A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 25



Mogadishu University Somalia
The day started like it was going to be normal; men walked aimlessly, those that kept watch had the luxury to sit down and even shared some cigarettes, they sang combat songs and tell stories from their different countries and many battles they fought, some of them went into the city to familiarize and to flirt,
“Not bad after all” a US Soldier had commented with his mouth filled with roasted ram.
Then it happened; the sky darkened like it was about to rain, of course it rained, but this rain wasn’t the normal rain, it rained under aged militias, hoisting riffles above their heads, shouting their lungs out as they ran like Soldier Ants towards the troop.
They were unstoppable, like locusts, they eat up everything on their way; burning, hacking, maiming, and clubbing to death, soldiers and beasts
“Hold your Positions!” came the loud voice of the commander
“Get ready to fire!!”
Ebube was torn to pieces, “Get ready to fire? fire who exactly” He thought, boys that were not even old enough to see crisis, boys that were children to mothers somewhere. He has never faced a situation like the one he saw himself at the moment, he had fought men, he had exchanged fire with terrorists, he had fought fearlessly with rival soldiers and rebels, but never has he been in a situation where he was expected to kill children.
Bullets flew behind him and his sides to the swan of foot-soldiers, he saw the boys fell in numbers, bullets pierced their young hearts, he heard as their cries changed from fearless roars to whimpers, he though the remaining would turn their backs and run to their mothers, but they charged forward, their riffle positioned at the soldiers and they fought back
Yet Ebube didn’t shoot a single bullet, not until a soldier fell beside him, and another wiggled in pain as blood oozed from his left arm
“What are you doing Soldier? Shoot or they will kill us!!!” someone shouted at him
He placed his finger on the trigger, shut his eyes and released a drop of tear and bullets.
Their number was no march to the thousands of child Soldiers that came against them, his Infantry was made up of a hundred and fifty men, and with almost half of them either dead or wounded, they were at a loss.
It was dark by the time both sides fell back, more than half of the great institution lay in debris. Burnt bricked crumbled where mighty building stood previously, gun shots tore the night once in a while as flickers of gun fire announced the presence of the militias that surrounded the soldiers; they were under siege.
“Aminu! Where are you man!”
Ebube maneuvered his way round there hide out, he saw faces that he once laughed with, those he shared drinks with, their bodies half destroyed while some had their faced scattered beyond recognition
“Aminu!” the decking of the building was caved in, stones hung on bent rods. Dusts from the destruction was choking him
“Where are you boy!!” he heard some movements, hasty conversations and someone groaning. He hurried to the room and saw him.
“Aminu” he hurried to the bleeding man on the floor “What happened man?”
Aminu painstakingly turned towards him and looked down at his abdomen
“We can’t pull it out, he will bleed to death” one of the men said
“What do we do, we can’t leave him to die” another said with worry
Aminu gazed at Ebube tearfully, “I don’t want to die Sir” he held Ebube’s hands in a tight grip “I have to go home”
Ebube felt a lump in his throat, “No man, you will not die here, you can’t die” he looked around “Where is the commander? Has anyone seen the commander? He has to do something, maybe call the General to send backup”
None of the men said anything
“This man here needs help god damnit” he screamed
“The commander isn’t picking his cellular, we have tried severally but nobody picked” The one they called Boro said
“I guess we are on our own now” Another added
“Jesus!” fear gripped him “Anybody with a hot drink? An alcohol or something” he asked “We need to pull this rod out of him”
“He will bleed to death!”
“He will still die if we leave him like this either” Boro cut in
A soldier searched himself for a flask, he hurried towards a dead soldier and brought out the flask “I gave it to him before the battle started” he handed it over to Ebube.
He has not done it before, but he had seen where it was done “You go hold yourself my man, this thing go hurt well well, but you have to endure” Aminu nodded. Ebube held the rod and forcefully pulled it out of him; Aminu grunted like a wounded animal
“He is bleeding heavily!” Boro commented
Ebube opened the drink and pour some of the content on the fresh wound to stop the bleeding; it stung badly and the wounded soldier screamed. A soldier tore a piece of cloth and the wound was covered.
