A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 40



They got to Port Harcourt International Airport earlier, his flight was scheduled to arrive around four so she still had twenty minutes to breastfeed the babies that were making fusses, while Omalicha became a center for attraction as she announced to everybody who cared to listen about her daddy’s arrival.
Mrs Ojukwu would stand when she hears the sound of a plane landing, and would stretch her neck would scan through passengers that disembarked from each air craft.
Elizabeth hooked back her nursing bra, brought her t-shirt down and walked towards the woman “Mama he will soon be here”
“I can’t wait o, what is keeping him now? Others are coming out” she adjusted the new hair style she made two days ago and frowned
“Don’t worry Mama, you said he told you that his flight will leave Abuja by three”
“Ehn now, is it not almost four?”
“Don’t worry, he will soon be here”
The woman nodded and moved back to the car. As Elizabeth sat with her, she noticed how nervous she was, her hands shook and she felt a cold shiver inside of her, she didn’t know what to expect from him when they would see eye to eye after about eighteen months, and what their reactions towards each other would be.
“Mummy, I told that boy that my daddy is coming back and he said he want to see my daddy…when is he coming now?” Worried Omalicha asked
“Patience darling, he will be here in less than no time”
Ebube pulled his back pack from the compartment and made his way down the airplane. It was a smooth ride, but the anticipation of meeting his loved ones also added to the sweetness. He hoisted his back pack and balanced it on his back like a school boy, filled his lungs with the familiar air and walked towards the baggage claim.
“Ah! My Oga! Officer! Shun sir! Make I help you carry the things na” A young man of about twenty hurriedly took the trolley from him and walked in front while he followed.
“Oga officer where you dey go? I fit arrange taxi for you o, e get one of my brother’s way dey do airport taxi here, he dey good and go charge you small money” The young man offered
“Don’t worry, my family should be here somewhere…” he searched around with his eyes
“The boss!…Captain Ebube!!”
He heard his name from a short distant and before he could turn, someone hugged him firmly from the back that he almost fell “Captain!!!” Aminu screamed
It was a reunion of brothers who had lost hope of seeing each other again, their loud laughter drew attentions and brought smiles on the faces of some passers-by
“Kai! Madalla…Allah be praise…My Oga, I can’t believe this day will come” he took the luggage from the young man
The boy waited for monetary appreciation but the two men were busy catching up with old times “Officer I still dey here o…” he grinned
“Haba! Why are you waiting?” Aminu asked
“Ah oga officer…nothing o na just small something way I go use drink water na, as I don help carry…”
“Walahi you no dey fear ba?” Aminu left the trolley and stumped towards the boy
“Aminu let him be…” Ebube shoved his hand in his trouser pocket and brought out a rumpled five-hundred naira note “Oya you come” the boy looked at angry Aminu but walked towards Ebube, he took the money and flashed his stained teeth in appreciation before he ran off
“Sir you are encouraging these boys o”
“Aminu, life is too short really” they walked out together talking about lots of things at the same time.
Aminu noticed that his boss responded to him absent mindedly while searching the faces of people at the arrival “They are here sir” he said with a smile “Maybe they have not seen you”
His heard swelled, he couldn’t wait to unite with his family. He wanted to asked if Elizabeth came also, but that may sound awkward “I think I should call my mother then” he brought out his phone to call
“Daddy!!!” Omalicha screamed
She ran off before anyone could stop her, the two women stretched their eyes to see whom she was running to
“Lee ya! Nwam abatago! Ebubechukwu m o ! my son is back!” Mrs Ojukwu abandoned her hand bag on the ground and ran towards her son.
Elizabeth stood and watched them, it didn’t surprise her that she still felt something strong for him, her shoulder shook gently as she sobbed. Her babies were sleeping in the car, she couldn’t leave them; even if she could, she didn’t trust herself strong enough to go to him without breaking down totally and wail like a child.
He picked the giggling child up and tossed her in the air, by the time he brought her down, his mother was by his side, almost on her knees before he stopped her. Elizabeth watched as he hugged his mother with passion, he closed his eyes and said somethings she didn’t hear.
It was like the woman wouldn’t let go of him, she envied them, yet, it was a spectacular scene that made her cried more.
She was still trying to be strong when she saw Omalicha pointed towards her, and he looked at her; her world stopped, she saw the longing in his eyes, the desire, the love, the man she fell in love with was back.
He raised his eyebrow and gave her a wink, that crazy wink that started their love story. She remembered, laughed amidst tears, without thinking, she replayed what happened the first day they met, she gave him a finger and mouthed “F*ck you” tears poured down her face
He understood his woman, so he laughed heartedly and beckoned her to come. She felt like a child, and wanted a little drama, so she mouthed “no!” And beckoned him to come.
Aminu and the few around them laughed at the whole drama, some passers-by stood and recorded with their phones.
He made the walk, casually at first, then he increased his pace. Every step towards her made his heart want to blow into a thousand stars, by the time he got closer to her, she lost every control and ran to him. He swept her off the ground to the amazement of onlookers
They were breathless when he brought her down “My lady” he called her with all the love he had hidden away since he left “My total package” he kissed every part of her face.
She was too emotional to talk, so she hid her face on his neck “I missed you so much that it hurt” she whispered
“I Thought of you all the time I was away, my baby” he said over her head. And he meant it, that was where he belongs, with this woman. He inhaled the familiar scent from her and his desire became stronger “We need to get out of here fast” he kissed her deeply, she chuckled and bit her lips.
He laughed, how he missed this woman, he felt like crushing her against himself “I missed your scent, your chuckle and…everything…”
“Daddy! the babies” Omalicha togged at her father’s cloth
“Oh sorry, I forgot” Elizabeth gently pulled herself away from him and went to the car, Ebube followed
“They are so beautiful” He looked at the babies and laughed at himself “I am a father” he said proudly
“You have been a father before them” Elizabeth corrected
“I am proud and humbled at the same time” he looked up to Elizabeth “Thank you for these precious gifts”
“Sir Can we go now? Both of you can finish the love thing at home” Aminu said to their amusement.
Ebube insisted on seating at the back with the babies and his daughter, while his mother sat in front with Elizabeth.
Aminu drove behind them with the languages.
It was past mid-night by the time some of them started feeling sleepy, Omalicha who has wanted to stay awake with her father dosed off even before the dinner table was cleared.
Amaka stayed around for few minutes to help her bath the twins “I don’t want you to do anything tonight” she had said when Elizabeth insisted that she had done too much.
Elizabeth has seen her friend to the door “Thank you so much Amaka, I don’t know what I would have done without you”
“I want you to get off this cloth now, have your bath and give that man a really good treat” Amaka joked
“Amaka! You can say some nasty things”
“Shut up you” Amaka chuckled “I saw the way his eyes followed your every move tonight, I know that look in every man’s eyes”
“Oya start going” they laughed “so how are you going to get a taxi by this time?” Elizabeth pointed out
“Someone is picking me up…a new catch” she chuckled and ran off
“Amaka!” Elizabeth called out in amazement
“he is here, wish me luck” Amaka shouted back and her laughter echoed in the night.
She walked into her room and met Ebube in her room speaking to the sleeping babies and it melted her heart. He didn’t even know she was there, so she quietly picked her nigh gown from the bathroom and left, she would take her bath in the visitor’s bathroom and she would take her time.


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