A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 14



“You are a good dancer”
They have walked few yards from the hall to his house, his happiness was infectious, he had pulled her into the circle of dancers and had danced around her until she was laughing so hard and had joined him in the dance.
“You are not bad yourself” he said, he had his hands clamped, to resist the temptation of taking her hands or wrapping his round her waist. The party was still in top gear when he led her out, he wanted to be alone with her, to have the time to admire the lady that has possessed his thought
“I am a terrible dancer, stop making me feel good about myself” Ebube laughed so loud that he drew the attention of some passers-by, she made the effort to remove her Jacket;
“Here, let me help you” he had wanted to do this since he saw her, to have an unrestricted view of her perfect curves. His fingers brushed her shoulders and her arm as he slowly eased the Jacket off her, she shivered, “Are you cold?” he asked as he hung the Jacket on his shoulder
“Hmm…no” she didn’t look at him
He gave her a side glace and cleared his throat as they resumed walking, the urge to hold her was so strong, and made him feel awkward “You are…” he cleared his throat again
“Forget it”
“No, say it!”
“Thank you for coming” he said rather. How would she understand when he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, would she be offended if had call her sexy? What perfect word would he have used to tell her how she made him feel, to tell her how he would have loved to have his hand round her waist and feel the rhythm of her backside while she walked; and that thing she does with her lips when she is shy, she didn’t know how he would have loved to hold her face and kiss her until both of them are breathless.
“That wasn’t what you wanted to say…” she accused
He laughed, “What do you think I wanted to say”
“I don’t know, you are the one that had something to say but chose to say something else” He laughed again and she continued “but thank you for giving me the opportunity to have fun, God! I have not had this kind of fun for a very long time…” He was pleased “And you…” she punched him softly on the stomach while laughing
He crouched in a fake pain and laughed at the same time “Ouch…” he held his stomach “What did I do”
“you are one crazy guy I have met all my life! Those dance moves where fire, man!” she was laughing with pure joy, he saw the sparkles in her eyes and the softness of her face, he was enjoying every minute of her being with him “you stole the show! Every lady in that hall was looking at you” she added
“and you know this how?” he asked
“I saw them, their eyes roaming all over you like hawks, if I was your girl I would have placed a ‘no trespass notice on you’”
He loved the sound of what she said “who said you are not my girl” he teased, she laughed but said nothing. They stood under a tree, their laughter gradually faded, and shyness came back on her, she wasn’t comfortable the way he looked at her “Can I hold your hands?” he asked softly, she nodded and licked her lips. She felt like a school girl on her first prom night
Her hands were so soft, her skin silky, he caressed the back of her palms “you are so beautiful Lizzy…” She knew he struggled to say those words “I have wanted to tell you this from the time you showed up, God! you are so beautiful that I felt like whisking you away to somewhere I can seat and look at you as long as time can give”
“Bube I…you…you are just saying those words because I am here, you think that is what I want to hear, but I know this…” she looked down at her body “…this is not the definition of beauty to many people, not even to me” her face dropped
He lifted her face with his finger, traced her curve with his left hand until his hand balanced on her waist “This Elizabeth, is beauty to me, you are everything I want”
She was drowning in his eyes, so attractive and alluring, she had girded herself for years from losing her emotions to a man again, but she wasn’t prepared for the turmoil going on within her. Like him, she didn’t want the moment to end, yet she was afraid to lead him on.
He dropped his hand and continued walking, she followed “We are almost there” he announced, shoved his hand in his pocket and brought his keys, he opened the front door of the Two-bedroom bungalow, and ushered her in, “welcome to my home” he said, hoping she would like it
“It’s beautiful” she said, admiring the sitting-room.
He took her to a sofa and sat her down “Let me pamper you, you are my guest” they both laughed “Wine?” he asked
“Water…we already had wine at the party”
“Okay your majesty…I will be back” his words made her smile
By the time he came in, she already removed her boot, he handed the water to her and his eyes caught the glittering of a gold Anklet. ‘why is this lady always doing things that turn me on’ he thought
She saw him looking at the Anklet, she wasn’t sure he would like it, most men don’t. in fact, Barry had torn one off her ankle once, when they were still dating, he called it ‘ Juju’ and had warn her never to ware it around him again, but when Ebube squatted, looked up to her and asked
“Can I touch it?” her mind was relaxed. She nodded “Yes”
He was on one knee, he lifted her leg and placed it on one of his knees, he ran his fingers on the Anklet, allowing his fingers to brush on her soft skin, he heard her gasp and smiled within, “I love this on women” he massaged her foot consciously “And it looks so charming on you”
“How many women have you touched their Anklets like you are doing mine?” she found her voice and asked
“Not so many, I am not claiming to be a saint Lizzy, I have had relationships that went sore, though I have not had one in a long while”
She didn’t believe him but she didn’t say it out. He carefully dropped her feet and she stood up to drop the cup on top of the dinning, he watched her movements with fascination ‘she is beautiful, no doubt’
“do you cook?” she asked
“Yap…who doesn’t? my mom thought me well” he had his hand on his jaw, he was observing her
“Can I see your kitchen?” she was free and he liked it
“Sure, over there” he pointed
She disappeared into the kitchen, he was left to battle the desire that welled in him, she was busy opening cupboards, drawers and pot, she didn’t know when he walked up to her
“Sorry there is nothing in the pots” he was so close that she felt his breath on her skin
She gasped, turned to face him, with her buttocks partly on the kitchen table top, they stared at each other, the heat between them was so thick that it could burn anything
“Sht…” he muttered before he crushed her lips with his, with his hands on hers, he prevented her from stopping him. He pulled away after few seconds “I am so sorry Lizzy, I didn’t mean to do that” he sounded stupid, even to himself “I will wait for you in the sitting-room.
He was ashamed of what he did, so was her for yielding and even for being disappointed that he stopped. He turned to leave the kitchen but she called him back “Bube wait!” he stopped “Please come back” she pleaded
He didn’t trust himself to resist the hunger in him, but her voice was like a charm and he walked to her, she held his face and licked her lips as she gazed into his eyes “Please don’t do this Lizzy…I may not let you go…” she touched his lips with hers, teasing him with her tongue, “Jesus! Woman!” he exclaimed and grabbed the back of her head, he pushed her face closer and nudged his tongue inside her mouth, she moaned, he kissed deeper, tasting, sucking, licking and gave her lips gentle bites, he placed his palm on her back and crushed her breast on his chest, she moaned, he lifted her and sat her on the table top, “My babe” he muttered and seized her lips again.
She took as much as she gave, she drank from the fountain he gave and yet she desired more, when he left her lips and bent her head backward to nibble on her neck, she cried softly in pleasure. He traced the rings on her neck with his wet tongue “Bube…” she muttered
“Hmm” he massaged her ear lobes before he licked on them
“Oh f
“I love the way you call my name Liz”
“Bube Please…” she was feeling the tingling in between her thighs and she knew she was dripping wet “Jesus help me” she muttered, her hand was holding his head.
Ebube heard her and pulled away abruptly “I am sorry Lizzy…” he didn’t wait for her to respond; he ran out of the kitchen.
She was gazing at the framed picture of his Daughter when he came back to the sitting-room, he had gone to the bathroom, allowed the cold water to help him settle the desire that was obvious, he didn’t know how she would see him after that day.
He stood by the door for a while and waited for her to say something.


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