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TALE OF A HOUSE BOY … (18+) … Part 53


I stood there for some minutes before i entered the bathroom and bath. After that,i prepared and picked my key and opened the door and went to market. When i got to the market,i tidy everywhere as usually before Amanda and ijeoma entered. I couldnt greet them as usual and they all sat down on their seats.
After a while silent, Ijeoma came closer to me and crossed her hand on my neck ***
Ijeoma: what is the problem,i have been looking at you since we came to market,tell me,what is the problem my dear? *** i couldnt say anything to her and Amanda was starring at me but i pretended as if am not interest in her. I was moody inorder to knw if i will drow Amanda’s attention. *** igwe tell us,we are your sisters,your problem is ours and our problems are equally yours, remember, problem share is problem solve.
Me: am ok…
Ijeoma: then why are you hushed? *** she looked at Amanda and Amanda was so quiet, she turned to her *** i don dey suspect both of una,is
Like something serious don dey go on between una but una no wan lemme knw.
Amanda: hmmm….. Ijeoma i don’t knw what you are talking about ooo,my hands are clean.
Ijeoma: then why are both of you hushed?
Amanda: who told you? *** i stood up and moved outside. Soon Bathlomeo came closer to me and we sat down in that position we are the previous day that Amanda caught us discussing about my sexcapade with my madam. ***
Bathlomeo: guy wetin dey happen ?
Me: so many things.
Bathlomeo: gist me jareh..
Me: not anymore.
Bathlomeo: why?
Me: abeg i wan ask u something.
Bathlomeo: wetin be dat?
Me: abeg wetin u tell Amanda yesterday?
Bathlomeo: yesterday ?
Me: yes, yesterday when we dey discuss.
Bathlomeo: oooh! No mind me jareh. She no tell u?
Me: how can she tell me when she just gbadu my way since yesterday till now…
Bathlomeo: forget my guy,na girl wey she be now,she must do shakara small.

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Me: u dey misunderstand me for here. I wan knw that thing wey u tell am.
Bathlomeo: Guy u just dey do like pikin sometimes, wetin again did i tell her if not for wetin dey on ground.
Me: wetin be that thin?
Bathlomeo: no be wetin i go tell u for here.
Me: forget,no tell me again *** i stood up and entered our shop and sat on my desk. Soon one of our customers called with the office line and called the names of the good to be supply to him,after i have finished with the goods, i chartered bus that conveyed the goods and i to the park where i will put it inside vehicle that is going to lagos,from Lagos to Ghana bcos that’s where the man(our customer) do his business though he is from Nigeria.
When i got to the park,i saw one of company’s boys that attacked me in the school then. I was so amazed bcos he was among those boys that was arrested with company in our school. He was doing agboro in that park though i didnt knw his name bcos he didnt schooled in our school, i moved closer to him,i was suprised that he recognised me,he even mentioned my name ***
Me: guy Na here u dey?
The guy: my guy na here i see myself.
Me: i dey suprise when i see u.
The guy: u suppose dey suprise,no be here i suppose dey naw.
Me: my guy,lemme put dis goods for motor make we go better place talk.
The guy: no wahala my guy.
*** i met the driver of the motor and paid for the t.fare of the goods and i also paid the man that conveyed the goods to the park before i left. I took him to one ”mama put” restaurant. I told him to order for anything he like and he ordered for rice and chilled coke and i ordered for sprite only ***
Me: so my guy,how u take come out from police custody but please remind me of that your name?
The guy: chilota but well knwn by scorpion back then in school.
Me: owk…
Chilota: my guy,bad thing is not good to do atall. When we got to the police station that day police arrested us,they tutured us before they put us for inside prison. I saw some of my mates suffering inside there. Those people that was inside prison tortured us
Again for inside prison, i see hell that day. The prison was so clouded that police sometimes took some people out in the nite and who knws where they take them to,who knws if na kill wey dem dey kill dem abi na wetin. They even sold some people to doctors. I was praying inside prison for God to have mercy on me and set me free from there and i swear to give my life to Christ. *** i was just looking at him *** after six months,my parent came for my bail out. I was bailed in two months later and after that,my parent abandoned me and here i am struggling to survive.
Me: thank God for your life,atleast this have thought you some lessons.what about company?
Chilota: no body have come for his bail out till i left the police station.
Me: who knws where he would have been naw?
Chilota: i can’t tell but that company was very wicked guy,he was the one that lured me into cult,could you believe that day we were arrested,his plan was to waste you.


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