A DEAL WITH HIM – Episode 3



♻️ Alicia ♻️

I woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm

I guess the appliance find joy in disrupting my beauty sleep

I dragged myself out lazily, walking like a zombie

My hair was in a bad position all scattered to my face, my clothes, they are even worse

I’ve got a very bad sleeping position and this is what it got me this morning

I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth, when I was done I strip naked and jumped into the bathtub

The shower started running as cold shivers trailed my back, I just closed my eyes in bliss enjoying every bit of it

After I was done bathing I came dripping wet and stare at my reflection in the mirror

I looked hot no doubt and if there was a guy in the room am quite sure he’d rape me because I looked too s*xy

I began to dry my body of wetness scheming my escape from the house up stairs

I got claded in my favorite crazy bump short and a sweat shirt, I wore a boot and let down my hair

As if just on cue, mom called and I rushed down almost immediately

She looked at me suspiciously knowing fully well that I don’t get ready this early

“I hope you are not planning to sneak out cause I will be watching you” she Said

“Of course mom I will be a good girl and stay at home” I replied digging into my Food

“Ahhh” i moaned out in deliciousness savouring every taste of it

I got back to my room and started playing with my yo-yo buying time till mum left

Thirty minutes later
She had gone and the house was silent

I picked up my side bag and went through my escape route, my window,

Before I jumped off

I arranged the bed to my shape and made it look as if I was sleeping
I place my voice recorder by the side and set it to computed questions and answers

Did I forget to tell you am a computer wiz oh yeah I did but now you know

I set everything up and then jumped out my window

I snaked into Clara’s room and made to scare her since she’s a late sleeper she won’t be up by this time

I walked stealthily to her bed then “boo”I heard and fell down

“What the hell was that for” I yelled

“Says the girl that planed on scaring me” she glared back

“Well I was supposed to scare you not the other way around”I grouse

“Well I scared you so what are you gonna do about it” she smirked

“Whatever, this is new you are all dressed up” I said staring at her outfit

“Never say never” she replied and went to pick her back

“We are taking your scouter” I said

“Noo no”she replied “what happened to yours” she said again

“The last I checked I was grounded duh”

“Okay fine let’s go”

“Yay” I shouted happily

⚕️ Alexander⚕️

“Bring the bítch in” I beckon to my guards

I was thinking about that girl again and it was driving my séx buds crazy so I just sent for a slüt to pleasure me

I sat down calmly on my chair as the slüt walked in

She was taking slow steps and removing her clothes

She’s trying to seduce me, I was already aroused before I called her what’s the use

I stood up and went closer to her without thinking I ripped off her clothes causing her to be Stark naked in front of me

“Hmm” i murmured staring at her body

Without caring I slammed her to the bed and caged her because by the time I would be done she would want to run away and I don’t want that

I unzipped my trousers and brought out my beast

The slüt was slurrying and salivating at the sight if only she knew what was in for her

I plugged into her p***y roughly and she let out a yelp

Spreading her legs wider I began thrusting in a fast pace earning loud moans form her slütty mouth

All I did was groan as I pictured the girl in my dreams and kept f*king the slüt mercilessly

“Oh fùck no” she moaned out

I was going crazily fast now and she was jerking as she had two organisms in a roll but I didn’t stop

I continued smashing her wide hole and she started to beg

I wasn’t ready to

I just kept fùcking her till she passed out

I stood up from her and zip up my trousers

“Guards” I called

“Yes sir”

“Call this and toss it wherever” I instructed

I sat at my chair tiredly

I can’t wait to find this girl the one who make my séxual desires get it peak

Maybe a night stand with her alone will cure me



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