By the time they were done, all seven soldiers in the room were exhausted “How do we get out of here?” Aminu asked Ebube in a low voice
Ebube looked out from the shattered window, flickers of fire tore the night and sound of guns came from short distance away from them “We will get out one way or another” Ebube didn’t see the possibility though
“We are surrounded Captain, getting out will be difficult” Borrow Joined him by the window
This was the first time Boro addressed him by his Nigerian Navy rank, there in Mogadishu, they recognized no rank. He looked at Boro and the huge black Soldier understood the surprise on Ebube’s face
“I heard the boy call you Captain” Boro pointed at Aminu before he balanced his weight on the window “Back home, I am a Lieutenant”
“Oh, you look like ten Lieutenants put together” they smiled sadly
“Will the Boy survive?” Boro asked
“I hope he does” Ebube drank some water from a tap, they were lucky to still have one in the dilapidated hideout, though the tap-head was destroyed with bullets and the water gushed out steadily
“He needs a real doctor you know?” they both looked at Aminu who was still groaning
“We have to get him out of here fast” Ebube commented
“There are many wounded, I picked up signals and got responses from some of our men scatted around here…”
“What of the Commander?” Ebube asked
“Nothing yet, we have to reach to the General commander if we must leave this place alive, our supplies are thinning out, we are running out of bullets, very soon we may have nothing to protect ourselves with” Boro spat out
“Put a call to the general himself, we need backup as fast as possible”
Port Harcourt Nigeria
“You know you are getting rid of the bastard”
Elizabeth turned to see his sinister face smiling at her. She hurriedly took the meat she bought, paid the meat seller and hurried away;
“Auntie come take you change o” the meat seller called after her
She didn’t hear, she walked as fast as her legs could permit her towards the market exit; no matter how fast she walked, he was right behind her and he caught up with her
“I am talking to you woman” he pulled her arm and she shoved him aside
“You cannot carry that child” he was beside her
She waved and smiled nervously at her costumer that sells Okra by the entrance
“I don’t know what you are talking about” she didn’t look at him
“Sure you do, I overheard everything you were discussing the other day”
Realization slapped her on the face, she stopped abruptly “So it was you? you were the mysterious caller? Chike what did I do to you? why are you making my life miserable?”
He looked around uncomfortably as he noticed the many attentions she was drawing to them “Don’t act up here Elizabeth, this is a market place” he said under his breath
“Really? I can as well scream and tell everyone how horrible you are”
He left her and walk on, she went back to the market, pretended to be buying something else while buying herself some space away from him. by the time she got into her car, he hurried in with her before she could stop him
“you Cannot easily dismiss me Bi*ch, I say what happens in this relationship” he gave a smirk
“Chike why?” her pains were choking her “Why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to destroy my life?”
“Because you destroyed mine, You took everything away from me, you allowed me get married to another woman without putting up a fight? You have tormented me all these years, you took sleep away, you took joy away, sex was horrible with any other woman, I lost my job because you would not give me a chance again, and now this…” he pointed at her little baby bump “You are pregnant for another man…”
“That other man is my husband to be Chike, why does that bothers you” she defended
He laughed at her face “Husband to be you say? Didn’t I hear someone telling you that the so called husband to be is not coming back to you?”
“Chike you are a Beast” she turned her face from him.
He held her face roughly and turned it to face him “You want to know why it bothers me that you are carrying this thing? First, my wife has not given me any child and it is your fault, secondly, you have no right to carry anybody’s child except mine…”
“You are an animal!” she slapped his hand off her jaw “Get out of my car right now!”
“You are getting rid of that thing or I will come upon you with more horrible things”
“Get out!”
He opened the car “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, two weeks and I will come back”
He left her staring at his back as he walked away
She hit her steering wheel in frustration “Bube please come back to me, this is too much for me to handle, who do I report to? Where do I go?” she cried “Jesus!, I know I have not been your favorite child, but I know you wouldn’t want me to die yet, not when I have a baby with me” she looked down on her belly “Save me please”
Ada followed the woman immediately she drove out from the market. She had planned that day, to find out who it was that has taken her husband’s attention. She had pretended not to care about Chike lately just to erase any suspicion.
The woman turned towards Eliozu and she followed, two things were on her mind; to either embarrass her in front of passers-by or to follow her into her house and ask questions.
Her husband didn’t know that she had followed him when he left that morning, they had drove to a house where she watched her husband packed and waited for a long time, she was almost losing her patience when her husband turned on his ignition and drove off, she had followed.
She followed the woman until she turned towards Rumuokoro , she entered a street by the left and packed three houses away from the road.
Ada waited for a while before she drove off, she would pay her a visit again on a very good day


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