A DAYTIME NIGHTMARE … (18+) … Part 8



When someone hurts you, it’s usually advisable that you forgive and forget because when One forgives, Two are healed. Regardless, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept the offender back into your life like nothing happened; especially if their presence affects your peace of mind in one way or the other. In Becca’s case, it was wise that she put behind her every pain she was feeling and support him in anyway she could. It was truly a trying time for the sick young man and what he needed at that moment wasn’t blames and accusations, but rather love and support so he doesn’t lose hope and give up on himself.

Becca’s presence in Tony’s house that fateful day made him feel a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. The happiness in his heart can’t be over-emphasised and those calming words of assurance she said to him almost brought tears to his eyes. Becca was the last person Tony ever thought would pay him a visit, so seeing her that very moment felt like a blessing and privilege. After being overly emotional, they continued their little conversation.

“Thank you so much Becca, you look beautiful today” Tony complimented, “Thanks! I decided to put our differences aside and come check up on you. What’s the current situation of your health?” she inquired, “I’m good but have just been suffering from depression of late. My doctor said it’s usually a normal phase in newly diagnosed HIV patients; asides that, I’m doing fine” he calmly said.

At the mention of ‘HIV’, it dawned on Becca again that her husband was truly down with HIV and that it wasn’t a bad dream all along. That sudden news flash got her emotional and brought tears to her eyes. She shed a few tear drops and it got Tony’s attention instantly. “Why are you crying my darling?” He soberly asked, but she was speechless.

The atmosphere suddenly became sad as both parties started tearing up. Tony didn’t know what he said or did that could have triggered Becca’s emotions but he knew it was because of his condition. As Becca sat on the bed crying, he tried to touch her but felt it wasn’t a good idea; due to the fact that they weren’t in good terms. At that sad moment, all he could do was helplessly watch his wife of two years shed bitter tears. After about 6 minutes of being sober, he managed to say something.

“Do you know I thank God every blessed day that I am the only one carrying this virus and not the both of us? Every night, I sit outside and stare at the moon; while thanking God that I found out about this early, without transferring it to you too. How devastating and extremely heartbreaking I would have felt if you got caught up in this mess just because of the fact that you married an unfaithful husband. I would have never forgived myself, even in death if we sexually got involved and I unknowingly transferred this HIV to you. I might be a lot of things but God knows that I will never want you to suffer or lack anything. Have you asked me why I work so hard? Have you tried to ask me why I was always on the run due to one business or the other? Why I never had time for you? The truth is that I did all this so you and my kids will never have any reason to beg for bread all the days of your lives. Becca I was working for our future and forgot to pay attention to the present; I guess that’s where I lost it. I never cheated on you all those while I was away, I promise I’m saying the truth. The lady that put me in this condition was the first and only lady I ever had an affair with. Matter of fact, I met with her only twice and found out quickly about this HIV because I saw Anti Retroviral drug in her bag. I know I can’t take back the hands of time to undo my wrongs but I feel so much better now by just taking this off my chest” he soberly said.

When Tony was done talking, Becca looked at him with tears in her eyes. Deep down in her heart, she wanted to give him a warm hug but held back with every strength in her. She felt it was best for her to withhold her emotions, so as not to magnify the already burning fire they were both feeling within. Also, she didn’t want to send the wrong signals or give him hope that they were getting back together. It was such an emotional day for the two Ex-Lovebirds but they scaled through regardless.

After a wonderful time spent with Tony, Becca had to take her leave because she had other important engagements to attend to that day. Before she left, she made sure Tony was OK and in good condition. “Call me whenever you need to go to the hospital or whenever you need anything and can’t go for it. I’m here for you whenever you need me and make sure to shake off the depression you are currently feeling. Stop trying to undo what has already been done, we might not be able to undo the past but we can most certainly direct and predict what’s ahead of us. Make sure you eat something now and I’ll call you later in the day” she said and left.

