A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 3



#jane POV

Immediately I got to the class everyone were staring at me like am a celebrity..making me feel awkward.
seriously I don’t know how to feel..
am i to feel happy because Albert helped me or I should feel bad because my best friend enemy helped me..
right now am just so confused.
few minutes later Albert also entered the class, he stared at me for some minutes and went straight to his seat.
I just ignore everyone as I stare aimlessly at my book. but still i couldn’t just forget the incident that just took place..
This is not the first time Albert has helped me . when we were stills kids and we were friends ..he always protect me like my Knight, he always fight for me but then when he and Jessica became a thing.
everything just changed..
then the break up and all the rest, am just confuses right now , I can’t wait for break so I could get out of this place and maybe get a soda to cool my nerves.

Soon it was break , I quickly rushed outside to avoid seeing Albert.
But as I was going out walking through the hall way I heard some voices in class..I stopped to m listen because it sound like some group of guys having an argument. That’s when I found out it was Albert and his crew of friends..
“I said stop OK…Albert yelled
” why , are you gonna use her to get close to her friend again..a voice said
“No!! you guys should just stop all these..I only helped her because jolly is such a bully and he has no right to bully any girl in such a way.. Albert said
” oh really!! are you sure or you just wanna use her to get Jessica back…Another voice said and there was roar of laughter and immediately I left there..

“so he wants to use me to get close to Jessica right! but he has just failed , I won’t let him hurt my friend again..i said and left.

After school I head straight to Jessica house..
I know by now. Danny must have given her the full details of what happen today but I hope she doesn’t see it in the wrong way.

” hey best…I said
“hi..Jessica replied kinda dull
” hey watsup.. I asked
“what happened today at school… Jessica asked
” umm..nothing much just that jolly tried to bully me again ad usual …
“And what next…Jessica interrupted almost immediately
” I was quite for some seconds then said ” And Albert helped me..but trust me best, nothing serious happen after that..i did not even talk to him..I just snub him and left.
“ok best..I believe you but avoid him …Jessica said and I nodded in agreement.

later in the night, my eyes were fixed on the ceiling, I just couldn’t sleep.
the incident at school keep glaring to my face.
d–n it!!!
” common Jane…he just helped you and that’s all nothing too important about it remember your Bestie first ( my subconscious snapped)
but I hope am doing the right thing , making enemy with someone just because my Bestie hates that person.. I just hope am doing the right thing.


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