her juice dripping pusy and she wiggled, he held her neck and whispered in her ear “so who plays dirty?”
“Bube please…”
“Please what?”
ck me”
“Not yet, I am just starting with you” he licked his finger again, he was torturing her and he loved it. he would have wanted to take her immediately, but he was a patience man, and watching his woman melt in pleasure heightened his own desire. “Come” he Brought her down her from the bonnet, they ran like two new lovers into their love nest.


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