A DEAL WITH HIM – Episode 5



💫 A Deal
With him 💫
{It’s just one night and you vanish}
Written by Lois ✍️

Lois short series 🎊

Episode 5️⃣


I was sipping my vodka and puffing some smokes when I heard a knock

“Come in” I said.

“Boss he’s spotted at a nearby Mall” he said and I nodded

“Get the guys ready we’re leaving in ten” I said trying to control my anger

The man stole from me again he has been on the run since then

He never knew I won’t give up till I find him

I hoped into my car with my guards trailing behind in another car

Immediately I got down at the mall people scrambled away in fear

Yeah that’s how I love it, they should fear and respect me

I moved swiftly with my guards walking behind dressed officially and topped with a hat

I halted when I caught a glimpse of her, just like the first time I was her, she was looking beautiful and elegant

I could only see her from a side view walking alongside her friend into the mall

I wanted to badly go meet her and find out why her face has so much effect on me

But then someone bumped into me stepping on my very expensive shoes

I was about to walk out when I saw that it was the same old man I came to look for

“Well well well if it isn’t old Molly Marcus” I said with a slight laugh and he shrudder in fear

“B..b…b.. boss” he stuttered in fear

“It’s so funny how you think you can run away from me” I scoffed my guards already alert waiting for my order

“Lick my shoes” I thundered and he looked at me in shock


“Licking my fúckin shoes right this instance” I growl coldly

As he bend to do it “tarrh” I felt a tingling sensation on my face

I was slapped? Everyone around there was shocked to see that happen

I rubbed my face to see the same girl I have been thinking of

My guards made to grab her but I stopped them

“Feisty huh, I like that” I smirked rubbing the place she slapped

She glared at me angrily “Why will you disrespect a man as old as your father”

“Stay out of this young lady” the molly said with fear written over his face

“You clearly don’t know who I am and what I am capable of” i said with a proud smile

“I don’t give a flying fvcks of who you are okay, you don’t bully people just because you are rich and probably can’t afford anything on your body” she scoffed and I wondered where she got her boldness from

Is it possible she doesn’t know who I am

“Alicia” I heard and I turned to see Blondie running towards the place we stood and panting heavily

“You are done” she said ignoring me

Some guts huh?

“What hell I look for you all over the….oh my God ally” her friend yelled at her but as soon as her face met mine she looked shocked

She probably knows me and what I am capable of

“Wait here I have a business to finish” l heard her say and I scoffed

Am the business she’s talking about?? She’s gat to be kidding me

“Now mister apologize to the man here” she said facing the man and confidently waiting for an answer

“Ally ally ally” her friend called

“What” she half yelled while I just watched their drama with a satisfactory smile

“That’s Alexander George” she said and she stood there aghast

I just smirked

“Seems like your friend know me” i said with a satisfied grin

“Oh….. I….am….oh… God….erm..I” she stuttered in fear

“Cat suddenly caught your tongue” i said with a hint of mockery

“I am so sorry I didn’t know it was you I apologise for the inconveniences I will take my leave now” she said quickly kneeling and raising and made to go

She pulled her friend with her and started walking away just then i ordered “guards seize her”

“Clara run” she yelled and they picked race

I just smiled at their stupidity

I got into my car and drove few meters in front and as exactly calculated he bumped into me

“Going somewhere” I smirked devilishly and flung her right by my shoulders

“Guards Marcus” I ordered and got into the car with little miss feisty

“Please” she whimpered but I chose to ingore

If only she knows she torture her face does to me every night she won’t barge into my business

Immediately I got to my house I asked my guards to take her to one of the spare torture rooms

While I went to go do justice to Marcus


I kept running breathlessly towards her mom’s restaurant, I saw them capture her

Oh God of only I had just pestered her not to go now she’s captured

I halted as I got to her door step panting heavily, I was sweating like a bleated goat

Just then the door opened and her mom’s face showed up

“I was just about to come over to your house” she said sternly

” Oh erm..errh.m” I stuttered

“Those aren’t words, where is Alicia just discovered she sneaked out again” she said with her face hard

“Ump” I gulp

What am I going to tell her now

“Can’t you talk where is she, wait did she go out with a guy” she said histerically

“She has been kidnapped”, I said lowly

“What did you say”

“She’s been taken by Alexander” I said and I saw her eyes dimmed holding her chest

“My…..my…my child” she said faintly before passing out

Oh no

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” I yelled in panic

Oh Alicia see what your stubborn attitude has caused


I almost peed on my pants when those guys threw me in here

It’s was obviously a torture room and I don’t think I can ever get out of here alive

Oh God of my mother save me, I prayed silently

Just then I heard gunshot and a cry of pain, a voice clearly belonging to the man I tried to save

He’s clearly going to kill me

The door flunged open and i flinched crashing to the ground

he walked in sweaty but still looking handsome with some blood drops on his top

“How do you want your death” he said coldly sitting on a stool

“Holy Mary” I whimpered silently

To be continued

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