A DEAL WITH HIM – Episode 6



💫 A Deal
With him 💫
{It’s just one night and you vanish}
Written by Lois ✍️

Lois short series 🎊

Episode 6️⃣


After she was lead to the torture room, I entered the one right nextdoor to face Marcus

“Are you ready to to talk”I asked

“Please boss, I didn’t mean to steal from you he wanted to kill my family” he begged weeping

“Who sent you?”I asked coldly

“George” he said lowly

I should have known that old man won’t give up, I huffed loudly and brought out my gun

I shot him right on the head “pack him up and dump in at the usual” I said walking out

Now to face the little miss feisty

“How do you want your death” I asked coldly grabing a stool and she whimpered

“Ple…ple… please” she mumbled lowly

I just want scare not that I will actually kill her, something very unusual of me

I just felt the urge not to kill her,

“Insulting me is a huge crime but slapping me? That’s a straight way to hell you Know that” I asked with an amused look

“Please don’t kill me I am my mother’s only hope, I will do anything but please don’t kill me” she wept

“Why shouldn’t I kill you? Give me five good reason why I shouldn’t kill you” I yelled but tears just kept rolling out of her eyes

“You can’t talk right” I asked since she didn’t reply

“Guards!” I yelled and two of them came running

“Take her to my personal room upstairs” I said

“Yes boss”

“Please, please, have mercy” she cried out as the guards bundled her up

I cleaned my sweat and rubbed my temples, I hate the fact that her beautiful face won’t leave my memories and it’s really clouding my judgement

Just as I went out of the room strolling to my living room I Saw Becca (my regular slut) walked in her usual skimpy and seductive dress

She flashed me a smile as soon as her eyes landed on mine

A good fúck that’s what I need right now

“I know you missed me” she said licking her lips and fondling her breasts as she stared at me

“Let’s go up” I said simply walking towards my other room

Immediately she entered I smashed my lips on hers as she tried to remove her clothes and I did the same

In few minutes our clothes were on the floor and we were uncladed

I beckon her to kneel and she knew the next action

She took my harden member in to her mouth and began to suck, throbbing back and forth as she took me in

I groan in pleasure as I grabbed her hair so that she could go further

She gaged continuously but still continued

I felt my orgasms building up so I pulled out and splash the sperm on her face

She went further to lay on the bed and I went in between her legs spreading them wide apart as i I teased the entrance with my tip

She moaned out in pleasure and I thrust in roughly, going face on my pace

As I fùcked her I kept imagining the girl I kept in my room

Didn’t even bother to know her name

I increased my tempo picturing how sweet it would be having her petite self moaning under me

Becca persistent moan of pleasure has turned to that of pain and Impatience

I ignored her of course fúcking her recklessly

Her p**y walls tighten and she released her juices but I wasn’t near cumming

She kept whimpering and shout something I paid less attention to

After another thirty minutes I felt my orgasms building up so I pulled out and spilled it on her body

I stood up disgusted by her appearance “get out” I yelled

She looked at me weakly and hissed, so I called my guards to drag her out

I ruffled my hair wondering why I was imagining her while fúcking, I walked into my bathroom and had a quick shower

After I was done I Sat on a chair in room as I smoked my ass out


Tears just flowed out of my eyes as I laid down in the room

After the gunshot I heard hours ago, it was plainly obvious he was going to kill me

If only I hadn’t sneaked out,I’d be at home causing troubles for my mom and scarring the hell out of my bestie

More tears gathers as I thought about it, is this how my life was going to end

The door open and I flinched thinking it was Alex but turned out to me a guard

He came to pick a dagger and another thing I don’t know it name but I have seen meat butchers use

I cringe in fear and the guard only smirk at me

Oh God what have I gotten myself into

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