A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 15



She drove blindly, tears streamed down her eyes and dropped on her laps. ‘he has a child! He freaking has a child!!” she muttered with clinched teeth, her car was on speed and she didn’t care. It was almost ten pm and the road was free, two times she jumped road bumps because she didn’t see them on time.
“She is my daughter” his word echoed in her head, it hung inside the car with her no matter how she wanted to get rid of it
“What? you are married?” she had asked
“Seat down let me explain to you”
“You are a beast! An Idiot! I curse you…I curse you from my heart!!!” she had stormed out of his house, with her shoes in her hand, she ran, blinded with tears, eyes turned towards her, some in mockery while some in pity “Enyaaa they don’t chop this one push am comot” she heard someone say “Madam no kill yourself o, na so men dey…dem go Bleep you come thrOway you like orange” another said. She heard laughter and it trailed her till she drove off.
She drove pass him, “Wicked Man!” she screamed at him and zoomed off.
She sobbed louder, “Elizabeth you deserved this…what are fool you are” she said to herself. How couldn’t she see? Wasn’t that what military men known for? Promiscuity and taking women for granted? He has a family…he is a father, another woman’s husband!” it was like a dream.
She was consumed by her though that she didn’t see the herd of cattle crossing under the flyover until she heard shouts “Hey Hey! See o!!stop! Stop o” she matched automatic break and the car screeched to a halt very close to a cow
“Kai! Na watin na, madam you wan kill Saniya
(cow) fa! You no get am for eye” the herdsman shouted at her angrily, raising his stick
“Ah ah, you no dey see?” a man asked peering inside her car “Na woman dey drive sef mtcheww”
“Na so dem dey drive, them no go pay driver make driver dey carry them” another added
She held the steering and was shaking terribly. “Madam you go fit drive? Abi make I drive you?” Someone offered
“Thank you” she swallowed hard “I am okay now” she said, she wiped off tears and fought not to cry, she didn’t want people to pity her
The cows were cleared from the road and she drove straight to the farm.
“Madam, watin happen, this one way you come farm this night, anything happened” her boy asked. she left her shoes in the car, took her bag, ignored the boy and walked into the small office. By the time she got to the door, she realized that she left her Jacket in his house.
He couldn’t stop her, her anger was like a storm, and he dared not say anything further. It was his fault, he knew it; he would have told her everything about him, but then he was waiting for the right moment which didn’t come.
He feared for her, driving home that night in her condition was disastrous. What would he has done? He tried to stop her but it was useless. he wore a pair of singlet and a jean, grabbed his jacket, hers and his helmet and locked his door.
He has not driven his power bike since he came back from Bonny, it was his babe, a machine he cherished more than his car, he uncovered it, climbed and brought it to life.
“Ah Oga where you dey go this night?” the officer at the gate asked
“It’s an emergency” he replied
“Anybody dey sick?”
“Abubakr! Mind your job” he said coldly
“Yes sir!”
Her gate was already locked when he got to her house, he called her phone severally but she didn’t pick, he knocked softly at first, then harder
“Who be that? Who wan break my gate?” someone shouted from the compound after knocking for half an hour
“I want to see Elizabeth!” he responded
Whoever it was didn’t open the gate, but peered through an opening from the gate; “Who you be? Why you dey look for am?”
“I really need to see her; it is very important”
“Watin she commit? I talk am say this kurukere waka way she don begin waka this time ehn, she go enter wahala one day…the other day, she run comot for house say one thing one thing…”
“Madam please is she in?”
“Eeemm…she no dey, she never come since she comot last night, she fit go one-man house go dey jolly, you dey here dey break your head…my brother make I advise you ehn, make you fine better girl way you …”
“Thank you ma, but I need to find Elizabeth now” Ebube cut in, he walked back to the spot where he packed his Bike
“Bia! Come! I wan help you o, that girl na
Ashawo, na why she never marry…” the woman shouted after him, but he wasn’t paying attention, he tried her number again, the number was switched off, he climbed his bike and went in search of her at the next place he thought she would be.
He didn’t see the man that watched him from a gray Ford SUV.
Chike has been there since about six-thirty pm, he had planned that day since the previous night. He had the gift in his car, as well as his tools. He was going to lure her out of the house and convince her to enter the car for a friendly discussion. The gift was a friendly offering; “If you have forgiving me, come with me to see my family” he would blackmail her emotionally until she would give in.
His excitement started turning to misery when at about eight pm, there was no sight of her, and he had summoned courage to ask her landlady who has sat like an obese Orangutan in front of the house; “She never come o” was the answer.
He was a patient man, he planned to wait for her no matter how long it took. He watched the kiosk sellers closed down for the day, the Nairabet centers and the salons. The ‘Suya ’ sellers and club houses where still opened.
He was almost falling asleep when his phone ran, he lazily picked and it was his wife, “darling, I will be back soon, I am stuck in a holdup” he lied. his eyes moved to an open bar when a pole dancer was entertaining an audience that were already drunk, she hung head down with her legs spread, the red thong she wore snaked into her vagina, and spread her vagina lips.
He watched with fascination as the girl uncoiled herself from the pole and squat, her as arched, she twerked the spread butt cheeks vigorously, this earned her more cheers, claps and monies where thrown at her. She wished Elizabeth would be able to arch her as for him and slap that fat backside on his dck.
He brought out his tool and examined then, a handcuff, a rope and a whip. He didn’t plan to be forceful; though it would add to his ecstasy, he hoped she would be sensible enough to give him what he wanted, or he would take it anyhow possible. “I am entitled to it for old time sake” he muttered, softly running his fingers on his bulged dick.
