A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 22



“Madam watin you say you wan make we do for you?”
Elizabeth found her way to ‘Eligbolo’ police station, she could no longer keep quiet after what happened to her. She had stumbled on her way and had one of her slippers cut by a stone.
“I have a man that have been stalking and threatening me…” she panted heavily
“Watin be stalk? Abeg speak grama way we fit understand jareh abi you think this place na university?
“I mean someone has been following me around, he is in my house now and he almost choked me, I managed to run away”
The female Police officer looked at her from head to toe “the person na man abi na woman?” she asked carelessly
“He is a man…”
“Watin you do way man dey pursue you? abi you don chop him money run…” the female officer accused
“all these girls, na so them dey do, them go suck innocent man money finish, them no go gree pay…” another female officer cut in
“Sure say she no be prostitute? Maybe she done steal the man money sef…”
Elizabeth was shocked as well as angry “With all due respect officer, I am a business woman, I have never had any issues with anyone and definitely not into prostitution, I came here to ask for help so you can get a psycho off my back and you call me a prostitute?”
The first police flared up “See this woman o, you don forget say na police station you day? You dey shout for us for here? Abi you wan make we remind you say you suppose behave yourself for here?” she pointed her baton on Elizabeth
The DPO came in while the women exchange words “What is going on here?”
“Sir!” the two female police officers greeted
“Young lady why are you shouting in my station?” He turned to Elizabeth, who was already fuming
“Sir, I came here for help, someone has been stalking me and threatening my life for months! I can’t sleep in my house, and he has equally traced me to my farm! Your officers called me a prostitute who steal money from men!”
The DPO looked at the officers “Is this true?”
They didn’t respond
“Follow me to my office young lady” he walked into his office and Elizabeth followed
“Please have a seat” he squeezed himself in his fragile office armchair. Elizabeth felt pity for the chair which looked like it was going to fall apart with all that weight on top of it.
“What is that your name again?” The DPO kept adjusting himself on the chair to accommodate his stomach that has moved from ‘potbelly’ to ‘Kitchen belly’
“Elizabeth sir” she said
“So who do you say is after your life?”
“He is actually an Ex but he is married now”
Mr DPO looked at her suspiciously “So why will he want to harm you?” he would have asked the lady if she had been the man’s side-chick, maybe he would ask her but he didn’t want to be forward yet
“I don’t know sir, he came back to town and started following me, threatening to deal with me if I don’t give him what her want”
“So what does he want?”
“Sex…he wants to sleep with me!”
“And why don’t you want to Bleep the man and get it done with? After all both of you have been doing it before he got married ” The DPO would have said, but again he wanted to sound nice, even though the complaint was beginning to bore him, it wasn’t a complaint that could fetch him the kind of money he wanted at the moment, his Landlord had threatened his wife with eviction two nights ago and his wife had transferred the heat on him “I don’t understand why a man would be married and still want to have sex with his ex as if his life depends on it…” he ran his eyes through Elizabeth “Or did you use something on him before? …I heard you ladies now add some things in your…you know, to trap men” he smiled sheepishly, when he noticed that Elizabeth didn’t share in the joke, he straightened himself “Sorry…I was only joking”
‘Who wouldn’t want to have sex with this one?’ he thought, he didn’t blame the man at all, though he felt pity for him, ‘with this full package, any man would want to die on top of this lady ’ he called his though back before it wondered farther
“Where does this man stays?” he brought out a pen from his breast pocket and searched for writing sheet in all his drawers, but found none, he opened a note book and tore a sheet from the back “Give me his address, let us start from there”
“I don’t even know where he stays?”
The DCO brought the pen to his mouth and bit the cover “There is no way we can place an arrest on him if we don’t know who we are arresting and where to find him”
“maybe you can place a surveillance on my farm and my house…I don’t know what else to say, but I am afraid”
“Okay…I will not promise you now that any of my men will hang around your house, we have little hands here to take care of all the complaint we receive every day, but I can give you my number so you can call me whenever he comes around”
Elizabeth took the number and stood up to go, she knew that nothing would be done about her complaint “Thank you sir” she said and walked to the door.
