A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 5




I was so excited knowing fully well that am gonna be in the drama club.
I just can’t wait to see the list.

my minds all get ready as I picture how my rehearsals are gonna be and also if I get the opportunity to take the lead character..
Then it became dawn on me that Albert is also in the same group.
every year he is always in the drama club, he is so good at acting , he acts so real .
I remembered when he acted romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet …
he did so well that he was given an award..
oh my god…this is really gonna be awkward.
God please help me.
finally the long awaited list came out …
during break period I drag Jessica as we together went to the bill board to check the list.
there we met Albert and his friends laughing as they also checked the list.

“hey man…this year is gonna be great , imagine having your ex girlfriend Bestie as your female lead …acting the same play with u…one of Albert friend named kelvin said
” oh my god…I exclaimed within me and quickly rushed to where the list is paste…
oh god…I found my name on the list and also Albert name..
he is the male lead character and my the female one…that means we are gonna work hand to hand..

“can you see for yourself… get ready to be kissed and loved…. one of Albert friend said and they all laughed..
immediately I turn back to look for Jessica but she was no where to found…
oh my god..she left angrily.
I quickly ran after her
” common jess…hold on..I said but she didn’t replied.
she made her way to the wash room , before I could get there she close the door..
“common best , please open the door..its just a drama club and nothing more…I pleaded as I hit the door but still no reply..
” OK best , should I quit , I will just go to mr frank and tell him I don’t want to be in any group… I said then I heard her unlock the door…
I quickly rushed inside..
“look best..everything is gonna be OK and besides you guys are not dating anymore, so why all this…I asked feeling so concerned and confused..
” look Jane if you still want to be my best , then you have to stay away from Albert, and when I mean stay away , I meant stay away …..Jessica said and I was so shock… what does she implies
“look jess…this is just about social activities and nothing more, please let me stay in this club , I can’t just remain without club… you know everyone is fixed into one club or the other…I said hoping to convince her
” suit yourself then ….jess said and left
I stood there in the toilet for some minutes wondering what came over jess.
“is she still in love with Albert?
” and if yes why is she hiding it and why do I always have to be the one to sacrifice something in order for her to be happy?
All these were in my head, I washed my face and came out of the wash room when I met Albert , he was standing very close to toilet door..
I tried to ignore but block me and said.
“do you know its really weird that we are both in the same club and we will be working together… he said .
I looked at him and scoff then was about leaving when he made another statement..
” why did u hate me? remember those times you do call me your knight in the armour , why did u change , why did everything change??… he asked ..
those questions really struck me and I almost cried, I turn back and look at him straight in the eyes then said
” why did you hurt my best friend?…
he looked at me and said ” I never hurt her …
“really??..I asked
” yes, I did not hurt her , when the right time come , I will explain everything to you…he said and was about leaving when he stopped and said ” always do what makes you happy, pursue your dreams and do not let your best friend take over your life….he said and finally left.
“what did he mean by that…anyways my best friend isn’t controlling my life so its none of his business..

” oh my god…where is jess? I muttered as I ran quickly to look for her, we both need to sort out some things…
the rules ain’t for nothing and no secrets to be hidden.


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