A FIGHT FOR LOVE … (18+) … Part 10




I was outside the compound when I saw Jane heading towards my building ..she look worried , her face looks dull..
oh god what happen.
on one hand am thinking of way to let go of my feelings for Albert and be true to my Bestie for once and here is another thing. I wonder what the problem is

“hey Jane…how are you?.. I asked smiling widely
” I can see ..you are good now..she said
“yes ..I am , I took some drugs the moment I got home…I said
” oh thats good to know…she said and kept quite…
the silence remained for some seconds and its really making me feel weird..so I decided to break the silence but before I could say a word..Jane said something which really caught my attention

“we kissed …she said sternly without looking at my face and that moment I knew she was talking about Albert…
my brows raised …I looked at her ..really don’t know what to say..so to confirmed from her I asked
” who did you kiss…??…I asked ..this time we were both staring at each other
“Albert and I kissed.. she said
” what the heck!!! I screamed
“how could you…how dare u betray me, remembered our rules… I kept yelling , though I don’t really understand how the words were coming out, I really wished I could prevent them from coming but no..they were just coming put freely like a rehearsed script..
” you are the worst Bestie ever, you betrayed me ..I know you clearly to stay away from him , but you didn’t …I hate you…I hate you Jane…you are the worst ever…i said all through but Jane just stood still…
“why the hell are you looking at me like that? I asked
” because I want to really see the person you are and not the person you have being pretending to be…she said and stop then continued.. “you know have trusted you blindly for all these years, you pretended you are good and perfect but no…you are a bad person..
” tell me why are you angry because I kissed Albert?.. he never liked you and you know that and you were also aware that’s he was my biggest crush but no you lied to him when he wanted to ask me out.. he told him that I told you I wasn’t ready for relationship…but did I ever tell u such thing?… you always have the best and each and everything time I keep sacrificing my happiness just to make you happy. you lied that he cheated on you just to make me hate him ,you even tried to make me quit the drama group all because of your obsession over Albert…
Now let’s forget about Albert , let’s talk about us..
you call me the worst right but you are the devil here, you are the betrayal, the back stabber .
why didn’t I get this that you made those Bestie rules just to make me do your wishes…but now jess its over… I hate you more than you hate me…jane said with tears all over her..
I haven’t seen her this angry..then she brought our friendship bracelet the one we shared from little… she brought it out and cut it then left..

as I watched my Bestie leaving… I sat down the field with tears in my eyes…

then my subconscious appeared to me again…

“so why did you betrayed your Bestie?
” I told you ,u did not love her..she said
“no I love her , I love my Bestie so much…
” why are you fighting for love or should I say obessesion because love is always pure and will never hurt…she said
yes I admit have made a mistake , I know have hurt her feelings but I still love her..
” OK what should I do…to make up..
apologize to her, tell her you are sorry ..let go of your obsession and ego and a true friend once…


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