A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 11



“You told me you will be home early”
His wife looked up from the show she was watching before he came in. he glanced at the screen and wasn’t surprised to see ‘Lali’ showing on ‘Zeeworld’ . He used to pick interest on the show before until he got tired of the stereotyped story-line and unending love triangle.
He skipped his wife’s stretched legs and placed his keys on the table, “Something came up, I had to stay longer than I planned” he loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes
“You would have called to let me know, or even send a text” His wife picked his shoes and walked towards their bedroom.
His gaze was on her until she disappeared. Anger and resentment suddenly overwhelmed him, he didn’t see how lanky and dark she had become until today and it worried him that he could get uncomfortable with it, “You are losing weight Ada” he said casually
“I have not noticed it” she placed his food on the dining table
“I am telling you because I noticed it and I don’t like it” he didn’t make any effort to move from where he sat
“when did you start having issues with my weight? I though you want me trimmed?” she faced him with her hand-towel on her shoulder and her hand on her hip
“Well, I don’t like the way you are looking, add some flesh, and tone your color a little bit” he said and walked towards the room “I need to have my bath first” he added.
The truth was that he lost the appetite for food at the sight of his wife, such thing has never happened to him before. He stepped into the bathroom, turned the shower on and allow the water to massage his body and his lust.
He knew why he couldn’t get his mind off her, he thought he had forgotten what it felt like to hold the huge as of a fat woman and watch it slap his balls, seeing Elizabeth brought those memories back and God knows he wanted to have a taste of her again.
He stayed longer than usual in the bathroom that his wife had to knock softly “The food it getting cold Honey”
They eat in silence, the food tasted like bitter-leaf juice in his mouth and felt like gravels down his throat. His wife was a good cook; he simply wasn’t craving for her nor her food that night.
“Your friend Henry brought an invitation here, he would be having his child dedication next two weeks” His wife said
He dropped the piece of meat he had already cut, back in the soup plate and washed his hands “Hmm…that’s good” There was no need forcing himself to eat, he may throw up if he continued.
“Honey what is the problem? You barely touched your food, are you sick?”
Looking at her made him sick, how could she allow herself to be so lanky and bonny, “I am fine” he picked his teeth “I think you should stop taking Lipton in the mornings, it may be the reason you are losing weight” he added, ahd looked at her with disgust
“Chike if you have an issue to talk about please do so, my weight is not your problem and you know it…I have been like this since you married me, you loved this body Chike, you said so yourself, what is happening? Who made you angry at the office today that you are transferring aggression to me?”
He was ashamed, his wife was right, any sane man would not see anything wrong with his woman, she was an elegant woman, fashionable, neat and she had tried in maintaining her body weight, he had even commended her severally for that. But something was wrong with him that night, old memories were stuck in his head and he wished he could get them off. Maybe if he could f
ck Elizabeth one more time, he would be able to concentrate on his wife again.
“I am sorry Ada, maybe I am tired” he said and walked to the room.
“Do you need me to do anything for you?” Ada asked
“I will be fine”
That night he tried to pretend to play along as Ada kissed his lips with hunger and ran her hands on his body, he lay with no feelings as she moved down to suck his cck which was finding it difficult to stand. To respond to her, he had to imagine her to be Elizabeth, the fat lady with the big as, he imagined punishing her for the years he didn’t fck her, with that hunger he pinned his wife faced down and entered her from the back, he slapped her moderate sized buttcks, pulled her hair till it hurt while he muttered filthy angry words to her “Fat btch…I will fck you till your pusy explodes…cheap slut…” for every word came a slap on the butocks while he pulled harder on her braided extension hair.
Ada couldn’t take it any longer, she pushed him off her and curled herself at the edge of the bed “What has come over you Chike! You are hurting me!!”
He realized his mistake and murmured an apology before he left the room to the guest room. For the first time after about two years, he masturbated with her image in his head and tears in his eyes.
It has been more than two months since she last contacted Ebube, and it was obvious he didn’t care, probably he already knew his daughter was with his mother still. Her sister had visited her unannounced last week
“Mama is worried about you Clara”
“How is she?”
“She want to know how you are faring?”
“Tell her I am fine, at least I can still feed myself since she and papa disowned me”
She came back from the bar and met her sister waiting, it was her half work day and Papa Ochuko couldn’t make her to stay since his wife was around
“Papa misses you though he will not admit it, can you come back home?” her sister had asked
“No” it was a straight Answer
“What of visiting…may be sometime?”
“Why are you here Hellen?” Clara asked
“Mama…mama is dead Clara”
It wasn’t a news she wanted to hear, she had loved her mother more than anything though things turned out the way they did “When did this happen?”
“Yesterday, she mentioned you before she died”
Clara moved the curtains and opened the windows to allow more air in to her one room apartment, she would not be having any visitor that night, she wanted to be alone and mourn her mother.
The news of the death of her mother would be a very good reason to pay Ebube another visit in the city, she didn’t want to give him space for him to consider another woman. Till her plans would get matured, she would use every subtle way to get close to Ebube.
‘Good night Bube’
Her text came in when he was brushing his teeth for the night, he smiled and also marveled at how eager he was to hear and read from her
‘you have a funny way of making peace’ he replied
‘so are we good?’
“Hmm…still thinking’ he sent with an Emoji
‘If the thinking will not produce a yes, please don’t think’ she sent
‘you are crazy…good night’ he replied
He didn’t call her beautiful and she felt a little bad about it


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