A GAY BOUGHT ME … Episode 50




💥💥Love, lies and Game💥💥

Sub title :- Pain (2)


😇Episode 50😇

😋 CJ’s POV😋

When we got to the airport, I paused for some seconds as I looked around.

“C’mon CJ let’s go ” Kayla said as she walked towards me and cling her arms with mine.

The only thing I could think of is Mina

I shouldn’t have lied to her

“We have to go now ” Kayla said and I shot her a glance

I guess she also don’t know that the person whom she think is her dad is not her real dad

How will she feel if she finds out??

“CJ are you okay?? What are you thinking?? She asked looking worried and I looked away

“Let’s go” I said and she smiled brightly at me

🍃Author’s POV 🍃

“Dear Suzy or should I say Chu jung, well I find out about who you really are but it doesn’t matter now cos if you’re reading this letter then it means I am no more”

Suzy paused as her hands were now shaking

“I am sorry for not understanding your feelings towards me, the truth is that I see you as a sister and not a lover, I understand the fact that you always want me to be happy but it’s not too late to do that because you can do that by making Mina happy because Mina’s happiness is my happiness too ”

Suzy eyes widened as she quickly ran out of the house

“I hope you find someone who is going to love you and care for you, I am sorry if I have been rude to you, I am just trying hard for you not to fall in love with me because you might end up regretting it”

Suzy couldn’t stop crying as she instructed the driver to drive fast

“I hope you live happily and take care of yourself and remember Mina’s happiness is my happiness and I am requesting you to always make her happy, that is my last request.. Thank you”

Suzy got inside the hospital not knowing exactly what to do

She’s not putting on make-up, her hair looks kinda rough and she’s not putting wearing a veil

“Momma.. See that lady, have seen her picture before ” A young girl yelled

“C’mon she can’t be someone you know ”

“I remember now, our art teacher said she’s one of the best potter in Seoul.. Err.. her name is err… Err..

“Sami enough of this and let’s go”

“Why did i have to forget her name? The little girl said as she pouted

Just as they we’re about to step out of the hospital, she paused and look back

“Mom I remember now ”

“Sami?? Her mother called as she frowned

“Her name is chu jung, CJ sister ” The little girl yelled and everyone looked at them

“Shhh…. Sami shut up… Chu jung is dead ” Her mother said

Suzy paused when she heard a little voice call her real name

“Mom, she’s the one.. I am sure of it ” The girl shouted

Not too long she started hearing noises outside, sirens and people shouting, she spun around and see many people outside especially young girls

She slowly walked towards the door ignoring some people looking at her while some took her picture

“She looks like Chu jung ”

“But Chu jung died some years ago ”

“She can’t be the one ”

Many people were saying but she didn’t say anything as she walked outside and see someone cover with white cloth on the stretcher as the person was being put at the back of an ambulance.

She looked at the banner in front of the car and stepped backward as she see Eric’s picture

She gasped and cover her mouth as tears gush out from her eyes

(In Gwanju)

Eric’s little sister Wei was in the living room watching TV when she heard a knock on the door

“Wei… Go and get the door ” Her mother yelled from the kitchen

“Sure ” She grumbled as she went to the door and unlocked it

There standing at the door was Mimi (Mina’s sister)

She rolled her eyes and walked inside

“Who is it?? Her mother yelled

“It is Mimi” She yelled back

Mimi walked inside and sniffed making Wei to look at her

“Hey, did your mother beat you?? Wei asked and scoffed as she resume watching the TV

Her mother came out and was surprised to Mimi

“How are you Mimi?? She asked but Mimi eyes was glued to the TV

** Breaking News,.. One of the popular young kpop artist died an hour ago leaving the fans devastated.. **

The video of how the ambulance left the hospital and how some young girls were crying was shown on the TV

“Aww… So sad ” Wei said then Mimi started crying and they both looked at her

“Mimi are you okay?? Wei mother asked

“Are you crying because of the guy that died, is he your idol?? Wei asked and her mother hit her on her head

“Aww… Mom.. That hurt ” Wei yelled as she rubbed her head

Mimi brought out an envelope and gave it Wei mother before she ran out of the hospital

“What is wrong with her??

Wei mother opened the envelope and a picture fell off, Wei quickly pick it

“What is this?? She said as she turned it over then her eyes widened in shock

“M.. M.. Mom??

“What is it??

