A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 19



She woke up and saw him gazing down at her while smiling, “You are beautiful” he said to her. She looked at her uncovered body on his bed, and was filled with embarrassment. She made for the duvet to cover herself but he stopped her, “Let me look at you my Love”
She made a baby face, covered her face with her palms and he laughed.
“Good morning my lady” he kissed her forehead
“Good morning Bube” she blushed. Her happiness suddenly faded away when she noticed he was almost dressed for his journey, and his bag was packed. Her face sunk “Must you go?” she asked
“We have been through this yesterday my lady” he caressed her face
“But you can change your mind” she pleaded with her eyes
He couldn’t look at her so he stood up from the bed, pulled her with him “Common love, dress up and come and see me off”
“you have made up your mind already, no need convincing you to stay” she muttered
He caught her by the wrist and held her face “Lizzy, it is difficult for me already, please don’t make it harder. I love you…and whether you believe it or not, I would have done anything to stay with the woman I love…you.”
“Then stay” she said
“This is different Lizzy, I can’t disobey orders, I have to go…”
“Why? Why can’t you simply work away from this place?”
“I am a Soldier, a man! I cannot walk away from duty; what type of Soldier will that make me?”
“The type that cares for his woman, the type that considers his family, his daughter and his mother…wait” she shoved his hands off her face
“this is about you right? This is about your fucking self-pride…Ebube! You are choosing your Pride over what we share together?”
“Lizzy…Lizzy…please stop this now! Why can’t you understand?”
She started crying “Bube I am sorry, just that…just that…I am feeling miserable, I don’t know what to do if you are gone”
“Then be strong for me babe, I will be strong for you too” he held her again “Can you at least have a little faith for me? Can you believe for your sake that I will return?”
She shook her head “I don’t know…”
“Please Babe, I promise you that I will not forget every second we had together, this…” he gestured “Will not fade…I will always love you. and I will fight to come back to you. you are everything I have ever wanted” their foreheads were together, and he spoke with his breath. She nodded
“And this…” he slapped her buttocks “This is huge enough reason to keep any soldier alive and longing to come back” he made her giggle “go have your bath now”
She walked off to the bathroom “I don’t have any cloth with me” she said
“You can have one of mine, it will be a perfect fit” he called back. He waited for the water to start running before he sat to write a later.
She came out, on his combat knickers and a shirt.
“You look…” he paused and admire her “…more like a military woman”
“My breast is so big, they dangle, I don’t have any bra with me” she said shyly
He pulled her to seat on his lap, “Your breasts are the perfect size for me” he kissed the nipples from the shirt “Take that jacket…” he pointed at a Jacket that hung on the wardrobe “It will get the eyes of predators off you”
“I called my mother while you were still sleeping…she was heartbroken” he said solemnly
“I know…it will be hard for her as well”
“Yes…I gave her your number, I told her you will be there for her when she need anything” he held her hand “Babe hope it will not be too much to ask…please take care of my baby and my mother for me…” he looked into her eyes
She nodded “I will try, but you are coming back Bube, no one can take care of them better than you”
“I am not dying already my love; I will be back…I will come for you” he kissed her lips. Looked at his watched “Time to go my lady” he picked a package from his desk with the letter he wrote and handed them over to her “Keep them for me”
It was difficult to let go of his hands, she had told herself that she wouldn’t cry, but the tears had flowed freely as she watched him climbed the chopper. “I love you like crazy” she had read on his lips before he smiled and waved at her.
“Promise me you will not cry” he had told her when they were driving to the departing spot
“I will try…okay I will not, I am a big girl” she had said
“be strong for me, or I will cry with you” he joked
But as she watched him fastened his belt and the chopper blades started rotating, the tears got loosened and he noticed, for he had looked away and never looked at her again, he fought his own emotions.
She was already at home when she opened the letter and the package. She picked the small black box, shook it close to her ears before she cautiously opened it.
She gasped and opened her eyes wide in shock when she saw the content, a beautiful gold ring with the inscription ‘My lady’ on it
“My God!” she exclaimed
She picked the ring, almost slipped it on her finger but decided against it and placed it back in the box before she opened the later;
“My lady, I call you this for that is who you are to me. The truth is that I am scared too, scared of what I may see over there, scared of death, scared of not coming back and then scared that you may get tired of waiting and may accept the proposal of another man… ”
The sob that welled in her throat nearly choked her
“…I wish you will wait, for your faith will keep me going, always believe that I will comeback for you, that is why I am giving you that ring to keep for us.
But if for any reason you decided to move on, please remember that I love you very much and will not betray our love here… ”
She wished she never allowed him to go, she felt that she didn’t convince him enough for him to stay
“…I have no regrets meeting you, and last night was the most precious and magical moment of my life, I promise to cherish it as long as I am alive.
Enclosed is my Master card, and the pin is the first and the last two digits of my phone number, take care of yourself and my family with it till I come back… ”
“How can I take this responsibility Ebube? What am I going to be doing with your card? I need you and not your fucking card!” she cried
“…On a lighter note, I think you may get pregnant after last night, I am a strong man you know (Laughs) I will come back for you my Lady, I promise.”
Irrespective of her predicament, his last sentence made her laugh and she placed her hand on her stomach “I wish it is true Bube, but it was only one night…will it be enough?” she soliloquized
“Finally” Chike heaved a sigh of relief
He has stalked her for some time until she stopped coming home to her house, but he was a patient man, and a very intelligent one too, it took him less than a week to trace her to her farm where she made her home for few weeks before she returned.
He didn’t know about the farm until he saw her car at Air force bus stop and followed her. He had drove pass and packed few blocks ahead while she drove in. he waited almost the whole night for her to drive out but she didn’t.
When she finally came out the next day, he knew he had gotten the answer he was looking for. He waited for a while after she drove out before he knocked at the gate;
“Is your madam around?” he asked the boy that opened the gate for him
“She just comot now, you wan buy fish? She bin tell me say one man way get ‘point and kill joint’ go come today”
“Ehm… oh..yes…I actually want to make sure she kept the fishes as she promised, can I have a look at the fishes?”
He was a good player, and the boy was a fool, he didn’t even need to put up his best act before the boy started singing like a canary. The boy had told him that his madam has been staying there for the past two weeks, and there was no other person in the compound except him and his madam.
“Can I get her number from you? I lost my phone so I couldn’t contact her”
The boy ran off like a headless idiot to get his pitiable phone, he gave him the number with a sheepish grin
“When you go come collect the fish Oga?” the boy had asked
“Soon…very soon”.
Chike knew when Elizabeth started coming back to her own house and really wished she would have remained on the farm; it would have been easy for him. He could easily handle the foolish boy and have the opportunity to deal with Elizabeth without her neighbors interfering.
He was also waiting when she came back that morning “You are a fool Elizabeth…you think you are free now? That I have forgotten…probably because I have not visited you for long? this game is just getting started” he muttered to himself with a smirk.
He dialed her number, it rang but she didn’t pick. “Get ready my beautiful wh*re…we are about to have fun” he gave a wicked smile and drove off.


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