He has not done this before, but it has been a fantasy in his head lately, his addiction to Hardcore Porns has made him to crave for that, the more he watched the more he wanted more, and Pornhub didn’t disappoint him. The pictures were on his head like the skin that is clung to the bone, he knew his wife would object to herself being tied up and whipped before sex, meeting Elizabeth again had giving him hope of trying it out, he would use her to fulfill his fantasy, he would turn her around and use the whip on her fat a
s, imagining how the as would bounce and jiggle when he would smack it with the whip, imagining her yellow as turned to red with the painful pressure from him, Chike smirked, he was getting more excited; “She will like it, she will realize how much she needs me” he assured himself.
He saw the Biker parked by the gate, he didn’t take notice until the man removed his helmet, he recognized the Navy man, that body could not be ignored. He watched Ebube as he went to the gate, stood for a while, probably talked with someone and came back to his bike. Ebube made series of calls and drove off.
Chike concluded that Elizabeth would not be coming back that night, and the Navy man may not know where she was. He was frustrated as well as angry. A though came to his mind as he drove along the street towards the major road; it was turning to a ‘hide and seek’ game which he thought he would win, the price after his winning would worth the wait. It gave him hope and heightened his desire for her.
“Aunty…Aunty! That army man way come buy fish the other day dey look for you”
The boy had knocked severally without Elizabeth opening
“Okon na watin” Elizabeth replied from the office
“I say that man way be army, way come buy fish the other day…him dey here ma”
Elizabeth could not believe it, how dare him show his face after what he did “Okon why did you open my gate for him? Did I give you permission to open for anyone?”
“Liz please, I need to talk to you” Ebube cut in
His voice drove the knife in her heart deeper, as it reminded her of how much that voice had mean to her “Get out Ebube, I don’t want you anywhere close to me, go away and don’t come back before I hurt you!”
“Please my love…”
“Don’t you ever call me that, I thought you were different, you made me believe I could trust again, you fooled me into falling in love with you!” she sobbed
“I was going to tell you Lizy…”
“Tell me what exactly? That you have a family? That all what you ever told me where lies? That you are a lie?” something came crashing on the office floor “I am a fool, I am an ugly duckling with a fat ass” she said in agony “You are like them, all you wanted was my pssy, I was an object of sexual pleasure to you”
He was heartbroken, he didn’t mean to hurt her “I would have had sex with you on my kitchen floor if that was all I wanted Liz, but I didn’t. you think it was so easy for me to let you go after how far we have gone? I wanted more than sex from you Elizabeth”
“Shut your mouth! You are still talking rubbish? You didn’t do it because the thought of your wife and child was hunting you…”
“I have a daughter not a wife, I am divorced” he said calmly
It came as a shock to her, “What…what did you just say?”
“I used to have a wife till two years ago, I was posted to ‘Ogun state’ I came back and found out that I no longer have a wife” when she didn’t say anything he guessed she was listening and continued “she couldn’t cope with my broke ass so she moved in with a man she felt was capable of taking care of her and our daughter, I got the divorce paper few months later” she still didn’t say anything
“I swear I was faithful to Clara as long as the marriage lasted, unfortunately she didn’t want me as much as I wanted the marriage to work irrespective of the circumstance that brought us together” he added
“Clara, was that her name?” she finally spoke
“Yes Liz”
“Do you miss her?” she was getting jealous
“I miss my daughter, though she is with my mother now” he shivered
“Do you still love her?” she wanted to be sure
“I have forgotten about her long ago…Liz please open the door, I am out in the cold” he pleaded
“You will stay there until I am convinced that you are not lying to me”
He looked around him, the boy was standing few feet away from him, aside the floored light by the Tank which lightened the compound, it was dark outside. “I don’t know how to convince you Liz, I got attracted to you the day I saw you in church, you fascinated me. I have not seen a woman that was so annoying and yet was able to make me laugh”
“You are saying that I am annoying?” she flared
“No! sh
t no! Liz…I don’t have words to say, the only words I can think of right now is that I love you” he expected her to say something but she didn’t “Are you listening to me?” she said nothing “Babe, aren’t you going to say something?”
“I am thinking, and I am not your babe” she said sulkily
“Okay…I am going to wait here until you decide. Maybe your fishes would jump out of the ponds and feed on me” he joked, knowing she has calmed down
“Shut up and come inside” she said
He opened the door and stepped in, she didn’t want to look at him. There was an awkward silence “I brought your Jacket”
“You ruined my night and my car” she said without taking the Jacket from him
“I am sorry Darling, can you ever forgive me?” he dropped the jacket and held her shoulder “I was so scared when you left, I didn’t want anything to happened to you” she made a baby face and bit her lower lip
“Liz don’t do that”
“Your Lips”
She chuckled and rested her head on his toned chest. He held her head and allow her listen to the sound of his heartbeat “You are going to be the end of me girl” he whispered
“I must confess Bube, I would have spread my legs for you on that kitchen floor” she said shyly
“Don’t please…don’t remind me, it may not be easy to leave you this time” he caressed her face
“Why did you walk away?” she asked
“You ask why? You are a temptress; it was either I ran or I would have done something both of us may regret” he kissed her forehead “you are doing the unimaginable to me Lizzy”
“What am I doing to you?” her voice was seductive
“Woman, do not tempt me any further, we may not come out of it the same” she laughed “Beside, you look innocent, I may be too dirty for you” he added
“What do you mean? You don’t know what I have done so don’t think I am a virgin” she said softly
“I am not talking about virginity” he kissed her neck “I play dirty and nasty girl…” he kissed her softly on her lips before he settled her on the chair so they could talk properly.
And he had a sexy way of talking dirty too, it turned her on


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