He watched her curves and the movement of her buttocks as she walked out of his office “If na me get this one, na for her nyash I go dey sleep better sleep, watin go make me marry another woman?” he squeezed the paper and threw it in the trash can
“Get out!” Chike ordered
The girl quickly picked her shoes and her top and ran to the bathroom. all her years in the job, that was the second time she came across a man with such cruel sexual fantasy. She wouldn’t dare look at herself in the mirror, she could taste her own blood from the bruise on her lips.
“come out of that bathroom and get out now!”
Chike couldn’t stand her anymore just like he couldn’t stand the others after he was through with them. The girl would be the fourth girl he had carried out his ever growing fantasy with, each time, he would looked out for girls that were handfuls like Elizabeth, fleshy, curvy and bouncy.
The girl came out of the bathroom and he threw the money on her, she painstakingly bent to take the money, she grimaced as the pain from her bruises stung while she stood up.
“Shut the door after you” Chike ignored her whimpering and turned on the television in the hotel room.
He got tired of whacking off alone with her thoughts in his mind, he needed to have her as soon as possible before he would lose his mind, but he had to get prepared, he had to practice. That was when the idea of hanging around ‘Casablanca night club’ every night came.
He wasn’t lucky the first night he started, “Oga to get fat girls for this our side go hard o, make I follow you na, watin fat girl go do for you way I no fit do” If only the girl knew what he wanted to do with the fat girl he was looking for
Luck smiled on him the second day, he saw a plump girl sitted alone on a table as if she was waiting for someone, “50K” he offered without preamble
That got her attention immediately “50K for what?” she pretended not to care
“Make that 70” she blew the gum she was chewing until it popped and smeared round her lips
He felt like throwing the cheap drink on her table all over her, she should be grateful to him for choosing her “sixty or nothing” he offered.
She popped her blown gum again, weighed the offer “Okay, make we go…were you pack?”
He didn’t have sex with her, he didn’t even ask for her name, same as others that followed after her, he brought out his double sharp edged dagger and placed it on the table where it was very conspicuous, “Sit!” he had ordered the trembling girl
“Oga abeg…I no understand watin you wan do, but me I no dey do this kin thin” she was terrified on seeing the tools which he had carefully kept on the bed. Her plea infuriated him, he hit her face with the back of his hand and the girl fell on her butt.
That was his first experiment, he tested the whip, the cuffs, the plugs. While he unleashed his pervasion on the girl, Elizabeth was stuck in his imagination. “I have to be perfect for you my sweet one” he said to the imaginary image.
“Scream my name Elizabeth! Scream little LovePeddler!” he ordered the image while he flogged the girl
Until he wearied himself and released the girl to go.
Chike poured some vodka in a glass and drank it all up, the drink burned throw his throat down his chest, he coughed so hard until his eyes became wet. He should be going back to his house but he was tired and still angry. He couldn’t get over what happened earlier, he had underestimated Elizabeth, he forgot that she had more strength than two average women put together. She had put up a fight and it took him by surprise. He picked up a thong from the hotel floor, the girl that left his room had forgotten it, he dumped it in the trash can and sat on the bed.
He was once a gentle man; he couldn’t believe he could be sexually violent not to talk of hurting a woman. He knew what happened to him, where the change started and why he couldn’t stop. He blamed it all on her, she was the witched that had tormented him, she was the voice in his head, the loud moan that had turned into hysteric laughter, he thought he had forgotten until he saw her again.
Her eyes had mocked him, he knew she had laughed at him when she asked about his wife, she was a temptress, her thought drew him to the Porn-sites that took over him, they were harmless at first, they had helped him forget about her while making love to his wife, until he could pretend every night that she was the woman by his side instead of Ada.
His hunger increased, his perversion built, it became part of him, the dark longing of tears, blood and pleasure. He wanted her to be punished for making him desire her, he wanted to get her off his head once and for all, yet he doesn’t want to let her go so fast.
The more he thought of her, the more he hated what he had become. No woman was enough, no woman was like her, that was why he couldn’t get himself to fck any of those girls, neither could he fck his wife, the memories he had of her wouldn’t allow him any more.


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