A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 21



“When will you come to see us? My son said so much about you”
She stood by her car, the car booth was opened and laborers where loading feeds inside
“Soon ma, I will visit soon. How is Omalicha?” she held the phone to her left ear with her shoulder, and searched her bag for her invoice
“She is fine, only missing her father…do you want to speak to her?”
“Oh!” the question came as a shock, she didn’t know what to say to a three-year-old child “Okay…” she heard when the Older woman called on the little girl to come speak with her daddy’s friend, she braced herself. It was funny to her that speaking to a child could be so nervous
She heard the little birdy voice of the child “Hi Angel”
The child chuckled “Daddy calls me Anchul (Angel), he sait (said) that I am was sent fwom (from) heafun (Heaven) to him”
“And you like the name?” She changed her tone to sound like that of a child
“Yech (Yes)”
“So you know, you are my Angel too, hope you will like to be my Angel?” she noticed that the Laborers where done with the job and was waiting for her to pay them, she held the phone again with her shoulder and searched her bag for a five-hundred-naira note
“Yech!(Yes) I will watch ovu you when you shieep (over you when you sleep) and fight all the Mostitos (Mosquitoes)” the child was as thrilled as Elizabeth
“Aww…that will be so lovely my Angel”
“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?” the child asked innocently
She stuttered for some seconds, she wasn’t expecting that question “Ehm…I…”
“Daddy said that you are going to mawy (marry) him and you are going to make more babies toketo (Together). Will it be a baby bwota (Brother) or a sister?” the child didn’t wait for Elizabeth to answer “I want a baby bwota (Brother) I will put him in my scooy bak (School bag) and show my fuwens (Friends)”
Elizabeth laughed irrespective of herself “My Angel…I don’t know what to say…”
“Will you take me with you to Potaicut (Port Harcourt)?…peese (Please)?”
“Sure” Elizabeth swallowed the lump that hung in her throat “I will take you with me darling”
“yippee…” the girl shouted and gloated at her grandmother “Mama…Daddy’s girl fwend will take me to Potaicut!” the child was back on the phone with her “I will catch a fluterby (Butterfly) for you when you come, we will twavel with it you hear?”
“That’s alright my Angel, I will equally show you my fishes”
The girl gasped “You have fisies?…gwanma…she has fisies!”
The old woman took the phone from the child “It’s enough now Oma, go and have your bath” to Elizabeth she said “we love you already, my son couldn’t stop talking about you”
Elizabeth sat in her car and shut the door, “Thank you mama…”
“I hope my daughter didn’t bore you with her chatters? She talks too much”
“She is a lovely little Angel” Elizabeth paused “Mama, Bube said I should take care of you and Oma…” she heard the Old woman groan, she felt her sorrow “please call me whenever you need anything, let me take care of you mama”
The woman sighed “All I want is for my son to come back to me”
“He will come back Mama, he said he will and I believe him”
“I believe you my daughter, though I cannot help but worry, what will happen to me if he doesn’t come back? What of Omalicha? And you my child, will you be able to wait no matter how long it takes?”
Those where questions she had no answers to, as she drove back to her farm, she reminisced on the gentle but serious questions, ‘What if he doesn’t come back?’
She drove absent minded till she got to her gate and Okon Opened the gate,
“Okon abeg Open the booth and bring out the feeds”
“Okay Madam”
“No pack them that place wey you pack the last one o, make rain no spoil my feeds them” she was engrossed in her thoughts and didn’t notice the man that has been standing with his back on her, and had followed her as soon as she walked down to her little office
“Hello Lizzy” the strong cold voice said behind her
She froze and turned sharply “Chike!”
“Did you miss me my darling?” he said with a smirk on his lips
“What are you doing here? How did you get in here?” she looked around but her boy was busy with the unloading of the bags of feed
He followed her gaze and laughed “Hmm…it was so easy to get myself in, especially when you have an idiot as a sales boy” he touched her braids and she cringed
“I don’t know how you get in here or why you are here, but I want you to leave this place this minute!” she ordered
He feigned being scare, then busted out in a hysteric laughter “My babe, when will you learn that I can’t be dismissed easily…” he touched her face “I leave whenever I want, and I don’t want to leave because our little adventure is about to begin”
She slapped him hard on the face “Get out! Now!” she barked and walked fast towards her office
He held his cheek out of surprise and painful pleasure, that was what he wanted, to get her scared and aggressive, it heightened his desire, he hurried towards her and caught up with her before she opened the door, he pulled her by her long braids and she grimaced.
“How dare you walk away from me!” he said in clenched teeth. He looked around to be sure that the boy was out of sight before he wrapped her braids round his palm and pulled her closer to himself, with her buttocks touching his crotch and her head pulled backward that his mouth was positioned on her ears “You don’t walk away from me bitch! I am the one that call the shot here, I tell you when to walk and when not to, this game is mine not you do you understand?” She whimpered.
He made a snake like hiss, ran his tongue on her ear while holding her neck in a tight grip “Chike you are hurting me!” she coughed
“I like to hurt you, I will keep hurting you if you keep rejecting me, I will like to know what it feels like to Bleep you while you cry…” he looked around again, he was satisfied when he saw no one in sight. He slapped her buttocks and gave it a tight squeeze
“Chike please don’t do this to me…I am not your whoe; I belong to another man now…”
“But you are my who
e…and you belong to me, me alone Bitch” he gave another squeeze.
She has never been that scared in her life, ‘I should have told Ebube about this’ she thought she panted heavily and her thought raced like a fast train. She needed to get herself loose from the mad man, she needed to get away from him as soon as possible.
Without thinking, she sank her elbow on his ribs, she felt air escaped his mouth as he groaned in pains, she ran as fast as she could out of the gate and disappeared in the street
“Madam he has not been to work for some days now”
“Are you sure? He leaves the house every morning and tells me he is coming to work, or is there any other assignment the company sent him on?” Ada couldn’t understand why her husband’s secretary would call her to ask of her husband, “I don’t know what to say, have you tried calling him?”
“Yes, but he has not been picking my calls for the past three days, we have external auditors coming in tomorrow and he has lots of files on his table to handle before the auditors arrive” the secretary sounded worried
“Please my sister, don’t you know any one you can ask in the office? Maybe a friend who knows his way about?” Ada knew she sounded stupid, she was his wife and was supposed to know her husband’s way about.
“Madam, your husband doesn’t have any close friend here, he hardly even chat with anyone, you are the only person who should know his way about, I would have suggested that you should alert the police but you said he comes home every night”
“Yes…yes, in fact he left the house this morning and still told me that he was going to the office”
“Ma I don’t know what to do again, he needed to be here today so we can prepare the files…please ma, if he comes back this night, tell him that I called, he has to be in the office or our jobs may be at stake”
Ada was short of words, she knew something was wrong with Chike her husband, but didn’t know that has degenerated to the point of lying to her about going to work and not getting there for three days, “Okay, I will let him know”
She held her phone and paced the sitting room, ‘what is going on, what is happening to you Chike?’ what game was her husband playing?
Something struck her; could it be that he has decided to gradually move in with his mistress, maybe he has gotten another job and wouldn’t want to let her know until he would move out finally.
She would not sink without a fight, she must unravel the mystery woman that has succeeded in taking her husband, she was his wife, she must not give her husband up for another woman.


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