A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 2



getting home that night, I was d–n tired..
“I wonder what’s wrong with me ”
“why am I still concerned about Albert..
he is such a player and a cheater..
” I Jessica hart promise never to feel anything for him again…
I said within me and landed on the bed..
“oh my poor Jane…she was all worried because of me..I just can’t wait for tomorrow , so that we will continue our school pranks..
seriously a day without my Bestie is really bad for me.

(next morning)

I was on the bed all shivering ..
oh my God, I think am feeling sick..
oh no!! not today…
why !!!…
I was still on the bed when danny came in…my younger bro
” ain’t you gonna get ready for school… he said then he noticed I was shivering
oh my God..you catch a cold..he said and immediately rushed downstairs to call my mom
few minutes later my mom entered my room
“common mom..am good its just a cold , I will be fine..I said but I think my mom is not buying that..
” No Darling… no school for you today..we are going to the hospital… my mom said
“oh God..how will Jane feel..we always resume school together and how manage I even got sick..
” no mom..I will be fine..I said trying to persuade my mom to let me go…
“no sweetheart… no school for u today..and that’s final..she said and left

I was staring at danny like I should kill him..if Haven’t told mom , I would have plans on how to escape …but no he just ruin everything… and all thanks to him Jane and I always resumed together.
And some students are found of teasing her..who is gonna protect her now?
” stop looking at me that way..I never caused your sickness… danny said and was about leaving when I dragged him back..
“please make sure you look after Jane at school, you know how she can be …
please sssss!!!.. I said
” OK fine…you are the boss…danny said and we both laughed then we heard the door bell…
we both said together ” its Jane “…
I rushed downstairs to meet her…
” wow wow..what’s happening …are u not going to school…she said
“No…I fell sick this morning and mom insists I shouldn’t go …I was still talking when I sneezed…
” oh sorry best but you know a day without you will really be boring…Jane said looking sad
“common now…danny is here, have instructed him to look out for you…I said and we both smiled .
” OK bye…gat to go now ..greet mrs hart( my mom)…Jane said
“OK bye…love you…I said as I watch she and Danny leaving.

At school I was really feeling nervous…
this is the first time Jessica and I didn’t resume together..I enjoyed it when we are always together.. we play pranks on people especially on jolly the bully..he is so scared of Jessica after the prank she played on him , ever since then he has promise yo take revenge but Jessica always play smart than him.
everyone was staring at me …then jolly the bully came from no where and pull my hair….
” oh my god…I exclaim with fear..
“what’s that for…Danny said
” common shut up you brat…jolly the bully said
“hey you where your body guard friend…. I mean your hero friend ….he said and everyone started laughing..
I tried to ignore him..
” common Danby let’s go , just let him be …I said and was about leaving when jolly dragged my bag and I fell down my school skirt fly up and my pants almost showing …then everyone started laughing.
I bow my face in shame and started crying that moment I wished Jessica was here…
“hey common stand up..robot..jolly said again and the laughter became so loud , I still didn’t raise my head up …
then suddenly I heard some punches… like two people fighting
I raised up my face only to see jolly on the floor with his face covered with bruise..
then I looked up … I saw Albert…
he stretch his hands that I should grab it and stand up…
I was just looking dumb …I was so confuse, then it became dawn on me that he defended me..
” common take my hands …he said in the coolest voice ever…
I looked at him and was about taking his hands when I remembered rule number 3 ” MY ENEMY MUST BE YOUR ENEMY”

Then I withdrew my hands and stand up on my own…he was looking surprised but I scoffed at him and left.
“no matter what happens I will never break our Bestie rules..


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