A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 13



“I can believe that imp have the nerve to show his face around you” Amaka offered her more biscuits.
“He did more than showing his face” Elizabeth sipped some tea “He scared the hell out of me” Amaka’s house was her heaven last night, she was too scared to sleep at her house. her neighbor offered their house but she didn’t want to discomfort the already overcrowded home, with four children, a brother from the husband’s side, two sisters from the wife’s side and the couple, the house was already a local government.
“He is a coward, a fool, what does he want from you?” Amaka sat with her cup of tea.
“I don’t know, he started off with telling me how he made a mistake of not marrying me, then he graduated into begging me for a Bleep or two…Amaka he pulled his pants and approached me with his…” she couldn’t say it, she almost choked as the image of last night came back
“Like I said yesterday, you have to calm down…” Amaka was as confused as her friend. She was worried when she got a call from Elizabeth at that time of the night, when it was obvious that her friend was crying over the phone, she was alarmed. Elizabeth was shaking like a wet leaf in harmattan when she led her inside, Elizabeth couldn’t say any word for almost first thirty minutes, she sat and rocked herself like a frightened child.
“You should report to the Police” Amaka suggested
“What do I tell them? That my ex has come back to haunt me with a demand for sex?”
“He broke into your house Lizzy?”
“I let him in Amaka…”
“He followed you in, and ransacked your room when you ran out! This is serious!”
Elizabeth weighed the suggestion “Do you think the police with act on this? What if he turns the case against me? What if he tells them that I am his side chick who…who…whatever…”
Amaka felt for her friend, it would be difficult to convince the police to take this case serious since they both dated “What of your Navy admirer?”
“What about him?” She swallowed and looked at Amaka
“He could help” Amaka picked the cups and went to the kitchen “He can offer you some protection and even help put this guy in his place”
Amaka came back to the sitting room
“He is not my watchdog; besides I don’t want to border anyone”
“He would have been glad to help; in fact, I am calling him right away” Amaka stood up
Elizabeth held her “No Amaka, please not now”
“Why? I don’t understand”
“He has a kind of Officer’s party to plan and attend this evening…I don’t want to distract him”
“What the f*ck! What is party compared to your life?”
“Amaka please, he actually invited me to this party but…I turned him down…I don’t think it will be wise to disturb him with my problem, he is disappointed already”
Amaka sat down and smiled “You said he asked you for a date in the Naval Base and you turned it down?”
“Not really a date but…”
“You are going for that party girlfriend” Amaka said with finality
“Amaka i can’t, he is no longer expecting me, besides, not in this my state, I am still in shock after what Chike did last night”
“Chike can go to hell and burn like fire-wood for all I care, girl…Chike cannot steal your groove. As for our Officer not expecting you, you are going to give him a surprise visit”
“Well, there is one major problem, I don’t have my cloths and I am not ready to go back to that house”
“Mirabel has good quality outfits, I was at her shop last Wednesday, you will pay her later…problem solved” Amaka saw the disbelief on her friend’s face and got serious “Lizzy, you need to get the scene of last night off your head, get your groove on! Go out there and have fun, don’t let Chike win by keeping you in fear and sadness”
Elizabeth knew it was useless arguing with Amaka “What can I do with you?” she asked
“Hm..hm, the question should be ‘what can you have done without me? And the answer is ‘nothing’” they laughed.
“Madam who you dey find”
“Ehm…Officer Ebube” she spoke to one the junior officers keeping watch at the gate
The officer muttered the name severally, trying to recall the name. he turned to the others and ask, one of them came closer to have a look at the lady looking for Officer Ebube
“Madam na you dey look for am?” he asked
“Yes” Elizabeth answered, getting uncomfortable as the older officer looked at her in thorough scrutiny
“Is he aware of your coming?”
“Actually, he invited me to the Officer’s party”
“Oh…Okay, but you would have called him so he can come out to pick you”
“Ehm…I have been calling him but he isn’t picking, maybe he is busy” she lied
The officer considered the excuse, he brought out his phone and dialed Ebube’s number with no response, he looked at Elizabeth suspiciously, he pushed his head inside the car and searched with his eyes “Oya open the booth!” he ordered. When he was satisfied he tugged at his shirt before he spoke “drive straight eh, to that round about, take the road by the right, you will see the Chapel, two houses after the chapel is the senior officer’s mess, that is the place”
“Thank you so much” she drove through the gate.
He was in a circle of his colleagues…. dancing ‘Able God’ and doing the ‘leg work’ when she came in, she searched the crowed, officers and their women, some sat and were chatting on top of their voices, trying to be heard amidst the loud music, some had drinks on their tables while few attendants paraded the hall with barbecued fishes and grilled meats.
It took her some time to sight him amidst the crowd, she has never been so nervous in her life like she was that evening, she noticed the lustful eyes and the hush comments about her, some bold ones among the officers were throwing open admiration on her.
“Sis who are you looking for” someone asked her
“Ehm, Officer Ebube sir…he is over there” she pointed at him
“Go over there and let him know you have arrived” the Officer suggested
“No no…, can you please tell him that someone is looking for him?” she smiled nervously
“Okay” the officer walked off.
She looked around the hall before her gaze settle on the powerfully built man who was the center of all the attentions on the dance floor, she was enjoying every move he was making with his body, his white body-hugged t-shirt tucked inside a navy blue thick combat trouser made he look so desirable. She saw the other officer whispered to his ears and pointed to her direction, she held her breath when he turned around and saw her.
He stood looking at her, and she waved, when he smiled, every doubt in her mind flew away. He hurried to where she stood, he was speechless, they both stood grinning at each other.
To say that he was surprised to see her was an understatement, he was overwhelmed, he couldn’t believe she was actually standing there, looking so beautiful yet so innocent like a child.
Her blue skin jean and yellow top, with a black ankle boot made her look so graceful, every curve was subtly visible, he knew he would be the envy of most of the officers in the hall.
She was nervous, he knew that. With the way she tapped her phone and her chest rose and fell with every heavy breath.
When she looked at him, every other person in the hall disappeared, he saw only her in that hall, she couldn’t hold his gaze, she looked down and bit her lips
“I can’t believe it; you are actually here!” he chuckled. She smiled and nodded. He tried to remove the jacket she had over her top but she resisted “Why?” he asked
She gestured with her eyes, looked around to remind him that others would be looking at her
“Them?” he asked, she nodded “I don’t care, you are here for me and I want to flaunt you?” he tried convincing him
“No Bube…I am uncomfortable” she held the Jacket
He had so much to say to her but didn’t know how to start, he laughed when he heard his name from some of his colleagues waiting for introduction, “Come” he took her hands and moved further inside the hall.


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