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TALE OF A HOUSE BOY … (18+) … Part 69


*** i met my boss where he was coming to church, he saw me and parked aside and called me.
I rushed to where he parked and greeted him and madam. Jenny was also with them. ”There was some of my dirty cloths i droped in your room, you will wash it when you get home” my boss said.
”And please, cut that fresh tomatoes that was in the kitchen” my madam said.
I said ok and they drove off.
Chai! Igwe your work as a house boy has just started. How can i wash cloth and still cut tomatoes? Anyway, na one after the other.
Before i could finish, the girl was nowhere to be found. I trekked down the road to check her but i couldnt see her.
I went home. When i got home, i used the washing machine and washed all the whole cloth.
After washing, i started cutting the tomatoes, soon my boss came back with his wife and Jenny. My madam entered the kitchen and saw me cutting the tomatoes ***
Madam: *** with a harsh voice *** you havent finish cutting this tomatoes,
what have you been doing since morning you came back? *** i was suprised at the way she used harsh voice on me. *** am i not talking to you? *** i was muted and was busy cutting the tomatoes. She came closer *** look at what you are cutting? *** my boss entered and asked her what the problem is.
She told him that am not fasting in cutting the tomatoes. My boss asked me if i have washed the cloth he told me to wash. Yes i have did, i replied him ***
Boss: *** he turned to my madam *** why are you blaming him?
Madam: that small cloth he washed, was it an excuse?
Boss: i don’t like the way you are shouting at him. Why can’t Jenny do that before we went to church? Who knws how both of you manage to live on my absent.
Madam: so you are backing him right.
Boss: how can you and Jenny be in this house and Igwe will be entering kitchen? You are not pregnant neither is Jenny.
Madam: honey is that what you have to say?
Boss: what do you want me to say? mind how you are talking to him. *** my boss left to his room.

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I looked at my madam with a thick face,
she left too. After i finished cutting the tomatoes,i covered it very well; i broughtout the pot we normally use in cooking rice. I cooked rice and put pot that we are using to cook stew and used it to fry tomatoes.
That day,i cooked rice and stew,after the cooking, i called my madam and told her that am through.
She entered the kitchen and put food for everybody.
After we finished eating, my boss called me ***
Boss: igwe you are such a nice cooker. Who taught you how to cook?
Me: we have no girl in our family so i always assist my mum in the kitchen and from there,i learnt alot about cooking.
Boss: kudos to you.
Madam: you thought everybody will be like you,who doesn’t even knw how to boil hot water talkmore of cooking.
Boss: who told you that i don’t knw how to cook? Look at you, see am a good cooker ooo.
Madam: *** laughed *** a good cooker indeed. *** i went back to my room. Around 3pm that Sunday, my boss took us out to have some fun. We went to one Mr biggs and he bought so many things for us before he told Jenny and i to go home that they are coming. We went home together but we didnt talk to each other till we got home though i was the one that paid for the bike that took us home.
I went straight to my room so after some minutes later, Jenny entered my room with one kind mini skirt she wore that was revealing her laps wella. After seeing that, my p—k kicked up. I pretended as if am not interested in her. I was seated on a chair so She sat on my laps,my p—k go an uncontrollable erection. ***
Jenny: igwe i don’t want us to be living like cat and rat in this house. Please forgive me. *** she noticed my erection and looked straight to my eyes *** tell me that you don’t need me igwe. Why are you starving me and yourself? Make me feel the way other girls do.
Me: Do you actually knw what you are asking me to do? *** my d–k was busy complaining ***
Jenny: i don’t care igwe. *** she pecked me,i carried her up and kissed her as if we are on our wedding day.
After kissing her,i droped her on the bed,without wasting time,i got her skirt off and also her pant. Chai! Jenny was already wet so without wasting time, i inserted my d–k inside her, she gave me a soft Moan, awww! I started going in and out of her. As am about to c-m,i withdrew my d–k from her honeypot and poured on her stomach. She rushed to the bathroom and took her bath. I also took my bath too and laid down on the bed. I didn’t enjoy the s-x atall bcos s-x without love making is rubbish according to me.
She was in my madam’s room resting and i was also in my room resting too. After 30mins of resting,jenny came to my room and told me that,that her friend was outside waiting for her that i should come and see her.
I wore my cloth and we went outside.
When we opened our gate,who i saw was Rose. That same Rose that i was running away from.


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