A SOLDIER THAT LOVES ME – A Fat Girl’s Story … (18+) … Part 10



“What a lucky Man he is”
She heard the voice behind her as she took one bottle of ‘Polo Red Eau’ Perfume off the rack. She turned to look at the owner of the voice and was shocked to see him after four years. Aside the tiny gray that colored his dark hair, and lines that has formed on his forehead, he didn’t changed a bit
“So who is he this time around?” Chike asked
He looked at her with so much hunger and regret which he masked with smiles, it was as if he had equally lost some weight. “Chike what are you doing here…I though you relocated to Enugu?” she asked
“Yes…but life wasn’t so easy in Enugu so we are back to Port Harcourt, thanks to my company though, they recalled me back to Port Harcourt and here I am” he spread his arms.
She heard of his relocation from Amaka, it was two months after his wedding with the woman he claimed his mother found for him “So how is your wife?” she was surprised she didn’t feel bitter asking him about it. Last year would have been different, she would have gone home and cried on seeing him, but she realized she was indifferent about him
“Ehm… she is fine; she is a nurse you know” he chuckled uncomfortably “Always busy but we work around her time schedule” Elizabeth noticed how uncomfortable he was discussing his family
“So who are you getting that for… I remember you used to love that perfume on me” he grinned. They dated for four years before he broke up with her, with the excuse that his mother didn’t like fat girls and had gotten a slim lady for him,
“Oh this…” she looked at the perfume she was holding and really wanted to tell him to go to hell “Actually…I …”
“No Man yet?” Chike asked, one could see the joy in his face and the way he looked at her with lust
“you don’t expect a beautiful lady like this to be single, and I am the lucky man” Elizabeth was shocked to hear another voice and a hand that held her by the waist “Baby you got the Perfume? Oh thank you…” Ebube spoke into her ears so intimately that she feared he was going to kiss her
“Oh…I am so sorry, I didn’t know she is with you, my name is Chike by the way…myself and Elizabeth were …you know…” Chike extended his hand for a shake
“I am Captain Ebube, and I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to find this beautiful woman” both men looked at each other coldly with fake smiles, Ebube finally pulled his hands away “Baby if you are done, we can go now”
With her heart filled with questions and anger, she managed to breath out “Sure…I will be waiting in the car while you settle the bills” she handed him her shopping basket, she didn’t wait to see his reaction before she walked away.
He forced himself to smile, dismissed Chike and went to the cashier to pay both bills.
“What kind of woman is this” he muttered to himself
He saw her waiting for him outside the mall, and resumed walking immediately she saw him coming out “What was that about? When did we start dating and why in God’s name will you hold my waist!” she blurted out
He hasted his steps to meet up with her “I thought I was helping!” he was confused
She stopped by his car and faced him “I don’t need your help or anybody’s help to send some rascal that left me for a slim girl, to hell. I am not a destitute, I can defend myself” She poked a finger on his chest
He was embarrassed “I am sorry, I was there all along, I saw what he was doing to you, he was mocking you and I felt I should come in”
“Do not come to my rescue ever again, I am not your woman and you are nothing to me…” she regretted those words the moment they came out of her mouth. She saw the pain in his eyes
“I apologize Miss Elizabeth for disrupting your life with my presence, I didn’t know how much I am so repugnant to you till now, I will try my possible best not to get in your way again” he moved pass her and drove off, while she stood watching him.
As she walked towards her own car, someone sat in a tinted gray ford SUV observing her with a smile, he saw every drama that played out and knew there was nothing serious going on between her and the so-called captain, maybe there was but the two were not getting alone well.
He would take his chance with her, and must get her in his bed once again, even if it means once or twice. Seeing her voluptuous backside and the large pair of breast made him remember how it used to be between them years back, the sex was good, and Elizabeth was always eager to please him. He closed his eyes and licked his lips as he remembered her fat vgina lips, his cck got rigid and his light-brown colored chinos trouser was stained with pre-cum.
He followed her slowly as she drove back to her house and packed few distance away from her gate as she drove in, he pressed on the bulge in his trouser and grimaced
“I will pay you a visit Lizzy, and you are going to love it” he muttered and drove off.
“I am sorry please” she has typed this for the fifth time without any responds from him. She tried calling him again but he didn’t pick “What is wrong with me” she muttered
It was later in the evening when he picked her call “What do you want?” he asked
“I am sorry Bube…I was Angry…I didn’t mean all those things I said to you”
“I am tired Lizzy, I need to rest”
“Wait! What can I do to make you feel better?”
“Don’t say that Lizzy, you owe me nothing, you made your point clear to me and I should respect that”
“I didn’t mean that Bube…I …I kind of like you” she couldn’t help it
He didn’t say anything, but she heard his breath over the phone “I don’t know…” he finally said “Who was that guy anyway?” he asked
“You already know…we dated years back and…he left…” she explained
“you have to be careful with him, I don’t know why but there is something about him that didn’t seat right with me”
“He is married now…”
“I don’t like him, just be careful” he warned
“Okay” she agreed “Are we good?” she asked crossing her fingers
“hmm…let me think” he chuckled and cut the call
He was sure he has strong feelings for her, he didn’t know what it was yet but he couldn’t deny it any more. He walked to the GYM that evening smiling.


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