Oloshi! Oloriburuku! Thunder fire you!”
yelled the motorcyclist who had almost
hit Emeka who had been lost in thought
as he trudged home that evening. He
turned to the motorcyclist who was still
raining curses on him, an apologetic
look on his face as he watched him
speed away. “It could have been better if
he had knocked me out of this useless
life” he thought, and went on. Two other
motorcyclists had almost run into him
before he finally got home.
By the time he got home, Cynthia was
busy with goat meat pepper soup in the
kitchen. Tears instantly welled up in his
eyes at the sight of her. He quietly
soaked up the tears with his
handkerchief to avoid being noticed. He
then cleared his throat.
“Hello dear, how was today’s work?” She

“Work was great. And this is too much
for a dinner for two people. What’s up?”
“You mean you can’t guess? It’s your
birthday tomorrow. You always forget”
He became more broken. She loved him
so much, and he loved his wife even
more. The tears he had been holding
forced their way out and she could see

“What’s wrong honey?”
“Everything” he blurted out, walking into
her and hugging her tight, as the tears
raced out of his eyes.
“Everything? Tell me about it”
“Yes, I will…” he sniffed, “…but I have to
take care of something urgent right now,
I’ll be back in an hour” he kissed her
forehead and walked out. Cynthia’s eyes
escorted him until he was out of sight,
her mouth hanging open, and the
expression of confusion on her face.
It was barely thirty minutes later when
Cynthia’s cellphone rang out. She had
been relaxing in the bedroom, awaiting
Emeka’s return, and wondering what
could possibly drag out a tear from her
husband’s eyes. She looked at the
screen of the cellphone and saw that it
was he on the line, she quickly tapped
the receiver.
“Honey where are-”
“Listen carefully to what I’m going to tell
you now” he cut her short, and then he
began his story.


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