THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 1

I dey always watch say na ladies dey always dey be secretary for big big organization but e no come my mind say one day e go fit become my turn. My people, wen human n aim be the comptroller general, una dey expect am to employ im fellow woman…. NOOOO…, Funny tin I just land for Abuja after using my leg take run fiam comot from Kano because of the daily bomb blast and gun shots wey I dey hear and witness. Like play play, me wey been get job come land for the league of extra-ordinary jobless men…. No offense!!! All this na due to the ill preparation o. As man pikin find im way enter Abuja, press button here and there, the next tin, dem say job dey, whether I do fit do am.

As per sharp guy, I reason say “man no die, man no rotty” make I just land the job. After interview, na me come get the job… Na during job description n aim I come know wetin I don land myself put.

Before I continue, make I describe where I dey work. Na one five star hotel for the heart of Abuja o… D hotel pour brain as different people dey troop in… Trust me na, with my malo mentality, unto say I don dey north all my life, I hide the bad me for cupboard dey form gentle.
As e dey be for hotels na, enough female staff dey full there wey dey run different shift, na so I carry eye dey look them small dey act like say if woman body touch me na melt be dat. As una cari know, person wey dey shy, na im women dey draw come body pass because dem feel say im no go sabi bad tin. Na the situation wey I find myself……


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