A DEAL WITH HIM – Episode 4



💫 A Deal
With him 💫
{It’s just one night and you vanish}
Written by Lois ✍️

Lois short series 🎊

Episode 4️⃣


We sang in harmony as we scoute out of her compound

Just as we go out not the far from her house I spotted my mom ahead of us

“Psst Clara slow down” I whispered hiding behind her back

“What why should I slow down” she argued

For the record she’s a great questioner and one stubborn lady

“Look at your front, my mom” I whispered yelled

“Ohh no” she said diverting to the corner nearby

Just then mom turned back

“Phew” I breathed out in relief seeing we escaped her

We waited patiently for her to take the route that leads to her restaurant before coming out

After ten minutes she was completely out if sight

“Didn’t you say you waited thirty minutes before sneaking out so how come we meet her on the road” she said

“Really you’re asking me that as if you don’t know my mom, she might have probably saw a friend and engaged in a discussion” I rolled my eyes

“Yeah right”

“Aren’t you supposed to discourage me from all this sneak out stuff” I said

“Really, okay fine let’s just….”

“I don’t wanna hear it let’s go” I cut her off

“Rude” she frowned

We continued our journey to the Mall, with people greetings me

I just hope they won’t implicate me with Mom

Finally we arrived at the mall and my eyes popped up

Not that I haven’t been here before but it was more developed and decorated

It’s been awhile since I came to the mall since Mom won’t allow me go out anyhow

My eyes danced round the mall as we walked to the gadgets section

All glittering and beautiful I wished I was dammn rich

We finally bought the headphones and Began skipping away

“Mine is more pretty than yours” Clara said and I scoffed

“You wish” I snorted

Mine was pinkish and hers was lavender purple, the both are absolutely beautiful

Just as we were about to exit the mall, Clara took an excuse to go ease herself while I went yo go wait for her outside

My eyes was busy roaming the outside of the mall wandering from one person to another untill it landed on someone

The most handsome man I have ever seen on planet Earth

He’s dark hair, fair skinned, with a mild pink lips, broad shoulders, dimmed eyes and a smouldering figure

“Damn” I muttered cleaning my drool

But my smile was turned to a frown immediately I saw him bullying a passerby

What the hell!! I take back all those compliments

He was making the man clean his shoes with his tongue

One thing I for you to bully someone, the other is for you trample on someone just because you are rich

That attitude disgusts me, so without thinking I matched forward to the scene and dragged the man up and give the rich looking guy a resounding slap

Earning a wide gasp from lots of people, even the person I slapped looked shocked

Soon I saw his bodyguards running forward but with just a wave of hand they all stopped

“Feisty huh, I like that” he smirked rubbing the place I slapped

I gave him my most deadliest glare

“Why will you disrespect a man as old as your father” I yelled and his eyes darken

“Stay out of this young lady” the man I saved said with fear written over his face

“You clearly don’t know who I am and what I am capable of” he said with a proud smile

“I don’t give a flying fvcks of who you are okay, you don’t bully people just because you are rich and probably can’t afford anything on your body” I scoffed

“Alicia” I heard and I turned to see Clara running towards me and panting heavily

“You are done” I said ignoring the rich brat in from of me

“What he’ll I look for you all over the….oh my God ally” she yelled as soon as she saw the man in front of me
Shock/fear written all over her face

“Wait here I have a business to finish” I shut her up

“Now mister apologize to the man here” I said facing the man

“Ally ally ally” Clara called tapping me

“What” I half yelled

“That’s Alexander George” she said and I felt my heart ceased

The famous heartless Mafia, God am so dead

“Seems like your friend know me” he said with a satisfied grin

“Oh….. I….am….oh… God….erm..I” I stuttered in fear

“Cat suddenly caught your tongue” he said with a hint of mockery

“I am so sorry I didn’t know it was you I apologise for the inconveniences I will take my leave now” I said quickly kneeling and raising and made to go

I pulled Clara with me and start walking away just then I heard “guards seize her”


“Clara run” I yelled and we picked race

Clara took another route by the left but I continue running straight

I looked back to see that they were still chasing me

But what I didn’t know was someone was already in my front

“Ahhh” I winced hitting a hard chest

I looked up to see Alex looking at me with a mean face

Oh God I am officially dead

He picked me up and flung me across his shoulder

I shouldn’t have sneaked out

To be continued……


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