A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 11




I went home that night I cried all through, my eyes were swollen …
I can’t believe jess would betray me…and also am confused I don’t know if I should confess my love for Albert… I really love him but have been hiding it for years now …all in the name of that I don’t want to hurt my Bestie.
its been one week now..have been avoiding Jessica, I don’t even wanna talk to her and also Albert have not been seeing him around…And all thanks to Mr frank..rehearsal have not been holding lately …so am all alone…
but within me I really wish I could see Albert and pour out my heart to him.

During break I went to the café to get a soda…

“hey…I heard the voice and I turned, it was jess. immediately I stood up and was about leaving..
” common Jane…am really sorry ..please remember our rules …we promise to always forgive each other…jess said and I laughed
“which rules, the one you abused and kept secrets from me all along…I said and started going..
” yes I admit have made the mistake but please forgive me and let’s start over…I promise I will never turn down your trust… she said
“trust??.. trust is difficult to earn jess…I said
” yes I know …please forgive me, I know I was a mess but please am sorry and I really miss you ..Jessica said as she brought out chocolate cake forward…she knows that’s my favourite…
please sssssss….she pleaded… I looked at her and smile, I grab the chocolate from her and hug her..
“I miss you too….I said
” I love you Jane…she said
“I love you too…I replied.

finally I have my Bestie back remaining my love…well for now I don’t know what will happen , am just happy my Bestie is back .

Three days later after I and Jessica made up…I was in my room upstairs when mom called me and told me that Jessica is looking for me…
I quickly rushed down to meet her
” hey jess…watsup …any plans for today…I said because its weekend already..
yea, but first someone is here to see you…. jess said
“who?… I asked
then he walked in…..
Albert!!! I said
” hi…he said
just then Jessica left us leaving the two of us…
Al..Albert …what are u doing here?…I asked
“Am here for us…to talk about us…you and I….he said , I just stare at him , he move closer to me..
” Jane I really love you…please give us a chance…he said while holding my shoulder…
I was just looking at him straight in his eyes…
right now am so confused, should I be happy or not
“Albert are you sure about this?? I asked
” yes am sure, just give me this chance and I promise not to hurt you ….he said..then my eyes move straight to his lips and his cute eyes , I literally scan his face all through… then I realized how madly am in love with this guy..
“I love you….I hugged him and whisper it into his ear…
he smiled and hugged me so tight..
” thanks Jane, thanks for giving me a chance…he said..

“so what did you whisper in his ear…Jessica said , making us both to turn …and then I began to feel shy..
” common stop that Jane… am just kidding and you…she said looking at Albert, “if you hurt my Bestie , trust me ,you will get it from me…Jessica said and we all laughed.

#Jessica POV

sometimes we need to understand the difference between love and obsession . And also sometimes we should try and put our ego above ourselves and consider others.
you don’t know how you’ve secretly hurt someone close to u just because of ego and obsession.

I almost ruin my friendship with Jane because I never knew what true love means…
love is not obsessed, neither is it hurtful nor will always think only about itself …but it always consider the feelings of others …

And thank god I was able to learn my lesson before its too late…

I also lived happily without having to worry about Jane getting close to Albert..
I actually discover those two are meant for each other and I wish them the best.
That’s what true best friend always do…
they usually look out for each other..and am glad that I realized that before its too late.

The End

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