A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 12



“You are gazing too much” Elizabeth slapped his shoulder
He jumped and looked back “Oh, Aunty Eliza” he was engulfed with the graceful look of the young girl who just stepped down from his taxi that he didn’t know when other passengers entered.
“I have told to stop calling me ‘Aunty Eliza” Elizabeth settled on the front seat
Mark smiled awkwardly “Auntie, watin happen to your car now, this one way you enter kabu-kabu” he looked out from his side of the window and saw a man crossing the road “Slaughter one chance!” he beckoned on the man
“Don’t worry Mark, I am paying for the front seat…my car is at the mechanic”
“Ah Aunty Elie…thank you o, e bi like say you know say that place no go enter another person” he said shyly. He connected two naked wires that hung loosely from the hole that was once the Ignition and the taxi coughed to life “Aunty my car no get AC o” he wheeled the car to the road
“So how long has this been going on” Elizabeth asked
“What? Aunty”
“Elder Walter’s daughter, I saw the way you looked at her”
“No ah Aunty, I just see am for road come say make I carry am…” Mark defended
“Shut up Mark, you know what I am talking about, you like her”
Mark didn’t answer, he drove through the round About and entered Rumuobiokani “Any Rumuobiokani Round-about?” he asked his passengers
“Yes o, before shell gate” the woman with two kids answered.
“I no get change o” he said as he examined the two hundred naira note given to him by the woman
“Find change na, na me go fine change for you before?” the woman blurted out angrily. Elizabeth brought some money from her purse, gave them to Mark and collected the change
“You don get luck, if na only me and you I for collect this your money go” he drove off.
By the time they got to Trans-Amadi , he has discharged all his passengers except Elizabeth “Aunty Elie, it’s not that I don’t want to answer your question, I dey shame say I like the girl but I no fit meet her people, simple say I no get money”
“Does she feel the same way for you?”
“Ehn…I think so, she was all over me earlier on, but I am not so sure now”
“What do you mean you are not so sure?”
“She tell me say Deacon Sotoye’s son don bring wine for her Papa, and they are expecting her to agree to the proposal…me I no get watin I go do again, I no get house I no get moto, na this my Kabu-Kabu be my priced possession”
“Mark, if this girl loves you so much, she will be willing to stay strong for you, the problem is you have not yet convince her that you are worth the wait” they have gotten to Slaughter and he parked at the Gas station by the right
“Auntie Elie… I don’t try o, I have tried well well, I dey even pray make she get belle sef, at least her people no go get choice…”
“So both of you have been…”
“Ehn… we no dey plan am, but by the time she go land for my house, our body go dey do somehow somehow, we no go know when we enter work again…”
“Anyway, no woman wants to enter into marriage where she is not certain of financial stability, you have to show her that you can be that man she can rely on”
“What will I do now, this my taxi work, na small small money dey come inside…I no dey even get better money way I go use take her out to those big places”
“Mark, she may not need to be taken to big places for her to be convinced, make her see how hard you can work, allow her plan with you, if possible bring her into your little investment”
“…Which investment? I no get anything o, na the small small Akawo way I dey do, by this December, I go fit get money way I go use buy another taxi”
“That is what I am saying, let her know these things, and go closer to her family as well, do no alienate yourself entirely” Elizabeth checked her time, “Mark make I dey go, before them go buy the feed finish”
“Where you dey go buy am? I fit drop you Aunty”
“No mark, this is your rush hour, you need to work”
“Thank you Aunty, I didn’t know you are this nice o” He laughed. She looked at him, smiled and nodded “Ehm Aunty…” He stepped out of his taxi
“What is it again Mark?” She almost regretted engaging him in a discussion, she needed to start going
“That Soldier man, the one that played the keyboard in church for you…”
“Hm..hmm?” he got her full attention
“Ehm… he said they will be having officer’s party this Saturday…and he…and he wanted to invite you but you…ehm…he wasn’t sure you would want to hang out with him”
“And he told you this because you are his what?” She was almost angry at both of them for discussing her
“No vex Aunty, we didn’t discuss any more thing about you o…I am sorry …” Mark said
“So what else did he tell you about me?” She asked, forgetting that she needed to hurry “You know what mark, I think I have to agree for you to drop me off” Mark smiled and nodded
“nothing o…just that I think he would have really love you to come”
She looked out of the window, at the cars that moved faster at the opposite direction, at hawkers hustling, at women sampling their wares, at two mad people, a man and a woman smiling at each other shyly “Did he tell you why I said I wouldn’t make it?”
