A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 20



“I have sinned…I don’t deserve to be called a married woman”
“Oh sister Ada, what are you talking about? It can’t be that bad” Her pastor’s wife folded her hands piously, lean her chest on her massive well-polished office table and looked at her church member of eight months
“Terrible ma…what I did was terrible” Ada was sorrowful
“Oh sister Ada…” Pastor Mrs. Boma held Ada’s hands, “Whatever it is, the blood of Jesus has wiped it clean…”
Ada shook her head and withdrew her hands from Pastor Boma “No ma…this is different, he caused it…I swear he made me do it”
“Who caused what? what are you talking about Ada?”
It was so difficult for her to say, the words were too heavy for her mouth “I…I ehm…” she swallowed hard “I cheated on my husband…” she rushed the words like they were hot in her mouth
“What? how…why…with whom…” Pastor Boma was surprised. Ada broke down in tears, guilt eat her up like fire would lick up oil “Oh come on, it’s okay…take your time, pour your heart to the lord…” Her words made Ada to cry more, she felt like the eyes of the Lord were everywhere in that office, looking at her with disdain
“I tried ma…I tried to hold on, to be a virtues woman, I waited for him to change, to realize that I am his wife and that I have sexual needs but…he ignored me…Chike did not make love to me for over two months…”
“He still haven’t”
“This is terrible…did you have a fight with him? Or you have not been taking care of yourself so well…you know…I mean…”
“He wasn’t like this before and he has never complained about anything…until one day he came back from ‘God knows where’ and things were never the same again”
“So…who is this guy, the guy you slept with?” Pastor Boma asked
Ada shook her head with tears on her face, she sniffed the mucus that has blocked her nostrils “Not a man ma…”
“A woman? You indulged in Lesbianism?” the pastor’s wife pulled herself off her chair
“No!…no ma…”
“Then what?”
“Masturbation ma” she was ashamed “I masturbated and I am ashamed to say that I couldn’t stop even when the spirit was telling to stop…not until I climaxed did it dawn on me that the devil has succeeded in dividing my home” she cried
“Ahm…ehm…I don’t know what to say Ada, Masturbation is a terrible sin, the sin of the flesh…as long as I am concerned it is as good as you committed adultery!” The pastor’s wife stuttered, she knew she wasn’t so certain what to tell this woman who thought she was supposed to have answers to every problems
To Ada, pastor Boma’s words made her feel worse, she felt like a sinner already going to hell “I am so sorry…I don’t know what to do” she held her pastor’s wife “Pray for me ma, pray that I don’t fall for this again, I get the urge every time and my husband is not there to help me out, I have tried to seduce him but it didn’t work, I fight the demon in my head telling me to touch myself again, I don’t know if I could resist the temptation anymore”
“God forbid!” the pastor’s wife cut in “The devil is a liar…you are not going to fall for his tricks in Jesus name! this is the devil trying to possess you so you can destroy your home by yourself…but he has failed”
“Amen! Please Jesus save me!”
“Let me pray for you sister Ada”
Pastor Boma had a pang of jealousy, guilt and self-pity, she couldn’t remember the last time she had Orgasm, that would be many years ago, the first few years of their marriage before her husband became a district pastor and everything became a sin for him.
Boma felt she could have the same nerve to find satisfaction elsewhere like Ada, even if it means doing it herself. But guilt and statues would not permit her, the last time she stumbled on a pornographic clip, she has shouted “Jesus!” and shut the site down. Her husband was on a one-week minister’s conference and she was lonely, she had gone back to the site and had watched crazy men and women screwing their brains out, moaning like howling dogs.
She had lived with that guilt for a very long time, to make her guilt worse, she had secretly desired to be treated like the loosed girls she saw on the screen.
That night, Ada was dressed so beautifully sexy, a lady in waiting for her man, the house was clean, dinner was perfectly made and was already set and she sat on the sofa waiting. When he came back and sat on his favorite armchair, she sat opposite him, daring him with her alluring eyes, batting her eye-lids heavy with mascara, and seductively opening her legs for him to have a good view of her pink garden.
If he noticed her efforts he didn’t show it, he stood up from the chair, walked straight into the room and didn’t come out again.
The devil came visiting, she didn’t resist, she gave him the dining table rather. As she tore her flimsy night ware in rage, she ran to the guest room naked, put two pillows together and humped till hot creamy liquid gushed out of her and hot tears wet her face.
“Babe I am on my way to a night vigil at OPM, it is their ‘coconut Friday night’ and I got some coconut for my assignment…” Amaka chatted immediately Elizabeth opened the door
“…I got two coconuts in case you want to come with me” She brought out two medium size coconuts and dropped them on the fine wooden table “This nigh is the night, it is either the chains of single-hood will be broken or I am not coming back” she stopped when she noticed that she was the only one talking, the silence from Elizabeth deafened her. She turned and saw Elizabeth looking at her, yet not seeing her, she was leaned on the door “Lizzy…Lizzy…Elizabeth!”
“He is gone” Elizabeth said in a lost tone
“What are you talking about? Who is gone?” Amaka came close
“Him…Ebube, my soldier love…he is gone”
Amaka was shocked “What do you mean gone? Gone to where?”
“To see death, they have taken him away from me”
“Is he dead?”
“What is worse than being sent to Somalia for a peace keeping mission with no hope of coming back?” she gazed directly at Amaka
“Oh God…come here” Amaka gathered her friend in her arms and allow her cry on her shoulders
“He left me worse than he met me,” she sobbed “he made me fall in love with him…he…he…made me loose myself to him” Amaka placed her palm on her friends back and console her “the last night we spent together was the most beautiful night I have ever had…he made sweet love to me” she cried more
“Come on girl…you love him and I know he loves you too”
“now I don’t know what to do, he left me hanging, with a letter and an engagement ring that I don’t even know if I will even wear”
Some minutes later, they would be reading the letter, laughing and crying at the words in it and at the stories Elizabeth had to tell her friend.
“What are you doing here alone Aminu”
Ebube sat on the field, closed to the junior officer. He had been on call with his woman, and had wanted to take a walk before he sighted Aminu, seated alone with his head bent.
“I am scared Boss, we may die out there” Aminu had fear written all over him “I heard what happened to the last troop that was sent there, only three returned out of the three hundred that went” he wiped the perspiration that gathered on his forehead “it’s a death trap, a suicide boss!”
“Aminu! Get hold of yourself!” Ebube heard those storied too, every member of the new troop sang it as a song since they arrived “Aminu, we are going to come back believe me”
“How? How sir?”
“We are soldiers, we are fucking Nigerian Soldiers and survival is what we know how to do”
“Sir I am afraid, I have a young wife and a set of twins, I don’t want to die yet, I want to return to them”
“You will not die Aminu, I will not let you to die boy” He held aminu by the shoulder, both of us a coming back, and I will go with you to see your beautiful set of twins.
This made Aminu to smile
“Come on Boy, let’s take a work, I want to tell you about the love that wells my heart”
The troop would be departing the next morning


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