I serve as a corper somewhere in Ogunstate,
at 1st when I was posted there as my
PPA i was very upset little did I know what
that small settlement holds for me, I
reported to the school (yes, I was posted to
a school to teach computer) it was a day
before the close of term luckily I met the
vice-principal and was accepted
immediately and was told to resume on the
20th of sept, I was happy cus I felt like I
was in hell and want to run back to my
State to meet my GF I’ve missed,.

Fast forward»»»»»»» 26th of sept.
I assumed on that day cus 24th was my
younger bruva’s bday so I had to stay and
down those bottle b4 i left, I got to my
kopas lodge dropped my stuffs and went to
the school the next day, on getting there
the VP welcumd me and told me I will be
taking JJ3 computer I agreed and he asked
me if I have accommodation I said no and
he said there is just 1 room for kopas that
are posted there but at that time the room
is empty cus all the kopas prefer d lodge or
would asked him to reject them so they
could go look for beta PPAs, I said i would
love to see the place then he said I should
come at the close of school I agreed then
he called a male student to take me to the
class master in the staff room. The master
took me to the class after we talked about
wat I studied and all, he introduce me as
there new computer master and we went
back to the staff room, to be frank I was d
only kopa there that day and the teachers
there mostly Yoruba and as they gist in
there dialect d office became borer.
When they rang the closin bell I went to the
VP, he was chatting with a woman while a
female student stood near his seat then he
told me that she would take me to see the
room cus her home is very close to the
room and that her father is the caretaker of
the compound where the room is. I nodded
in agreement, he then spoke in dialect (I’m
guess “go show him the room” and she
walked towards me with a friendly smile, it
was when I saw sometin about this
innocent beauty, she has this gap teeth and
shallow dimples that makes her smile so
perfect, with a brownish? Complexion that
makes her eyes looks like she had contacts,
in fact she was an Angel without wings.
As we left the VPs office I now started a
Me: Wat ur Name?
Stdnt: Tolu
Me: What class are u?
Tolu: JS3

Me: *Involuntary exclaimation* Ah!
*i took anoda look of who was walking with
me (if u see this babe waist, I think say dat
kyn SS2 or 3 sef, d b0s0m no large)*
JSS3? *i asked again*
Tolu: yes Sir
Me: *oboy see f**k up, wey I for take this
one dey pass time here. Jiah!* How old are
Tolu: 15 yrs
Me: 15yrs? Wow! U look 17
Dat Brought out a faint smile from her
Me: I like ur smile
Tolu: thank u Sir, but why do u like my
smile sir?
Me: *Yee! I wasn’t expecting a follow up
question oh*
well… Its the open teeth and dimples I
Tolu: Really? Wait till u see my elder sisters
Me: *ok gud, elder sisters abi? Gud.* Edler
sisters? How many of them?
Tolu: yes sir, two and 1 broda sir. Here the
place sir that is the room.
*Pointing to a door*
And dats our house.
Me: Ok.


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