“No…” Mark spat on the road “Aunty…I think he likes you”
“Am I supposed to jump up in excitement because of that?” she asked, mark looked at her but said nothing. “Stop me here Mark, this is the shop” she pointed, before she got down, Mark tried again
“He is a good man…”
“Did he pay you for this?” Mark shook his head but said nothing “Mark” she called
“Here” she slammed two one thousand naira notes on his dashboard, he tried to protest but she smiled “Thank you so much Mark” she opened the door and walked to the store.
Chike waited for her for about two hours, darkness was already creeping in and he was getting worked up, he kept looking at his watch and tapping on his steering wheel. He was about to drive off when he saw her car and relaxed. He waited for her to drive in before he came out of his car and followed.
“You kept me waiting”
She jumped off her skin at the voice “God!” she exhaled “Chike you scared me, what are you doing here and how did you get my address?”
“It’s not important how I got to know this place, I have been waiting for you for hours and you are not even excited to see me” she unlocked the door, pushed through it with her shoulder as her hands were full, he followed.
He had the urge to push her to the wall and tear off her clothes, having her there and then would be the most amazing thing that would happen to him, but; “Elizabeth we need to talk” he said rather. Her house was bigger than where she was years back when they were still dating,
“Hmm, about what?” she handed him a glass of water and sat
“About us…you see, I really didn’t want to leave you just that…” she watched him battle with what to say next “See, I made a mistake and I am so sorry”
“I have forgiven you long ago Chike, and have equally forgotten about whatever it was we had, there is nothing to be sorry About” she chewed some cashew nuts
“That is the problem Lizzy, you can’t forget what we had…I don’t want you to forget” he stood from the chair and advanced towards her
“Okay…” she said slowly “I don’t get what you are driving at right now Chike”
“Oh you will understand…my sexy Bitch, you will…when I remind you the fire that burns within you for me…”
“Hey! Chike, don’t you ever use that name on me again, don’t you ever in your miserable life call me that! And don’t come closer to me” Chike
threw one step “I say not one more step!” she was scared, alone and with no defense, he could do anything to her
“See… we can work thing out, you and I, Lizzy I am dying for you, I will explode if I don’t touch you again, please help me get back my life” he felt he needed to convince her more “I will make sure both of us enjoy each other, you know how it used to be…the passion…the fck…” he closed his eyes and visualized it “Lizzy please…”
“You are mad Chike! What of your Wife, your family!”
“If you want to save my marriage and my family, you have to agree to this, let me F
ck you even if just once…I can then concentrate and build my family…”
“What are you talking about?”
“I can no longer make love to my wife without thinking about you, since the day I saw you in the mall, I couldn’t touch my wife, all my desire has been you, to hold those boobs, to slap your ass…Lizzy please…”
“Chike you disgust me, you are terrible…in fact you are mad! What am I now? A prostitute? Get out of my house…get out or I call my fiancée and you know what that mean”
He laughed hysterically “You think I don’t know? I saw both of you that day, there is nothing going on between you two, cheap whoe, he may have come to your side because of the obvious” he ravished her body with his eyes “And must have left after one round or two, I am the only man who know how to treat you right, I am offering you this” he pulled his trousers down and brought out his rigid Dck, I can make you feel good and forget about whoever he said he was…”
She cringed “Get out or I will call the police” it was an empty threat, and he knew it. Another thought came to her mind, she brushed him aside and made towards the door, before he could get back to his feet, she was out of the house, she ran towards the third flat ant bang at the door,
“A man is in my house…he wants to rape me”
When they got to her flat, the Man was already gone. Everything in the sitting room was as they were before, but when they got to her room; her bags where overturned, her cloths on the bed, her bag of lingerie emptied as if someone was searching for something in a hurry
He dialed her number severally with no responds, “maybe she has gone to bed” he taught. Still worried, he sent a message
‘How was your day’
‘didn’t hear from you all day, hope you are good’
‘called to say good night’
Chike sneaked to the bathroom with the lacy dirty pant, he sniffed the part that covers the vagina and threw his head backward in ecstasy like someone on narcotic drug, it didn’t take long, he got the arousal he desired to masturbated,
“Btch…Btch…Fcking Btch!” he muttered as he ejaculated


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