THE PREGNANCY – I Just Hope He Doesn’t Hear The Gossip…..Part 1

Mama Ronke was at it again, her
husband had done it again. This time he
had impregnated the young girl that had
been bringing ogi (pap) for them every
day. Her screams got the attention of
everyone, and we all troop to her house
to get more details of how it happened.
When we arrived, I couldn’t help but
notice the young girl that always sell ogi
with two elderly people, a man, and a
woman. I guess they are her parents.
They looked sad as they told Iya Ronke
what her husband had done to their
sixteen-year-old daughter. We, the
amebos, stod by, adding pepper to the
talk by murmuring, sighing in disgust
and some even cried out, ‘Na wa oo for
papa Ronke’.

After a while the girl’s parents left,
leaving their daughter in the care of Iya
Ronke, her daughter, was there when the
girl parents came with their daughter.
And if I am not mistaken. they would be
the same age. Obviously not happy with
the commotion, Ronke hissed and
walked into their house, locking the door
behind her. The young girl didn’t know
what to do so she sat down and begin
to cry.

One after the other, the people that had
gathered in front of the house started
leaving. I was among the last set to
Mama Ronke is a robust lady who sold
ogogoro in our area. She was married to
her husband at very young age. Well,
that was what she told us anyone who
cared to listen. She had Ronke, her first
daughter, and only child, few years into
her marriage and since then there has
been no other.


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