A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 6




I was at the school garden sobbing…
what’s wrong with me?
why am I feeling this way
OK its true…I still love Albert
yes I still love him,
each time I see him , I felt like hugging him.
ever since we were kids he has been my crush, though he has this strong connection for Jane but it surprised me when he asked me out after our fifth grade graduation .
And then in seven grade we broke up just because of my silly mistake .
Ever since then we never talked, but deep inside me I still want me .
And I can’t just tell Jane because Jane has tried so many times to make our relationship work but I refused saying its over just because of my ego.
And now my greatest fear that I have been avoiding , is right in my face…
Albert and Jane together…
oh my god!!!
I was still lost in thought when my subconscious appeared to me( my spirit)

“common Jessica… you know joining the drama club is your friend greatest dream, so why are u selfish”???…. she said
” I stood up scared… who are you and who told you , I am selfish, you know nothing OK…I said
“of course I knew everything… you are scared that Albert will for Jane again because he truly love Jane and not you, remember you manipulated him into asking you out. she said
” you liar… he love me and not Jane…I yelled back..
“OK fine, if you claim he loves you , then why are u scared, why don’t allow your friend to act the play with him, why not support your Bestie…. she said
” of course I will support her…I yelled…
“OK then we shall see, I will hear what you will tell Jane because she is on her way here, make sure you support her like you said, like you said, like you said ( it echoed and she disappear)…
I was startled and also scared at the same moment , just then Jane came and said
” I know you would be here…she said and I turn back almost immediately , scared and looking startled..
“what’s wrong jess?.. she asked
” ummmm …nothing and about the other time , am really sorry OK…go ahead and join the group its OK by me…I said
Jane opened her mouth in amazement but I quickly manage to fake a smile so that she won’t notice anything.
“common Jane you are my friend and am meant to be happy for you and also support , so that’s what am doing… OK, am surely fine with it OK….I said
” wow!!! really!!, thanks jess you don’t know what this means to me… am so happy to finally have you back…Jane said and hugged me , I also manage to hug her back but within me only God knows what am feeling.
I quickly disengage from the hug and said
“look Jane , I think am having an head ache…please I want to go home….I said
” really but its not yet school over…jane said
“yea , I know but am not feeling too well , I think is the reaction of the drugs…I said as an excuse …
” OK …should I follow you …Jane said
“no …you stay, I will totally be fine OK…stay so you won’t miss out your rehearsal…. I said trying to be nice.
” OK but please take care , immediately we close , I will rush down to your house…Jane said…
“OK thanks…so let’s go so I will take the permission slip ….I said and we both left.



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