“Eric… Miles?? She looked at the TV and she gasped in shock

“Let me see “‘ Her mother said and snatched the picture from her

It was a picture of two guys

One was Eric and the other which she don’t know

“Are you shocked because of this?? Her mother said and shook her head “you’re unbelievable ”

“Mom” Wei yelled and her mother was surprised to see her crying

🍁Kayla’s POV🍁

(In the Plane)

“You should have let us use your private jet” I said but he didn’t answer me

I let out a sigh and brought out my phone

I started scrolling when something caught my attention, I clicked on it and I was more than surprise to read the headlines

“Miles kpop star died due to leukemia ”

“Miles is dead”?? I whispered and CJ looked at me

“What did you say?? He asked

I can’t tell him now and I can’t let him find out now

Eric and Mina are friends, if he find out that Eric is dead then he will be worried about Mina and he might go back to her

“Ohh it’s nothing ” I said

🌺Mina’s POV 🌺

I woke up with a throbbing headache, my eyes hurt as I opened it, I looked around but there was no one with me.

What happened?? Why am I here?? What is…….


I jerk the drip from my hand and stood up, I walked to the door and tried to open it but it was locked

“Open the door…. Open the door ” I yelled in pain and horror

All my body was aching badly but I don’t care

I just need to see Eric, there’s so much I need to tell him

I need to tell them he is just sleeping

He is not dead

“Someone pls open this door… Is someone out there ” I yelled but there was no response

My hand was already dripping blood because of the way I jerk the drip from my hand

“Open this door ”

“CJ.. Pls come I need you now….. “…. Everything started getting blur but I need to get out of here before it’s too late

“Open Open… Op…….

Suddenly everything went blank

🌹Author’s POV🌹

“Hello Mom… Hello Wei, I hope you guys are seeing me now, I just want to make this short video to tell you something important, I know you’re shocked to see my new face and you will be wondering who this is, well it’s still me Eric,.. Uhmm… Wei I am sorry I finally did the face surgery and it came out great, don’t blame Mina cos she was not the reason I did the surgery, I did the surgery because of mom… I did it even when I know it might affect me but I don’t care, mom is always ashamed that I am his son, maybe because I am ugly, if you’re watching this video then it means I am no more which means I am dead and the result is because I have leukemia…. Mom can you remember all those time I use to complain to you that I am sick but you won’t bulge to do anything, anytime I cried in the middle of the night due to body pain, you always lock me outside always saying I am disturbing you… Mom if only you’ve taken me to the hospital then probably I will be alive by now but don’t worry I know you love money, fame , wealth more than your own son so all what I have earned is all yours now, I have finally grow up to be the person you want me to be just that I won’t be on earth to share my happiness with you.. I hope you and Wei enjoy your beautiful lives and Wei.. Big brother loves you so much and I will always be in your heart.. Mom my last question to you is Why did you hate me so much??

The video went off and Wei blinked twice as she turned to her mother who was already crying

“Mom you killed him.. You killed him… You killed him” Wei yelled in tears

“Eric.. I don’t hate you.. No.. Mommy did not hate you ” Her mother said as she burst out laughing

“I hate you mom ” Wei said as she ran outside the house leaving her mother in total sorrow and sadness

She replayed the video and skip it to the last part

“Mom my last question to you is why did you hate me so much?? ”

“Eric I don’t hate you… I don’t hate you ” She said as she cried bitterly

To be continued…..

Thanks for reading….


Episode 51 short clip

“Why did you stop the music?? Mina asked as she looked around “ohh you guys are surprised to me because I am not invited?? ”

“Mina?? CJ whispered as he was shocked

“Hey Mina what’re you doing here?? See this” Kayla said as she flashed her left hand before Mina “I and CJ are married, he is mine and I am his, today is my birthday and I don’t think I invited you here ” Kayla said and Mina spun around as he took a glass cup ans pour herself a drink

“Well…. Congratulation to you both ” Mina said “I hope you have a baby very soon or…. CJ hasn’t make a move yet?? Mina said and everyone looked at one another

Kayla clenched her fist and move closer to Mina

“Get out ” She said

“What if I don’t want to?? ” Mina asked

“Mina leave ” CJ said and Mina looked at him, Kayla smiled to herself

Mina glared at him and angrily pour her drink on CJ and everyone was shocked

“Don’t you dare alter my name from your mouth ” She said and then glared at Kayla……

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