Oh! What an awesome way for Tony to start the day. He was overly motivated to live and not give up on himself. The fact that Becca showed up that morning was enough to put his mental health in good shape. Strength and happiness located him and remained in his life.

From that day henceforth, Becca became a regular visitor and helper to Tony. She did everything within her power to make sure he was OK. They weren’t back together as a couple but they were good friends to each other. Becca somehow managed to put the past behind her and be at peace with her husband-turned-friend. There relationship wasn’t intimate at all but they were very close to each other.

As time passed by, Becca began to get passes from other men because she no longer wore her wedding ring; despite the fact that Tony still wore his. To Becca, she felt that since her relationship with Tony had gone down the drain, it was best for her to open her heart again to other responsible men. There was nothing she wanted more than to be a mother and there was no way she would fold her arms and let Tony deny her of such happiness.

One fateful day while Becca was at the office, a gentleman in his late thirties came to book their services for his firm. The secretary came to inform her that someone was there to see the Boss; which was her. The request was approved and the man majestically walked into her office.

“Hello Good day, I assume you are the boss here?” the gentleman inquired, “Yes I am, please how may we help you?” Becca asked, “I need your services for an upcoming event in my company. I heard you guys are the best when it comes to organising events and ushering services, so here I am” he playfully said. Becca smiled faintly because he gave her business a good review and compliment.

Shortly afterwards, they started talking businesswise and sealed a deal. Becca assured the gentleman of a job well done and they talked about budgets and other important things.

It’s been a long time since Becca had been friendly with any man asides her husband, so it felt a bit weird for her to talk to another man in such a playful manner. As if the compliments wasn’t enough, they upgraded their level.

Turns out that Becca became quite friendly with the gentleman as time went on. After the event she organised for them, they both went elsewhere to celebrate for a job well done. As they talked that evening, one thing led to another and the guy asked her out on an official date.

At that moment, Becca was speechless and didn’t know what response to give. Somehow, everything felt wrong and she didn’t know why. It felt as though she was betraying someone but it wasn’t clear why she felt that way; for all we know, she wasn’t together with Tony anymore, it was just that they hadn’t made their separation official yet. After being confused for a while, she finally told him that she would think about it.

The date was scheduled that weekend, so Becca had just few days to decide if she wanted to go or not. It took her a while to finally accept the offer and it became official.

However, Becca felt she needed to inform Tony about the new development so he wouldn’t be too shocked if he found out from someone else. On Friday evening that week, she paid him a visit and he was extremely happy to see her. They ate together and laughed about random things. Their friendship was quite admirable and beautiful. Everything went on smoothly till Becca dropped the bomb.

“Can we talk? I have something to talk to you about” Becca calmly said. Tony sat up and was ready to give her his undivided attention. “What’s it?” he asked and she looked at him with pity and continued; “Since we are no longer together, I feel it’s appropriate for us to see other people right?” she asked but no response was coming forth.

At that moment, it felt as though a huge truck fell on top of Tony. Never for once has he imagined his wife with someone else. The thought was scary that he never wanted to fully dwell in it. At that moment, he knew that someone else was already in the picture because there was no way Becca would bring the talk up if there wasn’t any skeleton in her cupboard. “Are you seeing someone else already?” he curiously asked in a low tone, “What do you mean by ‘Already’?” she inquired but Tony still stuck to his question. “Are you seeing someone else? He sadly repeated waited for a heartbreaking reply afterwards.

Becca looked into his eyes, took a deep breath and dropped a bomb. “Yes, I am seeing someone and I think it’s time we got a divorce so we can be completely free from each other. I love you but I can’t remain like this forever. I need to carry my own child so I have to go back into the Market and do away with this ‘Marriage tag’ once and for all” she sadly replied.

At that moment, tears clouded Tony’s eyes and he shockingly said; “Wow, so it has come down to this?”. Becca gently nodded and replied “Yes, it sadly has”


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